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Last update for (2)SnakeVine1.5 : 2012, 10, 24 06:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
777 (2)SnakeVine1.5 128*128MuShu1.0final

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

First map (besides Speedmap Cometition) in a while. This time, I tried to watch for its looks a bit more than my previous maps. It is a pretty standard map, nothing fancy through other editors. Still fine-tuning it and spotting for flaws and imbalances, though. Comments welcomed, as always!
It looks good MuShu. But i don't like top left corner and bottom right corner. There is just unused terrain. I think that it would be better if you just put water there. The other thing that i don't think it's very fair that every expand on this map have drop zones for tanks.... EVERY EXPAND! And i hope there is no danger drop zones near mains...

Overall, i like it a lot!
And btw you can open a little the backdoor. Erase some of the rised jungle terrain.
Hmm, my intention was not to have dropzones at every expand. I will work on that, although the ones will raised jungle you can see without an observer, etc., so that might be okay.
looks pretty good. For my taste the natural is a bit far from main. Just move the minerals a bit towards choke, tankdrops would be less of a problem at the same time.
Ok, moved the naturals a bit forward. For the expoes at 2 and 8, moved minerals more to the center and no more tankzones behind them, although there is still space for drops.

Put something in the space behind the min line of the second gas expo thats right above/below the main.
Check gmcs to see hwat i mean
Okay, I reconstructed parts of the temple wall behind the mains so that tank drops aren't possible by dropping them on small chunks of temple. Also I took your advice, decaf, and added some temple and trees behind the 2nd gas naturals. I also added some doodads. How is it now? Any more flaws to be fixed or should I do anything to improve it's aesthetics?
having passed the minonly-expansion, the raised-jungle-parts on top make a smaller path on top than on bottom
look GMCS
Ok. ^_^
oh man, you make my day - all the time.
I guess 80% of the database maps are playable T_T
i don't think so - -;

After two test games, I decided to change some things:

-Shrunk the mains a bit and moved mineral line closer to choke.
-Moved choke a but towards the center.
-Moved nats up.

This was because the distance between the mains and the expansion was very large, and they said that the distances between bases were a bit too big. I won't change it yet, but will decide if this version is better first.
Gj nice updates :)
MuShu~~~ I miss you, man :(

Why was a post that says "I miss you MuShu" removed for its content? Don't disrespect panschk like that, who made and hosts this website for the mapping community out of generosity, not for you to have a petty quarrel with me.
modified by Chef
lol can we have timestamps on comments and posts Im totally lost each time something gets bumped...
Why was a post that says "I miss you MuShu" removed for its content? Don't disrespect panschk like that, who made and hosts this website for the mapping community out of generosity, not for you to have a petty quarrel with me.
What I didnt mean disrespect sorry just was commenting cuz I always get lost when reading comments cuz I can't tell how old some of them are and a bump just seemed like the time to say it sorry
There is no need to bump a map... You could just leave a PM? And Mushu probably does not use this site, seeing as this is map id 777, so he would not see it..
We have PMs?
"No New PM"

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