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Last update for (4)Niflheim 1.1d : 2008, 11, 27 09:03
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
792 (4)Niflheim 1.1d 128*128Nightmarjoo1.2final

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 79 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

it's your best map ^_^
looks better than ATFR
some problems I see:
all ways are VERY tight, due to the loads of snow-flakes (haha) in the ice area
are you a T player with problems against zerg? :D
zerg needs 3-hatch to go FE, but he cannot place sunkens properly when doing 2nd hatch at ramp, and terran can shoot nearly every expansion from the ice
in addition, when having taken the highround isles, terran controls the whole map...

the center expo-layout is kinda nice, though I don't know how it affects balance
Actually im a zerg player~

And I thought it was my best map too.

What is FE?

And I understand what you are saying about it giving unfair advantages for the terran, but I'm not sure how to alter it to balance it without vastly altering the entire map. Any helpful comments?
FE= fast expansion. make those islands not islands, give them ramps and widen paths a bit
Ok, and thank you for a comment that is helpful.
Your Name
I like snow.
Niflheim Edits:

Fixed gas issue at mains

Opened Mains

Took out random snow and random, snow ramps, in the more blank areas of ice I placed 1 square snow blocks

Opened center pathway a bit: more uniform size

Enlarged Areas from main ramp to choke ramp so z can actually defend it

Both took away and added bears

Altered Doodad decoration

Altered terrain for decoration

It doesn't show on the pic but the islands have a mineral with 0 minerals that prevents t from landing cc; a suggestion was made to give the islands ramps and make them cliff bases, I chose not to do this because I felt that the islands fit in with the map better. The sides of the center thing close the ice off enough as is, I thought it would be pretty hard to fight over those bases like that; for instance if someone had troops on the left side of the center thing and the left cliff base if would be a bitch to try and take the base. Also, It would be virtually impossible to make the entrance to it equally close to both north and south mains, as it is already farther than one or the other, but I don't feel that it makes a difference now because u need a dropship of sorts to take it, the only disadvantage would be for ovys w/o speed dropping on it, but I don't feel like that is a significant disadvantage, whereas 1 main could get to the cliff base much faster than the other.

Transformed center thing to have only two mineral only bases with 8 minerals rather than four with six. It feels nicer, much less cramped, and tanks can't shoot the entire base the way it is now.

All of the ice ramps have been moved somewhat to have better balance and distance

any new suggestions? and btw, it is 1.1b cuz i made 1.1 and then made major changes to it b4 uploading so i made it 1.1b in case of wanting to change back
it looks like you have room to make the mains a little bigger, i would do that
ok, ill do that
reminds me of silent vortex
terran can control gas nat easily.

Nice map though.

Increased Main's size

Moved SE nat right 4 sqaures

Redid decoration

Moved SW snow ramp

Altered mineral formation slightly

Made it impossible to more troops via ice to directly behind the nats, and dificult to drop many things behind it also

Took away the cliff on the west side of the NE nat; not sure why it was there; redid the whole side to allow for much more room on the ice

Note: 1.1c wasnt uploaded

ok, suggestions?
dont add different versions please. on the webspace, you have no ~5files: 1.0, 1.1a 1.1b 1.1c 1.1d, while only 1 is in use.
silent vortex asap
Flo, I only uploaded the orignal, 1.1b and 1.1d, and there arent multiple maps, each one replaces the other, but it has a version tag to indicate that it is a different version, mostly for my own organization; I don't see why it matters though...

SynDrome you said it is similar to Silent Vortex, I guess it is sorta, I didn't have it in mind at all though, and is that a good thing that its similar?

I'd like a little more feedback on what could be improved/what you guys like about it/ don't like about it
it matters because you have 3 files on the webspace now.

original, 1.1b and 1.1d
two of them are useless and taking away panschk's precious webspace (he almost reached limits). lemme guess, once you have 1.1d, you don't ever go back to 1.0 or 1.1b, right? so even if for organization, just upload ONE file over and over again
thanks for the feedback, i can definitely make better maps based on your comments
this is silent vortex kid, you just opened it and edited some stuff
I didn't have that map in mind at all when I made this; also besides having lots of ice and having the same tileset it seems very different from that to me; newayz who cares what map it's similar to? You could point out similarities in any map to another, some maps end up being very similar others very different, so what?

comments/suggestions not dealing with silent vortex or adding version tags to map names?
Whats with all the critters?

And this map is pretty cramped; I suggest you make that middle island much smaller or remove it so that p and z can get some breathing room.
was this map ever played on by Boxer? I could of swore I saw a boxer vs protoss on this map, or a map that looked just like it
i think that was silent vortex
yep, similar, but with significant differences...
Niflheim 1.1d > Neo Silent Vortex
another silent vortex map...
T would tear P up by going clockwise around the map and taking expos. the islands would be very harsh for zerg to deal with and the middle would fuck toss AND zerg up. the tank issue is so annying but its true.

vs T zerg would have to hatch his ramp first then take the expo or a fast acad build could fuck him. im sure it plays out ok but it just looks like there would be many problems
hillariously epic bump by bwmn standards.

--Nightmarjoo vs Chard(1on1, 1.13)

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