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Last update for (4)Mind Control : 2006, 02, 12 19:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
970 (4)Mind Control 128*128AlexT1.1final

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 56 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

this is an updated and renamed version of my map that was called GGH! enjoy :)
please do not call your image files something like "MC.jpg". One day you will overwrite some important (for the menu) files, that will be ugly. Instead, choose something like (4)Mind Control.jpg

ok, i will call the images as you`ve said. Sorry!!
--v mOsQ
not bad
but i don't like stupid symmetric "11 - 1 / 7 - 5" maps
I think you can do better with the center. As it is now i would open it a bit. The water that separete top vs bottom is not nessery, imo. Or you can reduse it.

Btw, when i return in home, can i change the picture with a better one? I think people from this site, show you the softwear that we use for pictures, but you still post bad pictures...
Hey AlexT, first off, look into our FIles section (<--- to the left) and download the Mapconverter Tool to make poictures of your map, they look way better with that tool then.

Also, check out the Articles section (to the right --->) and read the "Gas Issue", because the Gas is you mains are unbalanced. Also add a gas to the islands, because min-only islands aren't interesting enough to take. Especially Protoss nerds the extra gas on the island.

Except that, the map looks quite good. A bit tight, but not bad at all. Nice decoration, nice use of terrain, nice used widened bridges.

I like it.
"Protoss nerds the extra gas"

modified by flothefreak
I'm a Protoss nerd! :).
looks like a pro map gone newb or something like that ^^
which is a compliment meaning it resembles a pro map but doesnt have the concept to be one
the concept is not worse or better than the concept of 50% of the maps here. Just a simple but well executed map.
AlexT, I think LGI is right. You don't need all that water in the middle, you can cut it down a little bit.
Ok, it`s done, i`ve cutted down the water in the middle and added a gas to the islands and a mineral at the midle, so terrans can`t float a CC to it. finally i`ve updated the maps picture. a lot of thx for help and support!!
Ok, finally i have enough time to comment this map ^^

As said in the MotW thread i think, it's a realy interesting map. The center is a bit to tight in my eyes. Especially in mid to lategame, when T has his Mineral only, the center is almost unwalkable i'd say. But, then the emphasis is on drops maybe. Not sure about that.

Personally, i'd remove the Minblock from the islands. It's of no use imo. A Terran won't take the island that fast that a min-blockade makes sense.

The gas is still not balanced, so, please read th "Gas Issue" article, i won't comment onto that matter again. It's just a mappers basic.

The decoration as well as the terrain is flawless, looks really good.

So, in the sum, it's a very nice map, a bit to tight, with very small and easy to fix things. Good work!
To go into more detail.

The Min-Blockade on Islands is often used to prevent a fast floating CC of terran. So, on maps where the island is next to the mainbase, a floating CC on an island would be a huge advantage. But here, the island is natural enough, and most of all, far away, so that the mineral-blockade doesn't make any sense.

In fact. I'd find it more interesting if terran would have the chance to escape to that island with his CC after his natural is going down.

So, i'd remove the island-min-blokade.

Other opinions?
It`s done, thx to your help i`ve updated my map, hope it`s better now!!

All the mineral fields was modified, and all the gases has been fixed and tested. The two islands and the separating water were gone and replaced by a cliff and the expo now is reachable on land, and the way was splitted in 2 directions after the mains natural where the only mineral expo is.

At the center buildable terrain added so the center is more acceptable by the terrans :) Bridges has been replaced and all terrain was reanalized , but maybe the map still contains bugs, please report to me if so!!!
I would decrease the size of those highwall-fillers dramatically. imagine a 2on2 with 2xT, impossible to do anything...
updated again just as you`ve said
I'd actually remove them, but that's probably personal... i just don't think it works good in 2on2 if the map is too tight
ok but if i`ve remove it the center of the map will turn into a big open field!
make more place in the bridges pls. x2, x3
and the old version of top and bottom expands was better than now
nice map, fix some issues and it will be ok
did umean at 12 and 6 0`clock ?
AlexT, what's wrong with a big open battlefield? I'd say that's actually something we should be going for.

See how each highground wall is seperated into 3 sections? I'd say if you remove the middle one and cut the outside one down a little bit it would be okay.

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