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Last update for (4)SNitch! : 2019, 10, 04 21:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
784 (4)SNitch! 128*128--v|mOsQ4.1final

The map has been rated 275 times and got a total of 1126 points

You can rate the map here. Chose a grade between 10 (best) and 0 (worst).
Comments:   GMCS (9 elements)

bad map
non-newbish players hate it, only stupid noobs play/create/make this map

t>p imba, t>z imba, z>p imba, p>t imba, z>t imba, t>t imba.

-> plus: gas issue

average map.
and the map has no brain

stupid map
Manner pls.
Everyone knows... Fun rulz!

I know it's badass-like, but I just have to do right now^^
well the t>all is kinda obvious with no safe expos at all. Wonder how you could have missed that on your own map when you are so damn fast to point it out in everyone elses.
you are unfair here. This map is much better than his old ones. I don't get how you can flame him for that T imbalance when space lotus is not that different (at least the old version was not).

I actually think this map is really playable. To make T less powerful, very first thing to do and pretty obvious would be too make most of the ledges unbuildable.
hope you're not serious panschk.
Being fair to someone so unfair and arrogant would be like in the bible, giving the other cheek (or in this case, hit yourself so doesn't have to make an effort)
well im not unfair. I dont give much about what he said before. I point out the obvious. There are 8 cliffable naturals and hat calls for terran domination. You pointed it out on space lotus and i changed it.
LGI adn flothefreak, stfu childrens, you are Spitfire's home dogs ^^ I said my imho about maps, but you demonstrate your fucking bm, it's all.
I said that the map is stupid. Can't i "say my imho" ? Only newbs can say that this map is good.
Put ruins in the center also to make it unbuildable so you can't just wall of with depots in the middle and take the whole map or build turrets. Not saying that you would, but you can. Maybe shrink the islands a bit or put broken cliffs behind some of the expos and pull mins a bit forward so tanks won't be such a big problem. Also, you might want to make the mains bigger somehow, since there is so little room already, tanks and a floating rax/dropship can take out a lot of buildings and you can't really do anything about since you can't build anywhere else (well, you can, but it would be nice to build in your own base) or it if he is turreting the whole island and putting tanks up there. That should take care of some terran problems.

Oh, and when/if you put ruins in the center, you can also do some decorating of the map, too. Not that it affects balance, but it is nice when the map looks nicer, giving it the edge to be a more professional looking, because looks do matter to a certain extent. I'll try to do some stuff in the GMCS.
About domination of Terran. It is simply ridiculous, as the center special is balanced for PvT battles and if you think, that if Terran will build up cliffes it will win, you simply understand nothing in balance and argue at a level of the people who three days ago have seen StarCraft. By the way, tanks do not get from cliff up to the nexus/hatchery/cc on the first expand, and the high expands are made that games occured not only ground units. If someone still approves, If someone still approves, that terran imba, I with pleasure shall crush it 1x1 PvT -.- "Terran imba", "terran imba" - wake up, 2006' year !
LGI, you said your newbish bm. Fu bm idiot -.-
Still, a tank should not be able to take out many buildings from a cliff if the area is not accessable by land. This map the way it is may make dropship terran too strong.
MuShu, I specially have not placed many ruins in the center because has counted, that to Terran will be and without that it is complex enough. My purpose is not complication of a life particularly any of races, and creation of qualitative balance. In the final version I, perhaps, shall increase quantity of ruins in the center a little and, certainly, I shall add more doodads.
MuShu, i like games with mass drops ^^ It's most interesting games imho. But if Terran does big drop, Protoss or Zerg has an opportunity easily to break its main base ground armies.
"LGI adn flothefreak, stfu childrens, you are Spitfire's home dogs ^^ I said my imho about maps, but you demonstrate your fucking bm, it's all."
Well. They are acting like you, what did you found a bm in comparison with your posts?

""Terran imba", "terran imba" - wake up, 2006' year !"
I'm sorry, that's still 2005 ^^

"LGI, you said your newbish bm. Fu bm idiot -.-" A bm post. After this post you can't say someone that he is bm, cause you are bm.

"If someone still approves, that terran imba, I with pleasure shall crush it 1x1 PvT -.-"
Oh, yeah, shit happens :)

"But if Terran does big drop, Protoss or Zerg has an opportunity easily to break its main base ground armies."
Actually no. Terran can make supp + tanks defence which is imba.

