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tbh, i had you in my first post which was twice as long as the one i wrote there, and wasn't even close in being finished.

There are a lot of great mappers here, new talents, really. I love yours Nasty, Ardens and nonames ast creations to some extend, and some other mappers like MA also improved a lot, so that we all can be sure that the mapping future is a nice one, no question about that.

But still i feel like the recent Motws had flaws (and this is partyly "my" fault too, because i can't comment on every map, which could give some people a glimpse of what im talking and refering to it maybe too) that could have been erased before it getting motw, imo.

Maybe it's just a feeling.

I'm definitely not saying that you, or Arden or some others just create bullshit imbalanced maps, flo is also stating this.
2006, 06, 10 15:15
oh and don't say these maps will never get atteniton, because i always create on BWMN maps and spread these maps in public hun channels and especially my clan, the only thing that holds me back from uploading replays is my lame gameplay :)

i played beloved land, frozen tundra from your maps nasty.. those are greats
2006, 06, 10 15:28
well lets discuss the recent motws .. which no doubt are beloved land which cleary isnt a favorite for no reason.. the horizontal positions are liked by alot. micro intense games come out of these positions and its demonstrated with the reps.. tomorrow i will upload more to back it up. nvm i forgot that no1 watches them -_-

to my knowledge, battlegrounds' only downfall is the back door and sadly it hasnt been tested enuff due to the lack of time i had during its first active week here on bwm.n.. hopefully the hungarian tourney will have good games to demonstrate its worthiness of motw..

and regardless if some1 votes for the map that gets the motw, it doesnt mean it isnt the right choice.. in this case, battlegrounds culd have used more testing yes but the lack of it doesnt show that its a problem.. there are many maps here that have had motw and arent played and havent been played prior to winning motw.. and part of this is the fact that they are too standard to worry about it.. imo we shuld be breaking the barrier of standard maps by electing ideas like in Beloved land and battlegrounds to see how much feedback it gets. and due to the lack of interest in our site, many players dont get to play these maps.. which isnt our fault but we gotta do suttin about it..

btw .. several times i've been to X on my nastymarine account and had ppl call me out saying that they like beloved land and wuld like to play on it.. tho it never happened, the thought is still there, meaning i was at least half way successful in getting attention to new maps which we shuld be doing for all our maps

btw i posted a topic which needs to be addressed here in the feedback forum check it out
2006, 06, 11 07:38
The Dentist: If there is something we have proved on this site, it is that good BW players suck ASS when it comes to understanding the aspects of mapmaking. Travin made good maps because he was interested in doing so, not because he was good at the game. Name a single popular map that was made by someone who actually was exceptionally good at bw :P
2006, 06, 12 11:22
Sattarchasm ^.^ :P
2006, 06, 13 23:14
glad everyone has responded to my last post ^^ -_-
2006, 06, 15 01:28
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