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Last update for (2)Pulse Of Rage : 2007, 03, 18 02:55
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
949 (2)Pulse Of Rage 128*96Spitfire0.6final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 35 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i have not seen this concept with the expos blocked off from main by a mineral wall. I like it.
this has a great EtD-feeling, nice
maybe a bit t-ish, but I like it
the gasexpo is interesting :)

dunno what to say much cuz this map is simple but great. and the gameplay will rock as hell.

good job, dude
@maximum, Ride of Valkyries has it too.
@Spitfire great map, although not your best. Should offer very solid gameplay though.
WOW! Looks great!

The only thing I can see to improve is the gas issue.
Great, hum blue's main is bigger. Perhaps remove the part between nat and mineral only, you did not make this on the upper position.

this is a really nice map but t can take both nats easily. but i do like how u set up those expos even tho is does favor t.. shit is tight. good job
--v mOsQ
lol +1 simmetric duel jungly map by spitfire
yea, and thats a good thing. great that you pointed it out.
Good EtD style map.

and what the hell mOsQ is back?I thought he died in an accident 8[
think I gotta hire some more business partners to arrange (hopefully deadly) accidents
wow i find myself agreeing with mosq for once :O its looks as if he took Etd and changed it a bit ..dont really like it ETD was way better
I cut the discussion here. have your opinion, and keep it to yourself. thanks.
Actually, it's unsmart to show a picture of Spits own ersion of EtD instead of the original one, but it really is more of an own version of EtD than a totally new map. Sure, it plays different, but this really is EtD taken and redone. Not a new map.

Still a very good version of EtD. And fix the gas Issue pls.
modified by Listoric
when I say I cut the discussion, then the discussion is FINISHED.
This is a modified EtD modification. The only thing left from original is a central passage.
look up fadetoblack, spit =)
Some big changes were done.
What's the deal with that small strip of highground between blue's nat and second nat, please get rid of it.
The expos would be unequal to defend.
Updated again.
Highround behind 1st expo + some deco work.
Those koreans really hit your head with the minerals deco... I don't like the whole idea... No comment.
Absolutely :) and it only fucks up the minimap with sensless blue mineral dots X)


+ totally annoying
+ useless

-> get rid if them, as fast as you can.
modified by Listoric
Ok. You are both right. Done.
I've succeeded into registring an account on mapdori -_- (without any help!) and they REALLY fuck up AI unit in most of all the maps, they put random mineral walls on the closest path wtf? Also, they put tons of minerals everywhere, they should held a gOsu starArT ComPetition
i treid to read the full comment trcc, but as you said you managd to register without any help, my mind just blew away... o_O
modified by Listoric
I dont like blue's ramp, red's nat looks easier to defend.
--v mOsQ
hah lol
i can say it AGAIN !

It's edited and renamed version of Enter The Dragon. Not style, just plagiarism.
Imo, you should move the top bridge more close to the min only, and the min only more close to the bridge (with one or max two ideas to the right).
I really dont see how its anything like EtD

I like it great map
wow, I want to play but i got finals...
+ More harrasment possbilites from the highground above the gas natural (lurks also can hit the workers now). Mutalisk hit'n'run tactics will also be very good here. HT also can harrass this expo. Makes harrasment possibilities of races in TvZ and PvZ equal.
+ Blue's expo is more safe now.
+ Acessable highground behind top right and bottom left expos.
+ Many flanking possibilities with many routes to reach enemie's base.
+ Centre still is a bit tight, when the other part of map is more open. With flanking possibilities games with slowpush will not be so boring. Protoss can attack from 2 or more sides now unless T got a 200/200, which is almost unreachable because of many routes, which toss can use for refocusing terran's attention and harrassing him.
+ Balanced minonly. 3rd expo is not more an easy for T to take and to push. Plenty of space before it makes T to create a wide line, which is not strong anywhere. And also he can't just put a couple of tanks and easily protect it.
modified by Spitfire
I dislike the jungle ramps, especially the one at 6, maybe you should use the dirtramps instead?

except that, well made.

--DG)Rogue vs bokgoterran(1on1, 1.14)

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