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Last update for (4)Mars Attacks : 2008, 08, 18 15:40
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
8 (4)Mars Attacks 128*128Panschk[FP]0.7final

The map has been rated 76 times and got a total of 50 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Your name
i like it :)
oops forgot to write my name !
This is a good kind of 4 player hybrid (not symmetrical). It tries to play on Paradoxxx vs Valhalla balance but I bet it doesn't work. I give it a 7.25 because I hate hybrids anyways.
I just added a replay of a 2on2 on the map. Was not a very interesting game, mainly to test the replay script;)
oh its a so beatiful map, i cant believe it :)

so much innovation and such a great balance. I will take a screenshot of that map and pin it over my bed.
Furthermore it should become a wgt/wcg and of course BWCL map so that everyone becomes aware of this great map and his autor. I will start now spreading this map all over the world and hopefully you are thankfull

greets LoNiC

p.s. send me more such great replays so that i can improve my skill on them and learn more about broodwar
oh there's such an intelligent person above me, i can't believe it

so much innovation and such a great knowledge of making maps is shown in this comment. I will take a screenshot of this post and pin it over my bed.

Furthermore this guy should become a wgt/wcg admin and of course only his maps should be played in BWCL so that everyone becomes aware of his great maps and his great caracter. I will start now spreading his comment all over the world and hopefully you are thankfull (i really doubt it)

greets GaNg

p.s. post more of those great comments so that i can learn more about being a sympathic friendly guy while using internet

honestly this is not meant as any offensive comment, i was just in the humour of writing such a bullshit
i guess it's a same case for what you wrote (and i really hope it)
so if you use this kind of humor yourself why do you complain my friend? 8[
Word _.

@GaNg, truly useless comment. LoNiC expressed an opinion about the map (ironical or not, i dont know, but it was an opinion). You simply expressed bullshit. You should comment on the map and not on the comments, that is why we have this page and this function. And dont give me the "But what are you doing right now then?" bullshit, If there were a PM function you would recieve this message there, trust me.
first i liked the idea with the nearby gas, but since i played it and observed several games... i think it doesnt work :(

toss or terran can send 5,6 probes in the gas and thats enough to become even more powerful than the zerg... and even the groundarea is antizerg since its not open enough

keep on panschk... airmaps are hard to build, it was a nice idea and im sure u can learn of it and make better ones
Stumbled on this one at random.
If you add ramps, I would love this map.
the dentist
i like AB/AB over circular, especially for island maps... TvT on this will only be fair cross positions, for instance.
Map ID: 8

New record in bumping an OLD map.
the dentist
i did not bump this. that post is very old. someone else bumped it then erased theirs to make it look like i did. if you could see a timestamp on my post you would see it is very old.
Well, there is no way to delete posts on BWMN, actually...
LoL owned :DDDD
the dentist
Then explain how someone is bumping old posts without posting. It's happenning. My post about the AB/AB thing is VERY old.

Also spinel3 appears to have been bumped without a new post. Someone is doing it, so, lol owned indeed.
Spinel has gotten a new picture, but I highly doubt that someone would edit a map without actually editing anything just to fake you posting.
the dentist
Well the post is old, so someone did it. Maybe someone who keeps censoring random things I say out of spite.

--Panschk[FP] , Fantasma[FP] vs nD.Kiwatungo , nD.Seno(2on2, 1.12)

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