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Last update for (4)Sandcrawler : 2007, 01, 14 05:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
873 (4)Sandcrawler 128*128maximumdan0.5final

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 30 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

ow this is quite nice dude. fix tank pos in the expo clifs though.. like upper left tanks can be placed
Choke is really a bit far away for bottom positions. I would move the players start locations a bit.

Nice map overall
thanks for the comments. made the suggested changes. would it be worth making the mains smaller to fit island expos in at top and bottom?
Hm don't know. Maybe worth a try, but on the other hand big mainbases are nice too. I am undecided there :/
Looking at the way the map is now, the top start locations should be moved too. Maybe dont place them in corner, I show in GMCS what I would try.
i changed the name but the whole thing didn't come up, its Sandcrawler
Pretty nice yeah ~
Spice it up with some doodads :)
SC Elder
I like it a lot, it resembles a pro map. Kudos.
Ah, my arch nemesis! As much I hate you, I must say this map is not too bad. B-. Treasure it well, never again will you get a scre as high as this.
I think you should keep the large main bases. It's so refreshing to see large mainbases for once. Most maps I've been seeing lately have tiny little bases.
i am maximumdan on us east i'd like to test this or play any of your maps
You should fix the gases in mainbases (-> articles > "The Gas issue") and decorate the map with more doodads. The terrain itself looks very good.

Also pull the minerals off the mapedge at bottom position and you could try to rearrange the minerals at the inner expansions also. as it is now, it looks quite choppy.

But really nice concept, fresh. I like it.
I like the way the expos are constructed, nice.

hmmm. it could be more detailed. More doodads plz (some tar ones?) The tileset has soooo beautiful ones.

umm no islands I´d say.

IMO having minerals below the CC is bad because newly built workers will have to wade through the whole eco. gets a bit unnerving when you need a newly produced SCV to build something quickly. time is money. bottom left is especially hairy.

and the gas issue like Listoric says. give them all the same gas position at least in the main. Fix resulting imbalances in building space/pathfinding with doodads.

the space below (and below left from) the CC and the route from there to the main area/ramp should be free.

but all those are academic questions :-) your terrain looks perfect. nice man.
i actually dunno why people complain about minerals located below the HQ. i don't have a problem with it, cuz, as you said, TIME IS MONEY. and the distance at startup for your probes to split is very short so you get an early advantage. and this helps alot doing rush builds on close pos or similar.

in further game, you may be right that it costs some time, but once you have so many workers that they really disturb, the little delay of your spawning probes doesn't have much influence but is kinda negligible
I just gave an IMO.

It gets on my nerves and diverts my attention away from more necessary things. YMMV.
yea i hate when gas is on the bottom and your gas workers are moving through your spawning point its hard to click on the worker. not as bad with minerals though.
"the space below (and below left from) the CC and the route from there to the main area/ramp should be free."
hilo, i'm not sure what you mean by this. You are right about the workers though, thanks for commenting.
oh. I was just saying in an overly complicated way,

"workers should be able to move unhindered (by units or doodads) from their spawning point to where you need them."

On - I think - "River Loire" there was a doodad placed between the spawning point, the minerals (which were at the bottom position) and the gas. So my SCV would have to fight his way around the gatherers AND past the doodad until it finally reached the gas. Also the SCVs I needed for building/scouting had to weave through the gatherers. You could never just set and forget them, because they would get tangled up (the gatherers have right of way it seems). It totally messed up pathfinding.

After 3 games, I started hating that. In fact I keep thinking about changing that map.

That is a negative example. Your arrangement is nowhere near that, of course. I probably shouldn´t have brought it up. It´s 90% cosmetic.
when you add doodads, try not too place too many unwalkable. The amount of space for movement space is just acceptable, taking away large amount of it would break the map imo.
I added doodads, and tried to make all the gas above the starting locations, but couldn't make it work with out putting the starts either in the corners or at the edges of the nats. the gas is even, although it is not optimal. thanks for the comments all.
Nice map, i don't know why i haven't notice it by now. Anyway here are some things to fix:

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at
nice pics dude :)
lol, awesome pics ^^ LGI is getting the best in his job. .. hmm... what is this actually... a tankfinder? ^^
--v mOsQ
+1 _lgi_maps_ clon
now that's really ridiculos, mr clown
LGI, those pics are awesome. i guess this map isn't as done as i thought it was...
okay, fixed the tank issues
this is good

I fear PvT might be pretty hard though

as for suggestions I really have none. great work
oh yeah, you might want to test the gas at the naturals... I have a sneaking suspicion that drones will get caught behind the geysers
the dentist
i'd prefer it if the middle was open instead of that pool in the middle
random map, looks nice, huge mains though =/

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