"MuShu, I specially have not placed many ruins in the center because has counted, that to Terran will be and without that it is complex enough. My purpose is not complication of a life particularly any of races, and creation of qualitative balance."
As you like to say, ownz. All I've understood is a "MuShu" word.

Work on your character, maybe someday you will understand that you are nothing except the piece of sh*t.
And of course they ARE NOT my home dogs, you f*cking sh*t. However, my dog doesn't like bm gays such as you.
Spitfire, MuSshu is nick. Shut up child, you are lame.
no, YOU are lame. as lame as nobody before ya
"Spitfire, MuSshu is nick."
MuShu, not MuSshu. Check your eyes or brain, idk wtf you have there. And I know that fact, that it's a nickname. It's the only thing i could understand. Hrrrr..
Well, if you have nothing to say, it's better to keep your mouth closed.
"Shut up child, you are lame."
If that's all that your brain could do (you use these words in every post), so ..... You are NOT of my intellectual level ^^ Newbish brain ^^
Spitfire, you will long carp at typing errors? If I have put superfluous "s" in a name "MuShu", it nothing means, because YOU, THE IDIOT, HAS ASKED ME, WHAT IS THE "MuShu"! Yes, I not your intellectual level - because you are so clever, the shit how much cleverly smeared by the ground, my small friend from a province ^^ ggnore newbie
ok go 1x1 "gosu" ? ^^
even if I felt like playing, it wouldn't prove anything if I'd beat ya 9-0 or lose 0-9.
anyway, I would never spent one second more with you than necessary, so I just keep warning the public about you, your stupid behaviour, your non-existing knowledge and your arrogant blindness.
At least, unlike you, I speak the truth, instead of I say lies continually, that I like each map. You do not want duel - then shut up and do not call me "lame" -.-
we're not in the dark ages, dude.
duels don't prove anything. you're probably as proud of your playing skills as you are of your mapping skills, and I think your playing skills MATCH your mapping skills then.

and what's the truth and what's not, that you better leave to me.
"your playing skills MATCH your mapping skills"

It concerns to you - there is no normal map and to play are afraid ^_^
"It concerns to you - there is no normal map and to play are afraid ^_^"
That's about you ^_^
Spitfire, that's about flothefreak and you -_^
stop bm guys
good map, i like it
Final version:
- Recalculation of distances of attack of siege tanks
- The mineral block of high expands is cleaned
- Water in the middle
- More doodads and changes of a relief
You know, this map could probably be pretty ok. Its too bad youre wasting it on bad behavior.
I am not surprised and not upset. That you judge a map how its author estimates other maps, shows absence of professionalism and does you similar to silly children. That my maps estimated highly, I shall not say lies, that I like your maps if your maps in my opinion are awful.
Fine. Sit in your tower.

Dont come to me when you realize that your tower isn't very high.
Can't all you guys just shut up? I don't see why you need to argue at all. It's not going to solve anything anyway.
4 replays added
I dont see how the f%^ck terran has avantage here.
yust becuz second nat can get cliffed? oh please dont give me that. Maby yust put a mineral patch in the center of those islands to prevent terran from floating a command center there. The resit is ok I dont see any fkin inbalance here. Oh so u mean LT is so IMBA yust cuz NAT can get tanked from cliff? And you ppl say LT is one of the most BALANCED map arround? You guys fight too much. Yust look at this god damn thread, everything is a fukin children mama's boy fight. Get real.
One Question:mOsQ are you voting 10 on your own map? 8[
It is compelled to disappoint you, but I AT ALL did not put estimations to my maps. The system of estimations exists not that I estimated them, unless not so ?
looks well
chinese food
chinese food is good
why have the mineral blocks on the highground when they do nothing to prevent terran from getting a CC up there?

but i think the map looks good

Mineral blocks interfere with lowering CC in the center of ruins, where to it and a place. If to put it not in the center, and sideways, the distance up to gas and minerals will be too greater. I some times cleaned and returned back mineral blocks, and have decided them all to leave.

P.S. The map has been rated 23 times and got a total of 159 points.
The map has been rated 24 times and got a total of 159 points.
Who's 0 spammer ?
but u could land cc, then just build scv have it mine away the mineral and then move the cc in the ruins. Still doesn't prevent a fast cc expand up there.
The map has been rated 26 times and got a total of 159 points.

