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Taranok why didnt you submit something to iCCup competition?
2013, 04, 22 06:54
my maps lack potential
2013, 04, 23 01:08
All maps have potential :)
2013, 04, 23 19:44
All maps have potential :)
2013, 04, 23 19:44
Actually seeing Onyxum 1.0 makes me feel pretty accomplished.
2013, 04, 24 01:43
Exactly - if a lazy staredit map like that can get test games played on it, why shouldn't yours? :P
2013, 04, 27 11:58
Can you guys give some tips on Python symmetry and 3 player maps? I've tried to start some but I just can't get the symmetry down
2013, 10, 27 20:26
Have you tried the basic hexagon shape as a basis for (3) maps? Look up LastCurse's map (3)Black Hole, it has some basic geometric drafts for standard layouts somewhere in the thread.

Python symmetry is basically: Copy Python. If you want to improve/vary it, maybe you can put two bases where Python has the one with the wide ramp and space out the Nats evenly to be in the middle of each edge, reduce island sizes accordingly, but you probably want to keep island main building and resources out of tank range from the mains. Due to the rather short nat to nat distances in which the layout will inevitably result, try to design the middle in a way where units have to walk around some kind of obstacle in close postion, but don't tighten things up too much, with the mains already costing you a lot of centre space you probably want to keep is as open as possible. You may be able to pull off some HBR like stuff or a central ridge like in Grand Line... Or maybe just some strategically placed high ground spikes like in Gladiator... I would finish the basic base layout first and think about what middle would go nicely with it after that.
If you keep the standard high ground main to low ground nat setup, You are probably well-advised to use Twilight, Space or maybe Jungle terrain, which would allow you to go for an alternative island expo layout with high ground walls around it or maybe even a ground path leading to it which would be blocked from vision from the mains...

Are you going to update Bird's Nest?
2013, 10, 27 23:23
Copy Python as in open up an unprotected version or copy Python as in just opening up a new map and start drawing it?
I also can't find (3)Black Hole...
I started updating Bird's Nest and then the iCCup competition died so I lost motivation...I'll reopen it one of these days and mess around...
2013, 10, 27 23:39
Whatever happened to that competition anyway? I don't really follow iccup but did they never choose a winner or select new maps?
2013, 10, 28 00:02
It died...Fry got really busy and the tour admins were like well what's the point of hosting tours if nobody is watching the replays
2013, 10, 28 00:03
Sorry, it's called Blackout, not "Black Hole".

Copy Python as in just put stuff on a new map where it is on Python...
2013, 10, 28 10:53
for python, go look at Shizi and Razor's Edge for some example. Maybe even saryesik.
2013, 10, 29 03:17
That's not exactly Python symmetry, though.
2013, 10, 29 09:11
On fighting spirit, there are difference in the main position... top right's geyser is two tiles away from edge, while top left's geyser is only one tile way from edge. Why this done? Does it impact early gameplay? (supply depot there to block lings, etc...) It may be simply for mineral balanc?
2013, 11, 01 03:03
I'm guessing that's just lazy Koreans
2013, 11, 01 03:28
Also they are repeated in Wind and Cloud.
2013, 11, 01 14:16
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