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MOTW 2.07

deadline to enter maps: 2006, 01, 01 (Year, month, day)
Alright 2nd week MOTW let's see some gosu maps! We will decide based on votes which maps should be used in our weekly tournies, hopefully we can get more activity in those :)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)RazngeirV1.1Chef@USWest (PsychoTEMPlar)Melee Obs Picture0
(2)Space in HellRaDiX edited by NightmarjooMelee Obs Picture4
(2)Elevated HateNastyMarineMelee Picture4
(4)Antarctic DiarySalazar SlytherinMelee Obs Picture6
(2)KratorInept (PIMPED)Melee Obs Picture1
(2)Whose_ArmySauruSMelee Obs Picture0
The competition is closed!

Dang nasty's elevated hate ftw <3
krator, antarctic diary and elevated hate are not bad ones.
Fu lol ;P
Antarctic diary and krator seem the best for me, even though there are some design features about krator I just can't stand (what's the logic behind building a bridge over a 10m lake? and so many maps have this)

Razngeir looks unpleasant, that's enough for me to discard it, endorphine is really nice but I kinda don't support maps without a slight possibility of rushing.

Considering elevated hate and hell in space, I can't really judge them because there are too many space tileset maps already. Somehow hell in space doesn't touch me even though it's a decent map with some special sauce, and elevated hate's design is too much from me. Once again, I'm in doubt of what an insane mind built that space platform.

That's all IMO, I really doubt it will even influence someone's opinion. =)
Yeah, i only added Hell in space, to see that will it get even 1 vote :D If it will, im happy..
omg razngeir! a 'little' weird design psycho :)
the bridges are if you want a tighter space to fight on, say put a couple tanks in there blocked by m/m and the expo is slightly more fortified. on the other hand if they have lurkers coming that might be a bad idea. same thing goes for hiding reavers/temps in there
Nonono, I was talking about everyday common logic, not SC logic. You see a body of water 10 meters in diameter. Do you build a bridge across it?
LGI's ethneogenic seems a truely cool map btw. =) At least by looks.
well i guess its a problem if you plan on playing SC in real life like some of the videos on youtube. is that the problem you have? you wanted to use my map?
actually SP's map really.
the best terrain patterns has antarctic diary,my only concern is the cramped access to the blue main.nazgul and krator have also interesting shapes
why/how are you more obsessed with decoration than I am. I think great decoration enhances a map's appeal, but not its gameplay. The great pro maps have pretty simple decoration, you could step it up a lot and the map wouldn't be better or worse.
lol pro maps have like no deco at all, but I'd still rather play those maps :D
no idea why tk, but you prove my point nonetheless... lol
I just love when someone sumbit a one day old map in this competition :)
what if was like R-Point being submit the 1st day it was made <3 :D
lol I just through it in to be adding a map, I hadn't added any others =/
No one likes my maps anyway, not like I'll get one vote, so don't worry.

tk, R-Point wouldn't get in for t>all racial imba :D
list filtered, my map and GriG map gone.
ok ok, uhh what if it were ROV huh huh :D s('.^)z
RoV would go for shit pathing thanks to mineral wall, and some retards would say map is p>t because the middle is open lol. It would get flamed for being a for-the-look map :)
Elevated Hate is like slowest possible map ever, with only the nat in the main path, and the only other expo being off to the side (and two random islands), and pathing might be fucked with the double path in middle thing =/ Middle is a wasteland with some clutter :O

Nazgul I bet I'll misclick scout going to main every time >< and who knows where your units will go from main to main =/
I don't like Elevated Hate because there's no expos to fight over, and in addition to that, Zerg basically has to run off of like 3 gas the whole game. How wonderful =P
(2)RazngeirV1.1 - Good looking on the picture but i don't like the expo placement.

(2)Space in Hell - They are a lot more better two players maps whit this concept for this competition, so no from me...

(2)Elevated Hate - Really well design, very nice feel, but the concept is just too boring for me. There isn't anything new and intresting for me.

(4)Antarctic Diary - Maybe the best map for the week. Looks good, somehow it's mixed between standart and new. I hope it plays well. And if it is, than it deservers a MotW, but still... TEH ENEMY!

I've comment this map long ago - ZERG = LOSE.

(2)Whose_Army - I won't comment this map before i see fixed path finding.

(2)Nazgul - Very long distance, and where is the path from main to main? If it goes from center than it's ok and good work for that, if not fix it. Overall i like the map.

(2)Entheogenic - Best map ever :P
I'd have to agree with LGI for the most part. I like Antarctic, Entheogenic is ok, but needs testing, not to mention it will probably become (2)MOTY already.
I like Space in Hell, it's concept may not be entirely new but it has a nice spin on it I think.
Entheogenic MotY? I haven't checked the MotY topic since all this "galaxi prime" shit, but Nazca is for me on a second place i would put Entheogenic :) .