Kill this fucking 0 spammer pls ^_^
Yes, such opportunity is, but it will take away time, because there 10 minerals. Really, buildings of people are able to fly, it is their opportunity, and to take away it I do not gather.
but i'm just making sure you aren't trying to prevent a fast cc expand up there ^.^
Mosq may just a little correct map, and it will be pretty nice/imho
i like the map but fix the island cliffs. the shape is kind of ugly as it is now. Also the high ruins around the money is bad for zerg but not for other races.
actually the shape is fine i didn't notice the negative space it creates for the middle. just fix the high ruins ^^
- widen the mainbases, as they are now, Terran can hardly buil factories and depots in his base (check botoom left mainbase, wtf ^^)
- Also add more doodads for decoration,
- play more around with the terraintypes to get a more natural look
- Fix some shapes and ruins
- delete the totally senseless blocking mineral on the islands
- check wallins, to be SURE that no zerglings can pass through the doodads
- fix the gas issue and pull the mainbase minerallines off the mapedge to help units walk behind it for an attack or drop
- add the missing mineral at bottom right natural expansion

That's what i see on first glance. Please check it, fix it, and then your map is ready for another comment ^^

Ah and btw, you really would make me happy if you try to comment as i did now. It just doesn't help anyone if someone is insulting anotherone. No matter who started in first place. Just try to be as helpfull as i am. Others also may be harsh and the more are "normal" and give away real critics, or sugguestions instead of "you suck and your map is gay" (just an example ^^).

Thx a lot :)
Ok, the last sentence is bullshit. ^^ i knew i should have gone to sleep earlier ^^

"Others may be harsh, but the more are "normal" and give away real critics, the better it is. Sugguestions like "you suck and your map is gay" (as an example) just helps noone, and shows unnecessary stupid behaviour."

If you think someones map is bullshit and "everyone sees that", than give helpfull advices. Tell the Author what he did wrong, in your opinion, and what he could do better! The nice you are to people, the nicer they are to you. And i really dont want to have a bunch of stupid kids flaming around here, just because it doesn't make sense at all.

By now, everyone was smart enough to be fair. Some more, others less. But in the end, everything works fine.

Think about it.

yea, a bit of decoration and id really like the map
but noncliffable 2nats = yes plz
--v mOsQ
Open the map in the editor and look at quantity of doodads. I consider, that it is enough of them, and that it is not necessary to overload with them a map.
--v mOsQ
btw i can't login, wtf ?
u cant place addon at 12 island and on 3 island CC is far away from minerals
--v mOsQ
hmm really ?
ok now i can't do it on 6 and 9 too :)
Wrong approach in my eyes. Zerg can't defend these islands properly and Terran should have the chance to add a Silo or Comsat. Also the decorations is far from enough.

Just compare your decoration with mine here:

I have a quite low count of doodads.
--v mOsQ
I shall not draw a doodads on each centimeter of map. It is quite enough of them. When the map is overloaded by them, it looks ridiculously.
Yes, with ruins to zerg (as well as to all races) it is more complex to protect the high expands, than without ruins but when zerg build hatchery and all place around of it fills with sunkens and spores, to beat out it therefrom difficultly enough. Ruins are placed not simply so - differently it would be too simple to protect the high expands.
--v mOsQ
And small doodads are simply imperceptible on the picture.
--v mOsQ
"Terran should have the chance to add a Silo or Comsat"

Not in the high expands ;)
Not in the high expands ;)

But why? It does not aid an imbalance, it does not add tactical possibilities? What is this decision good for then? An explanation would be good.

And small doodads are simply imperceptible on the picture.

So? Same on my map, and on all others. Nothing new to me and still you got way to few doodads to have a natural and nice look. It looks plain empty. Not just because of the doodads, also because of missing terrainvarieties.

...without ruins but when zerg build hatchery and all place around of it fills with sunkens and spores...

I`m not sure if you know how big your islands are. They are almost as big as your mainbases, and zerg would need like 8 sunkens to "properly" defend this island. Which is totally rediculus, because no Zerg will ever built that many sunkens up there. The highground is just to big. Drops from every race are easily effective enough to kick zergs expansion up there. And evey race on highground is hard to kill here anyway.

My concerns are, as starparty mentioned, about Terran. Terran can easily cliffdrop _both_ expansions from the enemy, which is just too much. At least one expansion should be without a cliff. But that be counted as a point of the map. Still you have to be aware of the fact that this is definetely imba.

At the end, you didn't change anything and seem not as you want your map to be change anyway. It could be a raelly good map, but as it is now, it's just a good prototype instead of mapping art. Wish you would think about it...
I don't think you need to go overboard with doodads. There can really be some different style approach.

