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Last update for (2)Pirate Love : 2008, 02, 10 22:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
976 (2)Pirate Love 128*128Valug0.3beta

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 16 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My first badlands map. Was before named 'Communication Breakdown' but was renamed to 'Pirate Love' due to length.
not sure how you edit but i accidently presed enter.
what i say is 1 very interesting map . all i can say. nothing new yet it is new in awway
Wow, a rep on it already. Nice panschk, how'd it play?
Damn, I like, just released this 20 minutes ago.
:) we are fast^^

Played ok but minerals should be farer away from the esge of main we think
yes sacrifice one to two rows of space in main for nat space!
Was it a drop-style game? That's what I'd tend to predict with this map, which isn't necessarily a bad thing either.
lmao@ drops on this map...Zvz mutas would be intense. tvz terran can really lean on a fast dropship. and pvt there is so many things you can nail on the terran
panschk, what do you mean? Mind using the GMCS?
valug read my comment "sacrifice one or two rows of space in main for easier moveable in nat" i think it is what he is meaning
Okay, updated.
I think watching the replay says everything^^

btw the gas expo between the bases might be in the way.
The expo at 6' right? Should I move it so all the minerals are atop. So you could walk under it easier?
Yeah, and also have some doodads or something next to the minerals, so that no units walk through mining workers.
Or I could move it down.
most gay name i have ever seen on a map.

great map though, i think the bottom expos could be a little bigger, the ones with 1 bridge leading in.
Expect a new verson in an hour or so.

- Made bottom expos bigger.
- Fixed 6' expo's postion.
Valug, I didnt have my PP on that game, you can upload it if you saved it.
Do the mains look like a pelvic bone, or am I just insane?

I can't say I'd feel particularly safe in a PvZ. Putting up photon cannons behind the minerals would be the only way to stop mutalisks from harassing your probes, and there doesn't seem to be too much room back there for dragoons to maneuver... I'll have to test it out, first, though.

Other than that the map layout is a tad bizarre, but likable enough.


Okay, I've watched the replay, (gg) and here's what I think: this map is very Zerg-oriented. Like what happened in the replay, a Zerg player can fly an ovie over the high dirt, and (s)he's got a view of that person's base until (s)he gets some AA units. It's also terribly easy to drop lurkers and eat enemy workers alive.

As for Protoss, I did a quick game against a comp, yeah, there's room for cannons, there's room for goons, just not both. Goons only enter one at a time, and you can fit 8, maybe 10. Cannons fit nicely near the ends, but to put photons in the middle, you'd have to stick a pylon in the way of your probes gathering operations.

This map sucks for Toss (see below), is great for Zerg, and is average for Terran. Terrans can place a few bunkers and a missile turret or two behind their minerals, and no one's dropping in. Zerg need simple put one or two lurkers behind, and they're good.

The main reason why this map isn't Protoss-friendly is space. There's not enough of it in the mains, and the expansions are all undefended and in the open, aside from the islands. Toss units tend to be big, and there isn't much room for them to maneuver, especially in the middle of combat.

Though to be honest, I'm never Protoss, so I don't care. :P Just raising a point.

Aside from that, the map is very nice looking and well constructed. Good work!
modified by Rye
do comments like that in new maps, i'm 99% sure that author of this map has been burried.
Yeah, this map is ancient, what gives? I mean, if it gives you an idea, OK, but then go and make a new map with it.

--panschk[FP] vs Hefty(1on1, 1.13)

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