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Last update for (2)Frozen all over : 2005, 12, 13 19:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
744 (2)Frozen all over 96*96ScoutWBF0.1final

The map has been rated 40 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

go for comments!!
Gas at natural sucks. Put it somewhere safer.
For example?
near the ramps
check the gmcs
But you know about the gas issue right?
looks very T-ish somehow...3 expansions directly beside each other, so having 4bases with 3 gas doesn't seem really hard for terran...
can a tank shoot the minonlys from the middle cliff?
I thought of changing the Expansion placement and I will change it^^

I don't think tanks can shoot it.The expansion is pretty far away.
In that open map, it's gonna be very hard for terran. You can attack from everywhere with mass army, and there is nothing on the way that can hold an enemy army...

About the map. Well, in this days i see very great maps, and this map just looks very empty, and nothing special in it, it's not even standart, it's just... well i just don't find anything intresting in it. I was expecting something way much better, as you say yesterday...
P.S. They are a lot of things to fix on this map, i just have to test all of them to be sure, if they really need some fixes, but i can't understand you people. I mean some of the map makers here. Why you post maps, without any testing? Someone say "it's one rax wall, but don't know if it's safe", or something like this. Now here had to be test on the lower min only expand, the pathfinding between cliff and minerals, there is a hole... The range from mains to the expands, next to them. The drop zones in the center, near the min only expands, some other drop zones near mains, and near 3rd gas expands... they are so many things to test... If this is a speedmap for Travins contest - OK, i accept the mistakes, but you got all the time you need!
Test it with who?Nobody wants to play early state maps.

And now I will fix it.
Test in in single player with cheets, and computer! It's much easyer, and faster.

-Rearranged Upper left natural
-Natural gas now 2500
-Mineral only minerals now 750
-added ramps to the mineral onlies for more strategies
-small changes of the terrain
oh the map is just ugly on JPG cause of the cutted off doodads!^^
Cmon are there no things that could be criticized?
I said something, but you didn't care.
mainbasesa re too small. expansion layout is just horrible. T will win a zvt without even leaving his base once..
ok I will try to fix the expansion layout but about the small main bases you can build on low ground like you do on Forte.
but on forte all units will run past the secound choke to go anywhere afterwards, so it is somewhat more natural than with your maps, where you could place your buildings pretty randomly at 3. expansion or something...See what I'm sayin'?
Uploaded new version and replay on the new version.

Its me vs a clan mate.
Please comment the new version.^^
This looks ok. only problem might be the actual 96x96 size which is a bit small for this layout, but its probably ok.
I quite liked in the first game I ever played on the map.It made the first contacts come earlier than on other maps.
Uploaded JPG with not cutted off doodads^^
i actually think this will be a fun map. short games, but that is cool too :) like a cheese micro map. i like this
Thanks dude^^
Cmon somebody else than Starparty?Please?
Now i make a GMCS report, about many of your mistakes. And now a little comment about the map.

I think the cliffs, connected with rapms in the center, are usless. As i said before you have many drop zones, keep some of them, but make them all fair for every expand, not someone on low ground, someone on high ground, others wider, others have space for only one tank, and there you can't drop other units, so you need an aircraft to kill him, etc, etc... Hope you get my point, it's just not fair... And i think that you will need more space in mains.
P.S. You have more drop zones, wich i don't show in GMCS, i hope you find it yourself. You can make the test in SE. Just take a tank in sige mode, and try to place it, on the spots, that you think he might be dropped.
Actually there shouldnt be drop zones where u pointed and I will fix it tomorrow!
Fixed the unwanted dropzones and the ramp on the left side

--Sand[RaiN] vs Luck[RaiN](1on1, 1.13)

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