I agree that everything that hurts the playabilitly is a bad thing. Blocking minerals make not much sense here, taking away the comsat too, as well as too small main bases. If you want to weaken terran, make the gas nats uncliffable (I actually think that would be easier to do, you already moved cliff back at it, there is only missing a bit.) and make bigger parts of middle unbuildable.

If you do some of those, it could be MOTW imo.
--v mOsQ
1) Center.
The center of map too big to think that if terran can build there buildings, it will give it the big advantage. If terran will not build turrets and, probably, supply depots, moving ahead to protoss base, it simply will be crushed by toss army from different directions.

2) Cliffs and drops.
I like games with use of dropships, it's much more interesting than stupid promotion by the ground. It is not necessary to forget about protoss opportunities, that on island maps it often uses much shuttles with reavers and dragoons. If terran has selected drop tactics why cannot do it too ? If flies on a map in the big weight of armies, toss can simply destroy terran expands and mb main mase ground armies. Siege tanks do not get up to nexus/command center/hatchery on the first expand. It is not necessary to forget, as zerg and protoss can use advantages of the highground - to build photon cannons and to drop templars, dragoons and lurkers. The high ground above the second expands I shall make more unbuildable, but no more that. Of the high ground above expands panically are afraid noobs only; the skilled player can prevent drop or beat off.

3) High expands: resourses and addons.
I shall not clean the ruins, stirring to do an addons. Instead of it I shall reduce quantity of resources on these expands.

4) "Small" main bases.
The lie, is quite enough to construct places, for example, 15 gateways or 10 factory with addons and then there will be enough place for moving and other buildings. Auxiliary buildings, such as supply depots, it's possible to build not only on mains ^^

5) More doodads.
As I already spoke, I think, that it is not necessary to overload a card with doodads. But on their my map it is enough, but they such small and imperceptible, that on picture all doodads is not visible almost.

How i can add picture ? [img][/img] or what ?
--v mOsQ
Verison 1.2:
- Resourses on hight expands: 7 minerals (500), 1 gas (1500)
- Mineral blocks is removed
- More unbuildable place on 2nd (mineral only) expand's highground.
basic html code.

In my eyes, you do it as every Author does it at first. You "defend" your map as it is now against critics. But i don't attacki you, i just state you flaws, that are obvious. Won't comment on this map any longer. Seems senseless to me.

To panschk. True, he does not ave to have that many doodads, but as it is now, it's "empty", isn't it?
--v mOsQ
I have considered stated above opinion on my map and have changed it according to them. And to draw more doodads - it is simply silly.
Yes, this card is worthy to become a MOTW.
this card quite azalea copy yes very senseless to be copying the azalea and adding the cliff
you might as well being a child and putting smaller main base with ruins for no addon . card is woeful when it comes to the game play. very unoriginal card.
Ok, last try, all you have to do, is answer my questions, and explain our answers to me.

1. Why don't you balance the gas?
2. Why do you prevent Zerg from defending the island expansions with buildings? What major imbalance does it aid? What is it good for?
3. Why do you prevent Terran to built their add-ons on the island expansions? What major imbalance does it aid? What is it good for?
4. Why don't you even try to decorate your map more than it is now, with doodads AND terrain?
5. Why does the players have to have that little space in their bases? What is it good for?
6. Cliffs are, as known, pro Terran EVEN if other races can use them IN THEORY too. So, why are all expansions cliffable? What is it good for?
7. Why are the minerals still at the mapedges? WHy don't you give players an extra tactic? What major imbalance does it aid? What is it good for?

I really just want to see you opinion on these matters. And if you REALLY can explain them to me, i won't question anymore and make your map instant extra Map of the Week, promised.
great post Lis. Would like to see his response :O
--v mOsQ
2 &&&


Snitch !:

