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Last update for (4)Artificial Dream : 2005, 12, 26 12:15
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
787 (4)Artificial Dream 128*128RSCup.Spitfire0.2final

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 10 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Looks, good, but you have a problem with distances from diffrent players to natural gas expos. I think you already know that, while you were making the map... And i also don't like that bottom right and top left natural gas expands, the gas can be shoot from the main, while the other can't. And even the top right gas natural expand is very hardly to reach with a tank.

P.S. Why you make all your maps so bright?
Haha, I was thinking the same thing LGI. Was staring at it for a while and my eyes started hurting. :P
1) Too long distance from main to first expand
2) Stupid mineral walls
3) Very bad ˝liff on 7.
4) Too hard to defense second expand (mineral only), terran tanks ownz.
Not good map imho. gl
Have forgotten still more very few place for construction on the maines.
Weird guy. Map has almost the same concept like Neo Forte.
quite experimental actually.
in 2on2 I think terran will be gey strong- wall-in and then he's got 2 bases secured.
as already said, building space is really limited, maybe you should push the inbase-expo more to the edge

however, this map doesn't really push me to play somehow :/
dunno why, still a good map. maybe the concept isn't as good for playing as in your other maps
I think that the connection between expand and center, should be wider bridges. It will be more balance for me at least... But i see that you use a lot of the Forte concept for mains...
Spitfire, yes, i hate Forte. So Forte >>> your map
come on mosq, would ya just shut up...
Me >>> you.
it becomes anoying images when you turn the contrast and brightness up so much :P
this could perhaps be a good map to panschks racebiased contest :o it seems that protoss actually might have a little advantage?
Spitfire, you > me ?
Lol, you newbish D+, stfu and suck loler ^^^^^
you don't get irony, even if it hits your face, do you?
Still, Me > you :D
M is big, y is small ^^
If PGT rank is very valuable for you, then you are gay. :D:D:D:D Waaha, so fun :D
Who ? This child ? Looooool ^^

Wanna 1x1 ? Wanna suck lame ? Hah fucking D+ ^^
no one will probably drop to the level where he has to prove anything by playing skills. it`s so dumb...

if one of us beats ya. would we have right then and you'd just shut up? no.
if you beat us all. would you be right then when you say "bad map"? no.

so go away, kiddy. play cs or whatever, try something where some stupids try to fight out things by playing. we're no 12-year-old-cs-nerds.
if you're such a highrankat pgt, go playing there and FOR GOD'S SAKE, don't annoy me k?
man, I wish I'd be on that low character level so I fought opinions by playing/gaming. beating your ass up would be a funny thing. unfortunately, you're not worth the effort, and you'll never get me play with ya.

(bets are 1:100 btw that you're now coming with some coward-speech)
Btw if i play vs you (--v|mOsQ), and i win, will you go away forever from this site? If you do, lets do a 2 out of 3 ok?
I think if he promises this, everyone would try [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
flothefreak, you to me are indifferent, shout how many you want. If in such tone talk to me - I answer the same, I shall not sit with the closed mouth when I am am offended by children like you or Spitfire.

LGI, I shall leave only when it I shall want, it is clear?
Should remove some gamma :/
try to make a sentence, like an understandable one, with word order, subject etc.
then maybe i have a clue of what you wanna say.
and actually YOU started it. whether it be the "bad map" posts, whether it be the "non newbish players hate this map" posts, or whether it be the "lol me ownz 1x1, you D+ lol, lamer suck noob" posts.
get rid of the min wall. or else its waaaaaaaay two easy for toss/terr to get 2 base.
that's the point of that map, dude^^
imbalance is the point of the map?
ok, you consider, what strong players will want to play on this map ? I consider, that, once having seen it, they will not want to see it again. Attempt to steal idea at Neo Forte, besides very bad.
you stole minerals and gas and terrain and cliff from lost temple, so you`re the thief as well.
btw, read what I wrote in motw52- and ggnet-competition

and stick your "bad map" slogan up your as, it fits better there than here :)

decaf: it's just part of the concept, no more. you can argue if he did not succeed in equalizing the balance-problems caused by this mainbase setup, but you can barely question the concept itself when it's not really too experimental, but adapted from forte.

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