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Last update for (2)B Conquest : 2006, 02, 10 00:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
971 (2)B Conquest 96*128trcc0.1beta

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hmmm, i was in an experimental week.. I tried many maps to introduce this concept ( not really new) <--- backdoor, first of all with 4 player maps, but it didn't worked out as expected, so i decided to make it 96 x 128 and 2 players. Low ground main base, with expand on the cliff, widen ramp on the 2nd ramp, same with the bridges, i widen them.. There's a backdoor entrance where you can easily fire from the cliff, the hatchery almost reach the ledge , so your sunkens will hit the ennemies. I don't know if i should add some unbuildable ground on the cliffs.. tell me what you think about middle too. I tested in game and it look big enough, but thats me. gogo
The backdoor way is much too narrow. Noone will use it. Use only one blocking building and make it wider, so that using it might be interesting. Besides that, looks pretty good.
I don't know why, but i can only say that you got better maps :) . The expansions are all a little far away from the battle point, but i guess this is just me...

I only want to play the map few times with terran to test a great stratagy that should work here very good. I will try vs zerg and protoss. And if everything is ok, i will post the replays :)
Hmm. It's a pretty neat map in my opinion. But I really don't see why the backdoor would be used here. It doesn't improve the map in any way. Concepts like backdoors shouldn't be forced but only used if they feel natural. It might feel natural to you, but in this case it doesn't to me.

Get rid of it! ;)
Well the backdoor would be useful to make sneak attacks without having to pass on the cliff.

Making the path bigger won't be too powerful? I could enlarge in with 1-2 tiles but nothing more, since you can already pass with tanks in the way. I should keep the first or second depot? and i might add a protoss cell thing instead?
i think its big enough as is. check out zvt, terran just runs through easily, at least as it is now its a bit of work to kill the buildings and get to main and by that time hopefully zerg will be ready.
I actually like the size of the backdoors right now.

I think the 4:00 and 10:00 min only expos could be moved just a tiny bit more towards the middle. That would make them more in the battlefield, and it would widen the path to the top left and bottom right corners, since right now they look sort of easy to defend.

I really like the layout of it though, nice job.
Bastard. I've always wanted to make a map like this.
I like the map. Already played with Max. I didn't get hydras for some reason but meh.

Good job.
Yeah, I like it a lot. That game wasn't too great a representation of it, but hey.

Also, when I first looked at the 12 neutral building closest to the main, it looked like it wouldn't even block anything. When I tried to get in, my zeals couldn't, so that was good. But can lings get through?
I think you need more gas

not very good map for tvt :/
No, all doodads passed ling test, yeah surprising, the top right neutral building is safe :P I put 2 buildings the first one, which you can destroy without any troubles, and the second, if the ennemy see you while hes on the cliff, can backup some troop in time, or repair the building if hes terran, otherwise, 1 entrance would be kinda hard to protect, and it would mkae it a 2 entrance main very fast O_+.

1 more thing, do you think the mains are too big? From your experience epidion, look like it was hard to secure all you main with all those lings? -_o
Well that was just because I wasn't playing smart. I think the mains are just fine as they are. I love this map, if you're feeling good about it I'll put it into next MotW.

Yeah, I was REALLY surprised that the second building was zeal-proof, but cool :). I think it looks great as it is.

If you want to add more gas like panschk said, you could put gas at 3 and 9 I guess.

EDIT: I'll try to play some more games on it tomorrrow. I'm getting all my friends to like user maps.
modified by epidiOn
I might move a bit the 3 and 9 expo closer to center and add a gas, don't add it into the motw now cuz its a beta map for the moment, and i dont want it to be part of motw right nowm theres enough maps
Okay cool. I'll keep playing games on it as well.
We can game later Max. Not a lot of homework and once I get back from the dentist we can get 3-4 games.

Mains are fine. If your a P player though, early expo will be hard to secure against a smart/aggressive Z. ;)

--prOxi.SouL)iO- (epidiOn) vs Bobotastic(1on1, 1.13)

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