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Last update for (2)Asphalum Tor : 2009, 03, 24 16:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
10 (2)Asphalum Tor 128*128trcc1.5final

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 93 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

This map looks really good for a badland map, but i don't like the design much.
You can`t cliffdrop any of the expansions, except a Terran Tank on the Min-Only and there aren't any tactical posibilities at all. You already created maps better than this, so i'd say, just try to optimize it with some new additions and update it here.
It feels kinda plain, and all the aditional routes on the sides feels small. Im not gonna make any hasty suggestions though.. il get back to this :P
trcc just really knows how to make maps. it looks great, the nats are right, the mid is interesting, etc.
Ok, I reviewd the whole map and modified so many things. Starparty, you said other routes were small, well i made them bigger. I added 2 other mineral only expands on the big cliffs, i made a little bit widen ramp the one leading to the path near islands. I also widen 2 bridges that gives you another route. The modified a lot the way the expansion were made, the mains, nat, min only and those in middle. I also reduced the amount of space of the plateau that protect min only so you can't build a big base with turrets and lot on bunker to cover middle and min only so putting troups there would made 2 expo safe. As you can see, i also enlarge the islands, to let people drop in security without having yo drop right into the minerals so it makes the island vulnerable to cloacked units, aswell as time to prepare a good attack.. While you can't build to cover this area. I retouched the middle too well everything is now changed, except i put no doodads for the moment. Give me so feedbacks :P
I can`t remember the look of the old version, but this looks good :)
Here's the old topic on sen's site showing a screenshot :o
The old version was very nice imho. I will have to get used to this one. With all those changes, this is a completly different map.

A terran push is next to impossible, considering how far the bases are from each other. So it will be a macro and tech war, so P>T on this map. Making the 2. gas expansion cliffable (It is almost, just move the minerals a bit) might improve the balance in this mu.

The low number of gas expansions is good though, helping to balance pvz.
Ok, i added the new version with doodads, and fixed some minor things like the gas of 2nd gas expo.

If you are telling me this is balanced in favor of toss, adding those 2 little walls in middle might help terran to push through middle?
The walls help. You still won't be able to push over the whole map probably, but at least you could succeed if you start at the center after the protoss made the mistake of not pressuring anymore.
Looks better
Not bad trcc. I like some of your other maps a bit more but this is still good. You have a pretty cool style in your maps and you use badlands more than most people.
A drop "hole" for tank at right top expand. The bottom one is fine. Look at GMCS.
the dentist
nice map, better than a lot of MOTW's
indeed!btw,you can add to them the moty also..
many of the site's best maps were not made this year and ergo could not be moty -.-
@nightmarjoo you misunderstood one talks how many prizes this map deserves.we compare some motws/moty with this map and finally concluded that this map has a higher quality than many motws/moty.thats the end of it.
Yes well we also compare some motws/moty with this map and finally concluded that those maps have a higher quality than this map.thats the end of it.
as i saw "we" i mean myself and the dentist.about who you talking when you say "we"? have you a mouse in your pocket?
modified by Grief_Stricken
Nihtmarjoo, Testbug and our mouses in our poket = 4 ppl
guess u will like the rep,trcc ;]

--LGI vs AgainInTheGame(1on1, 1.13)
--BHolder vs yootm(1on1, 1.14)
--Pezaodiego vs Grief_Stricken(1on1, 1.14)
--BHolder vs Keruliword(1on1, 1.15)
--BHolder vs Keruliword(1on1, 1.15)
--QEd)RE vs hOn.MusiC(1on1, 1.16)

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