Where this maps are similar, idiot ?
--v mOsQ
1. Why don't you balance the gas ?
What is concrete to you it is not pleasant in gas balance?
2. Why do you prevent Zerg from defending the island expansions with buildings? What major imbalance does it aid ?
Zerg can protect islands by buildings. Yes, construct it can them a little, but if you have noticed, now on islands there are not enough resources, and terran cannot construct an extension, and borrow islands not so favourably. If zerg has constructed island expands, his overlods has an opportunity of transportation - means, it can protect the expandas by armies. If to not protect ruins, zerg can attack bottom expand (mineral only) by sunkens, to destroy which protoss, not having ground road on islands, it will be very complex.
--v mOsQ
3. Why do you prevent Terran to built their add-ons on the island expansions ? What major imbalance does it aid ?
I think terran will want to borrow expands with small quantity of resourses and without an opportunity of extensions less. Otherwise it really was is too strong.
4. Why don't you even try to decorate your map more than it is now, with doodads AND terrain?
Just open the map AND LOOK AT DOODADS AND TERRAINS -.- It is ENOUGH of it.
5. Why does the players have to have that little space in their bases ?
"The lie, is quite enough to construct places, for example, 15 gateways or 10 factory with addons and then there will be enough place for moving and other buildings. Auxiliary buildings, such as supply depots, it's possible to build not only on mains"
...Ok, I shall try to increase space on the main bases.
6. Cliffs are, as known, pro Terran EVEN if other races can use them IN THEORY too. So, why are all expansions cliffable ?
Open your eyes: NOT ALL. So the map that the highground was used for landing of troops is conceived. It seems to me, you did not read, that I have written earlier - differently similar questions would not arise. I am tired to explain.
--v mOsQ
7. Why are the minerals still at the mapedges? WHy don't you give players an extra tactic? What major imbalance does it aid? What is it good for?
Players have MANY tactics. Why you have solved, what they are obliged to play equally, what for nonsense? The high ground - only auxiliary opportunity, forces players to play nobody in any certain image.

I hope, I have answered all your questions.
Pretty balanced for 2x2 games.
intresting games will be ^^
--v mOsQ
Version 1.3:
- More place on main bases
- Cosmetic errors cleaned

--v mOsQ
Staredit crashes when opening the map...
And it is not playable in UMS, plus there is no obs version:/

The gas issue: See our article section and learn.
"The map has been rated 140 times and got a total of 900 points" - 6.4

Before 5 minutes this was:

"The map has been rated 129 times and got a total of (Don't know how much points) points" - 6.1

--v mOsQ, you really get on my nerves, someday i will delete this map, not on purpuse ofcourse... I will say that i was drunk or something...
--v mOsQ
"Staredit crashes when opening the map..."
Sure, use StarForge or SCM Draft -.-

"And it is not playable in UMS, plus there is no obs version :/"
Lol really need obs version ?

"gas issue"
I have another opition about it... but ok, fixed.
--v mOsQ

Do you really think that i waste my time for this? People don't need to see low raiting on your map to diside good/bad map. Raiting don't mean anything. But for kids on your age, raiting, forum posts, and all kinds of statistics that don't give you anything means a lot, lol! And why? I still can't answer this question... If someone will give me money for most forum posts, i will do my best to do this, but nah... nobody will do such thing.


--v mOsQ
Just stfu clown. Ggnore child
Was this the best you could think off? Or the russion transleter doesn't work :P
yea ggnore. You have been pwned.
LGI, don't be a child.
I like you everyone here :)
Me too orange. And as i thought, the explanations on my questions are far from reality. Especially the design part.

i have no idea why you think that i wouldn't see the decoration. i'm here more than just one week and commented on hundreds of maps already, also i created maps for starcraft since release. So, believe me, i know exactly what a map should look like when it's decorated, and how much of the doodads are displayed on a small picture like that. Still, i can also see the terrain, like everyone else does, and i definetely does not have to open the editor for it. so, believe me, your decoration is far from perfect.

also, you should optimize the map for staredit. if someone really wants to play the map, he may want to look at it before playing, and just a small part of the broodwar community, especially the mappers, have the extra editors. next thing is, that your map doesn't offer anything that wasn't creatable in staredit, so i please you to fix that, for those who want to play your map. not for me.

i really don't care after all if you update your map or not, because you won't do it anyway. and so, this map is not in my interest, as it is not in the interest of every experienced mapper on this page. the only thing why i keep commenting is to show you that you are wrong and don' question yourself or your work, instead of defending it like a little child. at least you noticed the small building space and edited that, which is a start in my eyes.

something personal:

i really speak for myself now. but i have so say that you seem like a child to me. i have no clue how old your are, i'd guess not older than 16, which doesn't matter in the end. I really feel disappointed, because i really like to help people and help them improve their skills. I'm into mapping since 9 years i think now, on different games. And starcraft mapping is really easy compared to 3D mapping in my eyes, because you really don't have to pay attention to a lot of things. JUst keep the balance in mind, some map standards, some decoration tricks, and ready is the map.

