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Last update for (2)Barricade : 2006, 01, 26 17:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
933 (2)Barricade 96*96Arden(WoF)0.3final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 21 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

A quick map I made. It's good for quick games...
reminds me of roads to antiga prime
This map has some great potential. It already looks very cool, your expo placement is deluxe and the idea with tiny mains and the bridge is not ground breaking, but still fresh.

But right now, this map is like the hate map for TvP. Protoss will be in a pretty gay situation vs zerg. The only MU I like on this map would be ZvT, that looks quite good.
so obviously what I want is some kind of choke with wallin-possibility. If before or after the expand is your free choice:)
Done. Added a wallable choke before your natural. You can fit a rax/supply wall there.
Wow, looks great on a 96x96 map. If you put this idea onto a 128x128, you could really make a nice map with it.
easily your best. Congrats, Maybe terran pushes are a bit easy vs toss.
I like it on 96x96 its a very nice map.
I don't know if anyone discuss this, i just don't have the time to read all posts, but i just want to say that on a concept is like (2)Xiphias, but somehow the mains and first expands are formed better, because of the distance. Here the distance are very good, but on (2)Xiphias the distance from main to expand is huge... Overall nice map! Simple but nice. It has something very gentle in it... Mayby some famale BW players will like it most :P
Fix obs version:

1) It's (x)name(o).scm PLEASE
2) players should not be allied to each other, or share vision. You actually do not need to kill the obs building neither, because they will have none, but thats no problem

same for melee version, i think all melee maps should be playable in UMS too, so fix that please.

If you do fix this stuff, I could imagine it as motw really:)
Heh, I'm always rushed on the obs when I tweak the map. Sorry about that...
Done. Let me know if you still have problems...
Yes I do.. Players should have random star locations!

Ugh... I don't know how I missed that. Fixed.

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