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Last update for (3)Tentacle : 2006, 04, 16 02:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
942 (3)Tentacle 128*128trcc0.9final

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 53 points

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Comments:   GMCS (14 elements)

Hey, a new map i just made!

3 players, i think i succeed into making in balanced all positions, but I'm not too sure about the middle right now Its pretty tight, but there are exterior paths that avoid middle. I need your opinion ;)
Wow... I like it a lot. I think you could scale down the size of the raised jungle in the middle. I think at the moment, tanks can hit the bottom min only CC. Not that it would be a huge problem in game, but I think it would open up the middle a little bit.
Make that crap in the middle smaller
OMG, great map! But you should really fix GMCS...

nats are kinda wide
My understanding from ZvP is still not good, but I think this could be another map that is going to go 62/38 or something. Because toss will always have a very hard time to secure neutral expansionsions. I want to go directly to balance discussion, we all know trcc is very gifted and skilled at making nice and playable maps.
Sure :P You guys all know I don't play much starcraft, only a few games per week sometimes not even one :P Don't be fool! I need all of you to make my maps equally balanced for each races.. When i talk about balance, it is related to the 3 bases are the same, no real disadvantage, except few ones that already point out epidiOn or that i might figure later

I don't understand the 62/38 -_- oh I do now, % zvp on Comet
Comet is 62/38?!
60.5 / 39.5 atm. The problem is that we really do not know why :[
I'm guessing because Z will have an easy job double-expo'ing immediately. Get the min only like in azalea, put a few sunks there and grab your nat and go 3 hatch ling. I think expoes are simply a bit too easy to defend.
--v mOsQ
not bad, but not great too
norm map
its a nice map, but i would change following things:

- remove those ramps near to the mainbases and widen the cliff up to the mainbases... place the mins-only nat over there
- be sure that noone can attack the new-placed mins-only from lowground
- arrange the layout around those expos at lowground that they can be accessed by everyone (what it is like right now... but when u resize the cliff towards the mainbase and delete those ramps u have to rearrange the access to the low-ground expos)

every player has his 2 nats + some lowground expos to fight for.. should be a rly cool map ;)
"remove those ramps near to the mainbases and widen the cliff up to the mainbases... place the mins-only nat over there"

Your suggestion is to remove ramp and make the cliff bigger where there were the ramp, and put the mineral only right there?

I will reduce the choke when i will be home, and also make the middle bigger.

I'm not sure I should remove 1 of the ramps since they are a nice additional path.. But i was also thinking of a an idea.. I though about making those paths with 815_small_ramps. That would maybe make interresting fights around the 2nd gas expo in late game? It would not affect unit AI either.. I will also fix the tank range LGI pointed out
And mosQ ty for gms thing, i already knew this problem, but was a bit too lazy to finish my map this week end..Now i will. I was at a Quebec's LAN all week-end, playing some counter-strike 1.6 with buddies ;) and finished 5~8th (300 attendees)

I also need to caught some sleep asap..It's so hard to stay awake in my french course this morning X.X
well, a "good map"
but nothing outstanding imo. you already did far better works
still nice with the "lowground alternativ paths"
Changed things such as:

ramps balance :S
middle raised jungle smaller
added some decoration

Still wondering what effect would give if the ramps were smaller so only small units can go through :o
I think the 815 ramp would be sort of cool... but would both ramps be like that or just one?

Also, I know there isn't much room to fix it, but I think that blue's base could be a bit bigger.
Maybe only the closest one from each base .. So if you expand on the lower part of the map, you have to go to the fartest ramp if you need to protect it with bigger units
I'd say: stick to normal ramps.
I've just add a PvZ replay. I think the game was prety good :)
Btw in game the map name is "Chain Lightening" ?!

And there is a GMCS note from me, wich i think you should think about... Not to mantion if terran make some block buildings on the double entrances...
modified by LGI
Uh, center that raised jungle in the middle, it looks like you can tank one of the expos but not the other.

Natural chokes look a bit too small now, i think it is too easy for turtling.

Overall a great 3 player map. gj
I should say that i play the map with other players, and most of the commets from them is that the 2 entrances are very small. Really you should make them wider, or you can just make a single one.
okk :)
it`s a bit imbalanced i think.
"it`s a bit imbalanced i think."
I wish we had more specific, quality posters here at bwmn like yourself

Seriously if you're going that the map is wrong, say why and how it can be fixed.
trcc, you know the little hole outside of each nat? I think if you make it half as wide, it would be easier to move an army out of it. That way one part of it is thin and one part of it is thicker?

I guess it isn't any serious imbalance, but just seems strange to me right now. I just obsed a game where T walled both of those off with 1 supply and 2raxes and took a fe.

But hey, it's just an opinion.
I already point this, it's nessery to make the paths wider!
Come on trcc, fix it! :D
Removed those holes outside the naturals.

--LGI vs sC4s]FreEDOm(1on1, 1.13)

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