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Last update for (2)Battle Grounds : 2006, 04, 14 16:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
972 (2)Battle Grounds 128*128NastyMarine0.1beta

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

right here i wanted to work with the backdoor concept... I think i did a good job with it... where it isnt complicated to defend but can be a menace if u dont understand how to manage it... comments ne1?
at the main entrance t has to set up an awkward wall to block p off in tvp... the secondary wall is walled easily so im sure its very interesting that t can jus set up 2 depots up and jus move thru the secondary entrance to get out the main base comments?
at the main entrance t has to set up an awkward wall to block p off in tvp... the secondary wall is walled easily so im sure its very interesting that t can jus set up 2 depots up and jus move thru the secondary entrance to get out the main base comments?
--v mOsQ
lol nastymarine stop making (2) clones :D
quite cool actually
early games looks very hard for protoss in pvz *whine*

in tvp, terran is fucked i guess. you can't make wall-in as terran, cuz by the time you need 3-4 depots, goons have kicked you :<
so how should i get this map rolling along? how should i go about fixing the main enrance?
you dont need to wall as terran :p , a lot of korean semi pros dont
Yyeah, but normally, they got at least a choke (=ramp).
with a ramp, you can do 3-4 marines and maybe even make a push. here, you'd have to make mass rines...
yeah the second entrance in each base can be walled so a t can always treat the ramp/choke(a quick example) as sum1 wuld in luna. so its an idea.. but other than the entances is it a playable map.. cuz i wanna start making interesting playable maps...cuz its startin to become clear that im always missin the boat so to speak wit my maps
actually the more i look on this map, m/m would be pretty sick actually. But, you shouldnt make the player have to make so many marines if they dont want. its just my personal preference because it is very surprising :)
You can't argue that he can just walled one entrance and play it like luna. With your buildings over at that entrance, you get picked a part piece by piece. This alternative entrance would have to be very close to the main (mineral line!) if T should have this option.

Actually, I would go as far as to say an entrance like this doesn't work. Perhabs if there was highground advantage and a narrow choke - or at least a very long distance to the second entrance. But in this case, it sells out tvp / pvz.
yeah like i sed rines dont even need to be a factor cuz u can effectively wall in both entrances ... rax and one supply for the second entrance and 2 supply for the main entrance.. but then theres a time issue and no one wants the map to play them -_- ... but t can survive depending on skill of both players when it comes down to micro. and wen u think about it.. the only way u can see a good game come out of a backdoor concept is through gosu players who study the map... or newbs that get lucky lol .. should i change length for the main entrance or keep it the way it is?
i understand there has to be a way to fix this.. perhaps by making the main entrance very small .. b/c i'd like to keep the back entrance.. perhaps by making the backdoor very small and the main 'wallable' so to speak
updated the chokes for both entrances take a look 1 rax and 1 depot to wall each main entrance... 1 rax to close off second entrance (or any type of building that size)
does this map have any purpose at this point now that i change the entrances? is it worth discussion? lol cuz i think this is one of my better maps
I don;t know who wanna play on this map ^_^
i guess its all good if no1 does.. ill jus make some more fire and sooner or later some1 will start to like it lol
If this were cleaned up and balanced a tiny bit better, this would be a pretty interesting map. I really think Starparty should PIMP has so much potential.
Yeah i definently. I like the map as it is, so its pretty tuff to create any more ideas to make it better. PIMP IT sp

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