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Last update for (2)Avalanche : 2006, 04, 25 22:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
867 (2)Avalanche 96*96lnept1.8final

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 91 points

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Comments:   GMCS (4 elements)

There's already a blizzard map called Avalanche.
This map has a nice idea, but the fact is that 96x96 is generally hard to balance and play, along with hard to take as seriously.

Zerg can't fast expo safely. Ideally, you want to have your natural near your ramp so Z can make ~3 sunks and defend both their nat and their ramp/main. Don't force players to adapt to your map, it won't get played.

Also, I'd put a mineral block on the islands where a CC would land. Put it there with only 8 minerals, so that CC can't land there, so Terran has to get dship/shuttle/ovie like everyone else.

The middle would have a nice feel if you removed some of the water and opened it up a little bit. As of the moment, it seems to me that T could dominate the map because there is no wide open battlefield. They could set up on the middle bridge and dominate any army.

I think this map would look really great if you made it 128x128, kept this same sort of concept, but added a big center battlefield and followed the other two suggestions I gave regarding the natural and the island.
Great map! good map!
modified by 0range
i have an idea maybe, since i really hate 128x128, i will make the middle into more of a paralellagram instead of a rhombus.
also im going to employ sp's nat in a different way. i will put a mineral expo only that guards your ramp, or you take the normal expo at the risk of not protecting your ramp. it has shown in nostalgia that zerg can do fine with 1 gas anyway.
im going to reduce the minerals of all other expos making it more of a quick map, but at the same time you have to keep expoing!

-new mineral expo for zerg FE

- Wider Middle

- doodads and minor terrain changes
I think that's a really good update.

I'd still get rid of a bit more of the water. Check the GMCS, I'll put it on there.
The expansion layout itn't as good as the map concept. I'd really like to see that map in 128x128, because, as you may notice yourself, it's hard to fit in expansions because everything is too tight.

except the wrong dimensions and bad expansionplacement because of that, it really became a better map. keep working onit, and think about a conversion to 128x128.

i like it
now oficially final. i probably wont ever make it 128x128 because i like it crammed more battles occur that way instead of just huge mass=gay
btw should any of the expos be taken out/
Yeah. I would delete the expansions in the corners, and move the mineral only in front of the island to where the bridge to the mapcorners are now.
alright. ill add a cliff to the gas natural then.
much much better than your other maps, not enough gas expos though
dude its 96x96 x.x
The 3 expo is easier to defend then the 9.
ok Another update for this map.

Use Ctrl+F5 to see the map.

Cliff on the min nat

now a mineral mineral with gas blocked expo.
Added space back there as well as it was cramped.

fixed up the map a little in terms of path size

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