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Last update for (3)Permafrost : 2007, 10, 31 05:20
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
758 (3)Permafrost 128*128trcc1.3final

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 83 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

why that?
I changed the name thats why. O_+

I still can't make work my neutral units =P SP & me working on it :D
why the new upload
that's what I meant
Because i had to change the name, and i couldnt find any way to remove the old name, even with the admin panel :|
I think you just need to rename the file and re-upload it? it was the same at this secret sun/astronomy/or-what-it-was-called-those-two-times
Won't this be imba for zerg, seeing as they expand fastest/easiest, therefore getting gas faster.
but they need gas so badly because they don't really stand a chance otherwise...marines with micro >> slow zerlings, slow zeals>>slow zerglings
I tryed upload map with another name, and it didn't work =(

UPDATE: Ok, BIG thanks to Starparty who helped me a lot to make work these goddam neutural buildings =)

LGI, this is for the moment a working version, if you still wanna play on it =D
actually ive found triple hatch rapes mass zealots.
try it with slow zerglings?
this changes a bit then if you get 20hits before having surrounded the protoss halfway
zerg can place one of the 3 hatches at the behind expo with gas though, so it doesn't really stop him :(

Well i've made a FFA game, i lose in the star very stupid, but i rise again, so after 45 minutes My connection to battle net was lost... Anyway, watch the repley, and i hope you find something that you haven't notice to fix :)
LGI, nice replays (the 1on1s)

Maybe just test if anyone stands a chance against you if you do a good 2-3 hatch ling to lurker build. If you can prove this way that it is imbalanced, then we need to think of a solution.
I really like all the replays, though i don't see what you mean by the thing to fix =( I watched the 3 reps, but i didn't see what you mean.

I'm also wondering why none of you actually used the 1 rax wallin vs zerg, cuz i tested it and was working.. i tested ling too. O_+ In the ffa, you could have wall and expo safe, tthough you got gayed by those 1 million lings =P And if you think T is really disadvantaged, i could scrap the current tree, and add some walls in middle + remake new tree, smaller this time.?
Well i've made a FFA game, i lose in the star very stupid, but i rise again, so after 45 minutes My connection to battle net was lost... Anyway, watch the repley, and i hope you find something that you haven't notice to fix :)
_? Wtf?

Anyway i will repeat my newer comment.

@trcc, sorry i don't say it well. I mean that IF you find anything, then fix it. I didn't mean that there is something to fix... Sometimes their very little ditails to fix, that can be seen in game only. Like stuck worker near gas, or something like that...

About the games, i will play with zerg, will see :)
Oh i see :P

I didn't =P I'm wondering who won that FFa.? The zerg on the islands or blue protoss?

Also, you played tiwce terran, was it hard to push through the big middle, like i said, i could add some walls to help, i don't care to kill the tree, if the maps has potential to become good, i won't make such a design in middle. ;) Also, as panschk said, show us ur 1337 fast lurks skills =P
1337 fast lurks? :) I will play as soon, as i got free time.

Btw i watch the full repley, Twista_pro save it, and show it to me. They play 10 more minutes after, but it's not that intresting. The protoss win.

Btw it's impossible to wall with one barrack in mains, what do you mean?
Yes you can. I've tested it, there's actually 1 precise spot which provides the 1 rax wall. It also pass the ling test. I will make a replay of me vs my other computer soon to prove it -__0 Now I'm at school. And i haveto study for my tomorrow exam asap. damn spacebar @@@
haha. vs "other" computer. I always knew it ;) trcc the mapmaking machine.
I mean that my computers are on local area network, then i run to the other computer, makes lings, then comeback make barrack then comeback go test lings then comeback make another barrack etc :O
just use "free for all" with 1 p (you) 1 terran (cpu)

then go for cheats
show me the money//operation cwal//the gathering//power overwhelming
then you can make DA's in a hurry, mind control a SCV, build a barrack with it and test with marines, they have the same size as lings
flothefreak, the lings are smaller! And i know that i am not wrong 100% . Also he want to make a repley, so he use mutlyplayer, not single.
if you know this 100%, I wanna have a proof of it.
Back in the days when i make GoW first version i write a big review to the map, and i point that every entrance is 1 rax wall ling save. 1 hour later Listoric make a test about this lings and write me in ICQ that i am wrong.

The tests that i make was with a marine, not with lings. Then i test with lings, and Listoric was right. Lings are smaller then marines. This add 1-2 hours to fix this at all positions, because they were 2 entrances on each position that 1 rax wall was possible. Now things are very diffrent.

Anyway the point is that lings are smaller, and Listoric can tell you this too. If you want a better proove or explanation, find it yourself, i won't argue. This is for you to know, i already know this.
LGI is right. lings are smaller than marines: On King of the abyss, lings can walk past the mineral line, but marines can`t (normally^^)
I add two more repleys.

On LGI vs Crusader(1on1, 1.13) i notice that protoss have space for a pilon and cannon infront of my entrance.

The other game LGI vs S0rsy(1on1, 1.13) i play very bad, and make very stupid start, that cost me the game, so don't make any discusion of PvZ yet :).

There will be more PvZ and we will see.. ^^
well that's enough for me
I just wanted to know, for I assumed both having the same size all the time (standard ssb-wall is walkable by both)
Woa I've finished my school =) 1 month & 1 week break :)))))))) Let's see those 4 additional games thx LGI
isnt there already a blizz map called permafrost? please call me an asshole if someone already pointed this out or you could care less.
At least there is none in my maps directory. So I don't think there is any.
and this1!!!
master trcc's 3players map :O

--LGI vs Snapp_lin4(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs Snapp_lin4(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI, Twista_pro, shits_uf vs (other, 1.13)
--LGI vs Crusader(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs S0rsy(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs Me_G_G(1on1, 1.13)
--KickBoxerrr vs ynyfr(1on1, 1.13)
--panschk[FP] vs LGI(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs Snapp_lin4(1on1, 1.13)
--Snapp_lin4 vs LGI(1on1, 1.13)

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