as long as every startposition has minerals, gas and a defendable number of entrances, the map is playable. on every size, with every race. Still you have to learn the basics, learn the balancing, learn to decorate, learn to see flaws, learn to question yourself or you wont get any better.

as i came here last years summer and submitted my first map, i thought something like "wow, they will love my map, it's awesome, i thought about so many tactics and just everything". my map also was in the ESGL mappool last year, called (4)White Lies, and i really thought it is mindblowing balanced, beatyful, and the people will built me a golden statue and praise myself every day around 3 oclock in the afternoon.

in fact, my map got a lot of critics, i was totally pissed, argued around with Stimey who created LT clones in my eyes, became mod short after it, and deleted all my maps in an hour of madness.

if i look at White Lies today, i can only say: Hey, look, how cute, and i really thought this is an awesome map. It's not. It has several flaws but its quite balanced. I already created a lot of better maps and helped people out create better maps than i did on startup.

So, i really know what you may feel like, or think. But, you won't get good comments if you behave like that. You can start to behave like an adult, give real critics, hints on what is wrong and what could be made better. discuss on several matters without me begging for information and simply help yourself and others to create good maps.

i really see that you got potential. No question about that. But as it is now, you won't get any real help, AND you don't want to except real help, because you seem to think that you are already as good as our top mappers here, if not better.

No offense, but you aren't. You're far from that. First of all because of your behaviour, as said, and second because you don't seem like you WANT to learn and dont WANT advice. You seem like you only listen to the comments, argue a bit around, don't think about them, and feel happy after "noone found a flaw".

Actually, i'd like to see this map pimped by Starparty, because it would be a really really good map after that. But i doubt SP want to help you in any way. But i might be wrong.

Again, just think about what i wrote, maybe you also want to comment on it. But think about it.
--v mOsQ
Anything new you have not told. Thrust the megalomania to itself in ass and do not dare to learn me as how me to do, clearly, puppy? I NEVER shall add this map for "pimp by starparty" and if it there will appear - means, it someone has made another.
--v mOsQ
I do not approve, that this map wonderful and is ideally balanced, but I am the most strict critic for myself, and mine own opinion for me is the most important. I doubt, that someone here can win against me even one game 1x1 and consequently I consider, that my knowledge of balance is better. I saw set of very bad cards at all (lol) "professional" founders of cards. It is not necessary to impose to me the point of view concerning to doodads, StarEdit and other are mere words. To me to spit, that you will not make this map MOTW though for it has voted the majority - to me on all to spit. I simply hang out the cards.
You'd better hang yourself =]
--v mOsQ
stfu my little newbish friend
I bet you don't have friends. Anyway, if I'm wrong, I do not belong to them, ok?
--v mOsQ
lol just STFU
You have definitelly burned your bridges. YOu might aswell just leave this page now because we will never help you in getting anywhere. YOu seem to thik that you are better anyway so you wouldnt need us anyway. Why dont you go whine on mapdori instead and let them steamroll you too.
mOsQ, I've said, that if you want to reach some aim here, you are welcome. But such behavior even of a single person might broke the whole community. Wanna success? Turn on your manner filter.
--v mOsQ
Don't understand, child ? STFU
Shut The Fuck Up. NOW ! Fucking 7x n00b -.-
--v mOsQ
I shall not allow a handful of stupid children to learn me to manners. I have clearly enough told ? I speak that that I think, and to me to spit, that it someone is not pleasant. I did not ask, that to me helped with balance of maps. I in general about what did not ask. But is not present - you climb with the morals and reasonings on manners ! For my map have voted - well and to spit ! What feature is necessary to you ? I make maps as I want. To me this site and all of you is indifferent, I simply load here maps. Go to the devil.
go away, we dont want you here. You dont deserve to be on this site.
--v mOsQ
I will go away when i want. That's all, gl
i will beat you 1v1 Mosq -_- unless you are B Pgt or better i can beat you -_-
i beat the person in your clan nightwish already , very noob you should kick him out unless you clan is noob
i tried to help you, and i wont stop. Your maps will never make it to be MotW here after they all lack of quality. That's why i keep commenting, to show you your missing skills and knowledge of mapmaking.

Just that you think that you're a good gamer, doesn't make you a good mapper. Like Diego Maradonna will never be a good Football Stadium Architect and Michael Schumacher won't create good cars or racetracks by himself.

If you want me to help you or not, isn't my problem, and not in my interest either. I just comment on every fucking map i want to and show imbalances and things to improve. If you want to learn or not, is your thing. But i won't shut up because a stupid kiddy with no manners, no english skills, and only a big mouth with some standard stfu flames wants me to.

