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Last update for (2)Dance Ciry, Dance2.0 : 2005, 12, 06 22:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
728 (2)Dance Ciry, Dance2.0 unknownNoNamedOne0.1final

The map has been rated 75 times and got a total of 8 points

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Comments:   GMCS (14 elements)

tryed to make some ice 1v1 map, as usual for me 2 start poition (i had realy no good idea for 4ppls map :P), yes there is 2 entrances to main(there wos no way to do 1 entrance if i wont the start pozitions where they are+the firts two expos where they are... sry), but it shudnt be so big problem becose bases are realy long from eachother. there is kinda big place in mid for fightes, and there is more of them. I now i wil need to work on at this map, so if u had any idea write plz.
-get rid of those straight lines, they don't look good ;)
make it natural
-the whole map looks very unmotivated, as if you didn't want to create it

-the hardest problem on this map is that the bottom parts seem really's very unlikely that the game will happen there. only placing expos randomly down there doesn't help :/

before you make a map, you should think about a concept, and make up your mind what you expect from this map. having done this, you have to think about which features of a map serve this purpose, and which don't affect gameplay well.
btw, frgot say tanks are checkted they perheps cant shoot oponents main from your main. Why u think n gameplay will be down?? if u wont other gas exe exept natural, u must go down, or to the mid-exe, so game must be there. and if u wont to use the backdore to the natural exe, u must use down of map2... so dont now why u think theat.
any sugetions plz?
read my comment.
Good map/ideas. I just fear that the bottom half is just kind of pointless.
ok reworked the map to be left down-vs-right up, not right up-vs-left up, mains is now longer air from eachother, and there is only 1 entrance to main now. The 1st nat expo and 2nd nat is still same, rest is difrend. No dooadloads on, i wil put them l8tr
Do something with those massive cliffs on the side.
Your Name
-ramp missing at bottom pos
-the center lake looks good/round so far, but it's too large as "filler" try to make the middle attractive for gameplay (does not have to be expo!)
-large one-color-textures look boring ingame. make a random mixture between snow, dirt, grass, "crushed snow" (dunno the real name atm), etc.
-don't stretch the mineral line so long and don't divide it so badly, this looks really bad ingame, and it's causing very annoying slow mining speed, because the travel distances of your workers are increasing a lot, and most will never mine but only run in circles while trying to find a new/free minblock.
-the minonlies are very imbalanced due to ramp position. if you're not able to ressolve this, make them minonly-isles with little minblock vs float CC instead (value 0 or 8).
Or, just move the ramps the the left edge (bottom) and the right edge (top) of that minonly. you should widen the path a bit then.
-looks GMCS
that was me
dont understand the GMCS too muth :P whot means the balls? btw i wil upload new verz during this eavning
btw thx 4 help flo, dont now why u look muth less unfrendly now :P
edited it a bit, but dont understand all yout GMCS :P btw the teraind and dooadloads will be addet when it is finisht, i now it cant be all white
btw the hill at mid wil be at final full of dooadloads, so no tank can be placed there.... btw the mid prob. need evolution dont now whot to do there, its too small for any of my ideas and too big to let it free
I pointed out with some balls where you made straight lines in the terrain, like the edges of a cliff or the changeover from snow to ice. straigth lines don't look good.
this was esp. the area around the naturals (and still is)

the side paths at right top and bottom left can be both: either you make them look natural (not a straight vertical line, but irregularly wide) or you give them a straight cliff as on top now.

irregularly wide should be like this (example):

the GMCS-spots where I placed a dragoon mean that you should widen the ice-path (not snow, ICE). so units could walk there easier. as it is now (small), units will get stuck and confused

well, it got my days when I'm just in a bad mood, and you better don't nerve me then, cuz if you do, I start flaming :p

about the middle: maybe make there a combination of dirt/grass/outpost. still, it shouldn't be all plain, but there shouldn't be too much outpost either, because the center shoudln't be too small.
then you don't have room for flanking a terran push, which doesn't help balance.
updated map, addet dooadloads and terain
Good improvment, but the patch finding in expands is bad again...
it's pathfinding, you don't find a "c" in there :p
Thx, i always think that i am spelling it wrong ^^
LGI whot exactly are u toliing about(whits of the expands, gas nat exp?)
I point them in GMCS, days ago...

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