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Last update for (8)The Jokers Butchery : 2006, 03, 21 17:43
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
88 (8)The Jokers Butchery otherBlekDef1.7experimental

The map has been rated 69 times and got a total of 117 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I don't like this map. The positions are not balanced (building space, distances, expansions) and it is 192*192 afaik, which is too big imho.
This map, like Chieftain Challenge was made for fun. They are my first maps and they are supposed to be played for fun with friends, to relax.
i get it. i find the asymmetry really apealing. i sometimes try making asymetrical maps like this but always fail. It gives the feel of a more natural terrain, and i believe it is very fun when you play it like it was meant to be played. i think a 6 is apropriate..
oh this ia a real good map to play against the computer as i always do it in my sparetime. BlekDef you are a real genius, plz go on creating maps and never change your style!
oh i forgot - 10 Points for all this magnificence!
This comment above is mine, I forgot to put my nick there :P
Ups, sorry, wrong map. I have to sleep more :/
Lonic, calm down please :/

anyway, this map is, like Chieftain Challange unbalanced and for that unfair, it looks more like an RPG map than a meleemap.

What i like is that you use every tileset, and this is a good example how the badland tileset can be used to look pretty, but as said, its harder on a real meleemap.

Read thorugh the Chieftain Comment of mine and try to imrpove yourself :o)
An 8 player map doesnt have to be perfectly balanced, and the startlocations can be anywhere. just think about the awesome 3v3 or 4v4 games that would be played. Every map must be reviewed with a thought about its purpose too. this is no 1on1 map, lets face it :P but i sure as hell would enjoy 3v3 on this more than i do on hunt or lt for 6 simply because of the originality and the variation. And for those who didn't notice, all bases actually have 3 entrances, not more nor less. that is atleast a _little_ balance for you :)
It's really more balanced than original version, becouse in the previous three base were on a high ground. And as I said, those are my first maps I've created to play for fun and to remember how it is to play 3/3 or 4/4 :D
I agree that this map can't be reviewed like other maps. The map designer should present his map with the information of its type/purpose as well, so that we can be aware that this isn't intended to be a normal melee map.

The map is probably good for friendly 'parties' of FFA-, Team-, or Coop-type. I won't rate it, however, I don't feel 'qualified' to rate this kind of map, since I'm in to 'competition maps'.
Well i think we all want "competetive" maps. How to you judge maps that are imbalanced on purpose? And even when I play a 3on3 (4on4 can't be done on battle net because of lag anyway), I want a fair and balanced game on a fair and balanced map.
The game is basicly played "for fun", since WE dont make any money out of it :P Since that map is supposed to played "for fun" with friends, i see no problems with the entry... And since when were there actually a balanced 8 player map, and since when did it in such a case become very fun to play?
This map is awesome.

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