P.S. Just for the record... Galaxy Prime is a joke for a MotY competition.
lol well if you don't want to read the moty thread, myself and nasty have decided on three MOTYs, (4)MOTY (2)MOTY and (experimental)MOTY. The lattermost going almost certainly to Avatar, the 2nd to Entheogenic most likely, and the former to either (at this point) Nazca or Sacred Grounds. I removed Galaxy Prime a long time ago lol
althogh its of "teh enemy", i like antarctic diary the most - well made and it seems to have a nice flow ingame :)
any one willing to test krator with me this weekend then?
thx tktvroom from ur vote :) Im happy ^^
Is it bm to vote own map? ;O
If you think it's the best one from all those above, then vote for it... Imo, it's not :)

From my point of view it's between (4)Antarctic Diary and (2)Entheogen.

But that's just me.
IMO it is cause you'll almost always think your map is the best lol. Plus there's the motive that you WANT your map to win. Both of these makes you an unobjective voter.

TBH, I really don't see what you think is so special about Entheogen XD.
Um, can I post Antarctic Diary as motw? I don't see any disagreements to the map being motw =/
oh! Are we doing a weekly tourny on these First? If that's the case, I nominate Space in Hell, Nazgul, Antarctic Diary, and Elevated Hate for the tourny. lol the votes do too
(2)Elevated Hate vs. (4)Antarctic Diary

Nasty > All naturally :P


(2)Elevated Hate FTW! :)

but really we should decide now so I can post MOTYs and this MOTW at so hurry guys pick.. TO everyone who voted for other maps this week, which would u enjoy seeing as MOTW my map or salazar's?
Elev.Hate looks so artificially,and the inverted ramps are a pain.The whole caboodle on Ant.Diary looks so natural.Mighty fine!
Btw unless I'm very much mistaken the maker of Ant.Diary is very active on Mapdori.
My least favorite map is elevated Hate on this list

top 4 for tourney

Antartic diary
Space in hell
ok antartic diary it is
no , it is not. we havent tested them yet, those are just votes based on pic.
lnept, i dont think you can get a more standard map than Antarctic Diary. What is there to test? Every part of the map is practically the same. The only feature that i see special about the map is the min only and i dont think we need to test that to make it motw.
Wow, would be super cool if my map would be played in some kind of and tourney :)
you completely missed the point. Its not to test anartic diary, its to test the other more uncommon maps. after you play them, there is a chance that you will change your mind based on the gameplay.
yeah I support lnept on this strongly. When is the best day for a tourny? During the week I can host it at about 3:30 or so EST to likw 7-8ish, I gotta do hw after that =/
3:30 EST = ca. 21:30 CET I think
good point lnept.
dont really need a tournament, kind of just a bonus. just organize to play with people, here or PM!
i think a tournament is better. Just so everyone knows that we are all playing. PMing works with ppl who stay on the same server. This community is from all different timezones... lets set up a date to do this.
MSG me @ slicksalsa on AIM for games on any of these maps.
yea, if we can set up a tourney, great. but if no one shows up, its ok to just play the maps for fun.
try to message me on icq# 86942207
im not very active at the moment in broodwar, but im always to have for some testgames
I'm busy saturday, probably friday too, sunday is ok for me I think =/
I tested antarctic diary 4 times, tried to play many mu's.. I found notable problem... Z lost ~every mu... It was about the lack of gas... I dunno if we just weren't good players, but imo z isn't in good balance in this map.. TvP was balanced, but middle was little bit too tight imo...
I dont see any connection with how Zerg < all on this map. There isnt a shortage of gas on this map. Look at Luna, it has the same amount of gas.. idk about everyone else but i think Z is balanced on luna (with the amoun of gas and posiional balances except for 11's nat). so i dont know how there should be a problem with gas here.
luna has more paths for flanking (the side ones) this one has one path.

I played tvz only I think on this map and won them both, but that doesn't mean anything I think.
<3 (4)Antarctic Diary :)
ok the ppl have spoken antarctic diary won, time for next motw :D
Antarctic Diary is a bugged map.
So, what bugs are you talking about?
ehhhh find out soon get this motw over with
we didnt even test anything yet, so how about no.
Ima be busy this week, please test the map others... lnept you can get op tl-neters to play it with you =/
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Antares voted (2)Krator
DG)SpoilR voted (4)Antarctic Diary
GRC-DeathLink voted (2)Elevated Hate
Grief_Stricken voted (4)Antarctic Diary
illskillz voted (4)Antarctic Diary
LaO-Artanis voted (2)Elevated Hate
lnept voted (4)Antarctic Diary
LostTampon voted (4)Antarctic Diary
Nightmarjoo voted (2)Space in Hell
PsychoTEMPlar voted (4)Antarctic Diary
RaDiX voted (2)Space in Hell
saurus voted (2)Elevated Hate
teh one voted (2)Space in Hell
tktkvroom voted (2)Space in Hell
winpark voted (2)Elevated Hate
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