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Last update for (2)Construction 1.2 : 2006, 10, 20 20:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
868 (2)Construction 1.2 128*128MillenniumArmy0.5final

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 28 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I think it has a great Korhal feel. How much are the blocking minerals?
sorry, its a nice map but it definitelly is a bit too much korhal in it...
I like it:]
24 minerals

Rofl, wow I didn't notice that this map really does feel/look a little bit like Korhal.
i really like this map, i want to touch it... inappropriately. o.O
Haha, sorry to direct your thinking to something like that. Got Korhal on the mind? ;)
Bleh, I didn't really like Korhal of Ceres
I don't really like korhal of ceres either, but this map I do like, not sure exactly why, to me it has some kind of "old time starcraft" feel to it if that makes any sense.
I like it. The whole layout is cool.
i think this is better than korhal. i really like the air expos on this. great look.
Korhal "feel"? I looked at it and thought it was Korhal for a sec -_-
Seriously though, I love this map. It's currently one of my favorites.
Just awesome. Looks like Ode to the sun and Korhal of ceres mixed into one map somehow.

But except that unintentional thing, it really looks great. I like the detail, the totally manmade looking shape and the best mineralblocking i've seen for a veeeery long time. Just nice.

The only thing i think should be improved is the center path to your enemy, after it somehow looks too tight with the lowground holes. _maybe_ you could show us a version with less detail in that matter, to improve troop movement. i especially think Protoss would have problems with goons.

Anyway, except that, motw worthy, really!
I didn't write it, but I would have voted for it as motw if I had seen some replays. I dunno about balance cuz it's hard to point it out on that map

give some replays and I'll surely will vote for it next week^^

very impressive map, lis is right. I also thought about otts&korhal^^. your best work.
Made some minor modifications
Really nice.
Fix up the center pathway, too many doodads are in the way.
Made more minor modifications, such as making more room in the middle and taking out some doodads that block the way (and replacing them with walkable doodads)
is pathfinding correct? it seems problematic from top to bottom. didnt test it, though.
It's fine, I tested it.
omg Im seeing flashes +S
it could be a lil overpowered for zerg?? 2 expos but i doubt it cuz p and t could just mass expo too.. hmm i love that min block man. extremely well done and layed out. GJ!
early game might be VERY interesting with the cheesy backdoor entrance.. also i imagine tons of proxy builds :)

but i think this map lacks of the great potential of various gameplay at the late game that some of yours have in my opinion :( i feel every game will be the same macro fight till the end. harasses are very hard here since the expansions are easily defended and yeah flanking is possible, but in a minor way.

maybe im wrong i dont know.
where have I seen this before...
Hm...played several games on this last night, but I noticed one thing (I just checked in single player to make sure)

You can't actually build on the 'islands' at all. I guess terran could float a cc there, but it's impossible to actually make a cc/nexus/hatch on them. May want to take a look at that :)

Otherwise, the map's not bad, though I don't see the value of the min block (but that's because I suck at starcraft? :)
Why shouldn't you be able to build there? Oo

But one issue certainly is with the bottom left island: You have to place your CC farther from the minerals than you would like to. Since this is different from top right, I guess it wasn't intended.
Well, I try to place a cc/hatch/nexus on the islands and get only red squares, all over the place. Not one single green one. Leads me to believe it's unbuildable oddly enough <_<
the opponent burrowed some lings there :)
Nice, I didn't know the AI could do that when I hit the map cheat and show me the money in the first 5 seconds of play :p

Like I said, I checked before I posted :)
modified by Cenerae
you got those red squares because your worker was not there ^^ Drop one there and try again...
...good job I don't claim to be any good at the game <_< *coughs*
either get rid of the nat or the mineral only in base or there might be a problem. Mostly looks like a hold your expo down map, looks cool

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