You make yourself an ass here and i have no problem with that. Because i don't care. I really have my fun here, with or without you. Doesn't matter to me. I like helping people and making an ass out of myself for writing posts as long as this one just to show you and the mapmaking community here that you are a total noob, in every way. I just feel sorry for your parents. I doubt they know how their kid behaves and thinks about help of others. And that makes me sad. Really.

But as said. This is "my page", "my community", "my hobby", "my fun" and i won't let it go down because of one little wannabe.

To make it clear again:

I wont shut up.
I wont stop helping you if i want to.
I will make one of your maps MotW if it is good enough, which will never happen as long as you ignore any help.
And i wont give up on teaching you manners after you seem to be teached in any way possible.

To all others here, just stop talking to and about him. It's senseless. No matter if we call him names or not. It's just senseless.

I now call him my personal friend and padawan, and we will see what happens in the near future. Maybe hes on the good, or on the dark side, but he will always be my padawan.


--v mOsQ
sry me DarthVader ^______^
then lis is the imperator.
remember who was it to kill darth vader.
As said me > you, in any way, in any time, in any place. :)
--v mOsQ
The dark side is stronger - -;;
Sorry, but the dark side is me, you are a kindergardenpeepeewarrior.
You should know that good is equal to evil, balance rules the world ^^
because of Mosq you have sunken down even to starwars, the worst movie ever made lolol
I like starwars :)
--v mOsQ
Spitfire, stfu chubaka -.-
--v mOsQ
1.4 uploaded
last version
Last version? Are you sure?

Right now i can shoot with tanks from outside the gas stations of all players except red location. Also the chokes are not balanced. Top left and bottom right are one rax wall, not ling save (left side of barrack is not save), while the other two locations are larger, with one "spot" on the grid.

To make minerals, base, gas save, you need to re-arange all resurs in mains.

The chokes are easy to fix.

After you do that i will continue.
--v mOsQ
Stop yout tank-fobia pls. It's the final version.
Bright image = plagiarism, sry.
--v mOsQ
Bright image = photoshop, sry.
I are teh uber = pwn, sry.
You asked for it...


7 o'clock - Tank shoot the gas from outside.

Free Image Hosting at

4 o'clock - Tank shoot the gas from outside.

Free Image Hosting at

2 o'clock - Tank shoot the gas from outside.

Free Image Hosting at

4 o'clock - A drop zone where you can put 3 tanks and they can attack resurs at main. They can't be reached by ground!

Free Image Hosting at

7 o'clock - A drop zone where one tank can be droped and he can shoot one min block in main. The tank can't be reached by ground!

Free Image Hosting at

2 o'clock - A drop zone where one tank can be droped and can shoot the gas station at main.

Free Image Hosting at


4 o'clock - One rax not wall. Zilotes can pass trought the left side of the rax.

Free Image Hosting at

2 o'clock - The choke is wider and everything can pass trought the bottom side of the rax.

Free Image Hosting at

7 o'clock - The choke is wider and everything can pass trought the bottom side of the rax.

Free Image Hosting at

11 o'clock - One rax not wall. Zilotes can pass trought the left side of the rax.

Free Image Hosting at

End of story part 1.

If you want part 2, make sure all this is fixed. And if you don't fix it, then stay away form MotW competition with this map.
Even if i find it very amusing, try to be more friendly LGI. I see you want to help him, because it takes time to upload and take all screenshots ^^

Still he is allowed to take part with his maps, as everyone else is, but has to be sure that his map is, at the moment, not suited for MOTW because of your reasons given and other aspects.
pwnd :p
--v mOsQ
i know all dropzones and blockwalls
nothing new sorry
--v mOsQ
Terran can be blocked by supply and barrack. Also cure your tankfobia pls.
"i am a russion

i am a stupid newb

i can not make "cards", because i don't have brain

also i don't know other words except cards, because my english is bad, and i use stupid russion translater.

Damn it i am such a newb...

now i got to bed, and then go to card school called BWMN, where people love me and i will write again my staff as:

stupid map

terran imba


--v mOsQ
lol you are newbish clown sorry
gl in real life lol
has this map won motm yet? it just showed up as a random map so i clicked on it an woah its nice map its like azalea except with 4 islands which might tip the zvt zvp imbalance a little bit when compared to azalea.

also 3rd expo is hard to take,

mosq this map is bad ass you should sumbit it for motm in another time.
IA-sky, read the thread before you make yourself look like an ass hat
why dont you just let this thread sink, no matter who of mosq guys pushes it and tells us that it should be motw?
I can't help but wonder how many accounts this dumbass has made to raise his map rating and provide false support for his map. This guy is the most pathetic mapper I have seen.

