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Last update for (2)my december : 2007, 07, 04 21:53
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740 (2)my december 128*96noname0.4final

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

this is my map, that is for the it's not really chrismas-themed like starpartys jinglebells, but at least there is some snow and winter feeling to it. i hope that will be enought.. 0:] and i also hope i'm allowed to show it here before submitting. the rules didn't tell me not to show, so here we go.

it's a 1on1 map with perfect symmetry again (i'm kinda into symmertry lately :d ) i used mostly dirt and grass. for in game vision - to many players are getting snowblind - and simply because i do like grass more than snow. and you all will notice the three bifrost-bridges :)

the gameplay isn't that special.. i did stick to known elements. are able to wall-in with 1 rax, but not ling-save (i suppose.. didn't test ingame)
..the nat has a cliff, which is usefull for every race and you are able to fast expand as zerg and secure your choke
..the main-path to your enemy is not _that long a seems like a central-power map, but
..the expos are more like spread out to the side-paths drawing the action out of the centre, so that there should be multiple fighting zones. (a t pushing trough the middle for example won't be very strong if he doesn't secure his flank as well. and if he does, you are still able to get at least two gas expos)
..and finnaly i also added some block minerals, that might be useful if the enemy want's to secure at map-corner and nat (they are at 12 mins per patch)

but i'm not too shure about those block minerals. i mean, wheather they are really needed or not.. i'd like to here your opinions. also, feel free, to comment on anything, that pops to your mind. thanks in advance. :)
Compare the middle of your map to this map
I know you stated that it has the bifrost bridges, but the expo's are almost exactly placed, and the terrain as well. It probably wasnt intentional, but it likes like a carbon copy except for the natural placement.
You might have expoes placed in the same areas on both maps, but BiFrost plays -very- differently from any other map including this one. Similarities are superficial only.
too T+ 3 base vs 3 base AND they can build everywhr.

i like how it looks except the white stuff, withouth that i think it would be cooler.
In my eyes this map is awesome. I totally dislike the terrain, because i think the snow terrain was meant to be snowy... but that is again stupid for some morons out there who are to dumb to change their brightness...

still, i'd say it's the best map you created so far. really. this map has good looks, nice concept comparable to Bifrost because of the brdiges, but the surrounding is different, and better in my eyes than bifrost. really like this map. well done.

one of the best maps i saw lately, really.
just the name suxx ^^ and i think it does not have a "chrismas theme".
Actually it has.... twenty four = 24 twelve for the 12 month = christmas

so 24/12 =/
Yeah, i got the name, but i thik 24/12 is a strange name ^^

and the map itself lacks of a christmas theme.

still a very nice map. i really like it!
i do like strange names.. it's part of my mapping style. :P ..i will see whether i can come up with a better one.

and i would also like to give it more chrismas theme. i will try to put in some kind of chrismas related symbol, like sp did. only have to find something i like and be able to create.
A goat!
a christmas goat?
like, with a bag and presents for the kids?
remove blocking minerals! :P
updated. :]

..moved gas from 10(4) o'clock to 6(12) o'clock
..removed mineral blockage
..and for the chrismas theme thing: a goat for lgi at blues main and a tree at blues main. what do you think of that? i don't think it will be confusing or anything for the players at the start.

..i couldn't come up with a better name yet. but i will, lis, i will. :)
oh. and if you don't recognize.. the start-symbols are made out of dying-hallizunation-sprites and disappear at the beginning of the game.
nice effects, well done:)
updated to final and changed the name

please post a comment, if you spot a mistake i did, cause i'd like to submit it to the today or tomorrow. thanks in advance. :)
pretty cool ;) I dont see any bugs.
whats that glowing blue shit near the SL's ?
As nonema wrote, it is made of "dying halluzination sprites", some nice little effect at the beginning of the game ;)

--CeZa_1 vs Tripleh(1on1, 1.13)
--flothefreak vs asdf(1on1, 1.15)

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