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Last update for (2)Nuke : 2005, 12, 14 13:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
759 (2)Nuke 128*96Starparty0.1final

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

No decoration :)

i wanted a cool way of evolving the götterdämmerung expo - now with two ramps so its harder to turtle. on götter z exped anywhere, it didnt really matter. Here you can actually be hurt by making the wrong decision.

i tested pathing so the standard route is the low ground rush route at the bottom as intended.
Wow, nice idea ;) gas nat = don't protect choke
mineral only = protect choke,

The same idea of gotterdammerung, but executed in another way ;). Gj
As it is now im not remotely satisfyed with the lok of the map, but i wasnt with arena either when i made it. That changes if people like the map so ill keep it as it is until i get some feedback.
Very, very very interesting idea. I dislike the look totally, but the idea is great, and the mineral only on lowground and the path to the enemy as well as the highground path between the bases are great.

the overal design is just "bad" imo. hope you can fit those two things into a better concept. As it is now, it looks :/ especially compared to your other maps.
YEa i know, but if it PLAYS ok then i can only redecorate it.. to remake the map because of the jpg is alot of unneccesary work :P

we'll try it sometime
Well there have been more beautiful SP-maps, but whatever:) This still looks decent before decorating.

Nice idea, make sure no units get stuck in minerals when travelling to the wide choke from the close one.

As it is now, might be heavily zerg disfavoring in tvz though!?
Mabye.. open up the center completely?
well then what?
Don't know. Bigger middle is not they right thing to do though. We just need to test if z can play FE against an agressive terran, if he can it's fine.

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