Judging by his poor grammar and pathetic attempts at responding to criticism, I'd say he's made a good half dozen+ accounts...

How very sad.
and this still looks a lot like azalea :)
Except Azelea was really good. This is just OKish, and he doesn't seem interested in fixing anything.
This won't play like Azalea at all. Look at expo layout/pathing.

Nat covers choke in this, 2nd nat isn't on the same path as nat, this has islands...etc, etc.
how is zerg gonna do to protect the islands?
nydus, which is always the best way for zerg to defend islands.
lmao i just had to comment this map because of mOsQ's insane ego.

decoration does not mean quantity of doodads -_- you can decorate better with varied terrain usage as well

you obviously believe that your knowledge on map balance is apparently godly so i'm positive that you're not going to do anything about the tankable cliffs. terran players will love this map.

this map would work if the issues pointed out were fixed.
Uh... ya, guys, mosq hasn't been to thispage for ages, or did I miss something?
no mosq hasn't been here in forever =/

Why are you guys all so bm to mosq? Was he bm? Yes, but he was funny. Anyone who takes his bm seriously is an idiot...

"Judging by his poor grammar and pathetic attempts at responding to criticism, I'd say he's made a good half dozen+ accounts..."

If you mean mosq, no he doesn't have other accounts as far as I know. As for grammar, rofl he's Russian, English wouldn't be his first language... Pathetic attempts at responding to criticism? lol the criticism was pathetic, no one but panschk really addressed the map, they just saw the author and flamed away. idk about the earliest versions of this map, so idk about the comments which did actually address the map.
...And ROFL this is no Azalea.
"stfu stupid child"

Makes him sound so fucking stupid...

Sorry for necroing the topic, fairly new here so I wouldn't know. Just HAD to post I guess.
"and the map has no brain

stupid map"
Um...Nightmarjoo. Look at the 4th post. You were the FIRST to insult him.
In all honesty, I miss him.

It made coming to this site more entertaining when you see a new map and the first comment is by him like "LOL +1 CLONE :D"

To all new guys here. You all understand it wrong.

Most of the BM in the first posts and things like

"and the map has no brain

stupid map"

are ironic lines, that they all come from previusly topics or maps. Like Falcon said "LOL + 1 clone map" as his first post here. Yeah it's true, every post from mosq was BM, thats why he get such feedback...

But the fight started before he come here. In PGT, where he flamed all maps there and i was the moderator in PGT maps section for a while and i had to stop him flaming all maps there. After that he come here (FFS I INVITED HIM HERE, FUCK!) with his word that he won't bring his BM in here, but... When i saw him BM and flaming here all i can do was to BM him too :P
Someone should change the name (4)Glitch is better.
Moebius are you retarded? Since when does flothefreak = Nightmarjoo?

LGI I understand why people bmed him and have heard your story about pgt in some other thread, I don't like these new mappers coming in though like they know all that happened, probably how you feel about me^^
Map name fixed back to Snitch, Artanis fuck off.
ROFL! Thx for the effort Artanis :D . It was nice to have a little laught here in BWMN.
i'd rather have a little new map by you here, than a little laugh, LGI. that would make me much happier :)
I like this map alot for some reason.. just very sexy.
I've been working on a small edit because I liked it so much, not much done though, although not too much to be done actually. There's tons I could change, but I want to stay to the original concept.
Love you too Nightmarjoo
<3 :)
This post is not displayed due to its content
such an aggressive cyber police
Why the bump?
sorry for disturbing, i have no any necromantic grimoures, officer
modified by --v|mOsQ
I find it incredibly hilarious that vmosq's behavior seems to be the same as 10+ years ago. As if he stayed as a teenager. Or maybe he used a time capsule.

I sometimes use vmosq as an example of how arrogance can cripple the learning process in a subject.
modified by ProTosS4EveR.
I really like this map but I am late to the game :O

-- vs (1on1, 1.13)
-- vs (1on1, 1.13)
--aSkMeWTF vs trOOper(1on1, 1.13)
--aSkMeWTF vs trOOper(1on1, 1.13)

Upload replay for this map
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