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Last update for (2)Meltdown_Man : 2006, 10, 21 21:29
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
790 (2)Meltdown_Man 128*128flothefreak0.3experimental

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

hokay, I actually really made a startup for GGnet christmas competition

no deco at all yet, except for the theme :P
I made a nice meltdown man with a pipe and branches as arms, and he even has a nice dress code on!

the bases are parted in two, so you can still defend your ecoline very well when having a hostile massdrop in the mainbase-part where your buildings are supposed to be :p
dunno if it`s too hard for zerg when having to defend against dropped mm/tank there, maybe I'll change that

waiting for your comments, but not for mOsQ ones' actually.
i don't want comment lol maps ;]
oki, I can perfectly live with that. actually, I am even pleased you don't
It bothers me that even with doodads, the map looks very empty. And those expands on the "Meltdown_Man", are kinda very close to each other, so who ever reach this place first, gets them both, and this is a big advantage. Also the mains are a little small, imo. Btw you can easily make the concept as in Colonizator.
well, the first main is small. but workers can pass to the large field above the mains and thus, you can build there

and expansions on the snowy guy aren't that close to each other. and different than on ToE, here you got plenty of space to counterdrop and kick expos as hell. i don't see it as a problem actually.

it's empty, no doodads, no terrain mixture, and lots of unused space^^
but the snowman (?) takes a lot as theme so I didn't focus on using the whole map...
Finnish it! I think it is nice, and there is no air map in the competition yet :)
he even has a nice hat btw!
some deco
dunno if I go for my "standard" decoration, but i don't think so, would spoil the theme somehow
any suggestions?
Is that poo at the mouth of the snowman? XD If not remove it^^
it's a pipe! he's a smoking snowy man :)
I'm sorry, but I think the map is terrible. The only good thing about the map is the snowman, which is great and all, but doesn't help make a good map. I haven't bothered to play it yet, just looked at it a bit. It looks boring. I can't imagine a good game happening in it. And a map should be designed to be fun, allowing for a variety of strategies and fair towards all races. The map is not really unbalanced in any way, but there really shouldn't be so many expos in one area. Within the snowman there are several places where two or three expo areas are very close. I'm not sure if the map is truly improvable, but a good start would be filling in the empty areas, and dividing the expos up.
it doesn't have gas enough in my opinion
well, it aint a serious map, and it aint enough of many things xD
8D.. Btw, i really like this map.. It just... Needs some changes :)
lol I think that was my first post on bwm, before I saw the experimental tag at the top ><
Here is something what i would do:

1. Put the start locations (+minerals/gas ofc) to the "forrest" under the "hands" of the snowman... Also put ramps to the both sides of "stomach" of him... That's how u can make the map more playable i think...

2. Find a good place for natural expand ^^

3. Put more gas on the map...

4. Take a bit minerals away from the map ^^

Hey, that's only what i would do.. :)

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