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Last update for (2)Hychapt 1.1 : 2005, 12, 18 12:52
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
764 (2)Hychapt 1.1 128*128ScoutWBF0.3final

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 13 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

My first ash map ever.

I need some comments if I should make the mineral only a Gas expo and move it below the plateaus on the map edges,so terran cant just push out like 5meters and get another expo.

Pls post you opinion on the map^^
Oh and I have to say this map was named after a song I listened to all day^^
It looks like a nice map, I like straight forward maps!

One thing I would like to see changed tho is the mineral placement on some of the expos. see GMCS

Well yeah, imo gas issue is not that important that you should adjust every neutral expansion to it. Looks strange on some situations.

Also building space on bottom base (an top too actually) could be bigger. You have enough space on the map for this.

It's really cliché, but maybe you could add island expos in the free corners?

Another thing that _might_ confuse is the minerals placement of the 1 and 7 expansions. I'd prefer if it was leaned on some cliff or something.

Maybe you should also add something to help a terran´s chance , because right now the map is very open. I think it could actually be pretty cool if you could shoot he centre expos from the other side, other people might disagree though :]

Solid map overall.
why do you hate terran so much?

p>>>t, z>>>p
looks actually very good designwise

some thougths:
-can you place tanks between those wall-parts at the natural?
-the sidecliffs seems pointless somehow. still, if it's for decoration and filling, go for a cool cold lava-structure up there!
-can you shoot the other side's centerexpo with tanks from your side? if you can, it's of course a tactical element, but you should think if it's wise to make an expo untakable in a certain matchup
-little cliff beside the top base seems to have a doodad-blockade, so it is parted in two, while the other (bottom) is not
-make those 2 cliffs about the minonly a bit larger to prevent permanent terran hold on them.
terran would take out an entire path for your army
-rearrange 1 and 7 o'clock expos, so the mins are lying to the edge. otherwise, if you don't want this, make some little wall-parts (like at the naturals) behind the free space of the mineral line (where is walkable dirt right now)
-if you decide to make the distance between the center expos wider (to prevent tank shooting those expos), then maybe add a cliff at the GMCS-marked spots.

some ideas for you, mb they help
Yeah I will do some or all ideas.

I'm pretty happy that more than 1 person responds to this map^^
sometimes it just depends on the map
on some maps, I burn to write 1000 ideas, on other I am not initiated to write anything^^
hehe.Well as long as you write a lot ideas about my maps it's ok to me^^
Well they are a lot of ideas already, so i will be waiting to see the improved version, and then give a complete comment. For now i can say two things. First i don't like the cliffts that are the same as in "The Void". And second, from the experience from Grapes Of Wrath 2.0 i can say from now that terran will have very bad time on this map, with his low ground main expand. Protoss and zerg can attack him from two paths, and they seem to be prety wide, so protoss will have no problems, walls, doodads to hold him, and mess his army. Ofcourse i didn't try this in game, but i just know how it is from Grapes of Wrath, and here will be even more difficult, because this is your main expand, and in GoW it's the third and min only expand.
well, I have walkable (ramps!) sidepaths on the void, which serve as harassing place for the expos.
and you can use it as sneakpath^^
oh, did oversee the ramps on the sidepaths, sry
got bad&dark monitor settings right now
Updated^^ Changes: middle remade,mineral placement on some expansions remade,changed mineral only cliff.
PLs comment the new version and what you don't like or what update was made bad.^^
there are ugly straight lines now :<
remove them

for the cliffs in the middle: I meant that you should put them BESIDE thos expos, where is now still this lava

maybe you could add an expansion below this walkable cliff to give it a strategical meaning
I gave the ramps a bit more importance ,added another expansion and some other small changes
Oh and pls comment as much as you can^^
*Push* 4 Comments^^
Another Update with some things Listoric meant I should change.

Thanks to him.^^
looks really better, your best map so far =)
I don't see any major flaws, only the centerexpo minerals are placed uncommonly

but no big deal, you can go now for testing and balancing ;)
Thanks.If I find somebody who wants to play against me I try to make him play this map^^

By the way go download the song I named the map after
Hmmm it has an error.

This is the correct one,if there is no error egain -_-
yep there is. Just change the C thingy to & sub without the space^^

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