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SBWI Mapmaking Contest?
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I think we should do a 3 foreigner, 4 korean split so it's not too "radical", with the ace map being Korean for two reasons
1.) Less games are played on Ace maps
2.) People will just want a more familiar map that they trust for the most important match of them all...
2013, 11, 02 05:25
2 things I noticed about the current map pack:
i. No "inverse" maps (low main, high nat)
ii. Bo axially symmetric maps

another map idea:
- ice map: Because we need more of these
- 3 players: Because we need more of these as well
- EotS-like main-nat layout: Because it allows use of high ground with only a minimal amount of "blinding" snow terrains required
- Ice lake in the centre (like Thin Ice): Because it gives an excitingly unique look
- some nice use of vision blockers: Because of the nice novelty mechanic

Everything else needs to be filled in yet.

There seems to be some interest in, but also problems with the development of (3) maps in general, so I may run this as a kind of open development project, where I try to document every step of the process and present a systematic way of designing a three spawn map, not only to get feedback as early as possible and try to make the map both as interesting and at the same time balanced as possible, but also to hopefully make it a nice teaching experience.

Oh, and I think I'll need a nice Swedish map name for it ;P
2013, 11, 04 12:14
._. Good luck!!!
I am going to do a Tile by Tile map. muahahah

"Kalix River". Frozen river in northern Sweden. :)
modified by CrystalDrag
2013, 11, 05 02:08
Kalix River sounds nice...
2013, 11, 05 03:37
If you want a map similar to Overwatch (for familiarity) but not quite (for variety), I have an idea for what is basically "Overwatch 2.0" that I could try to make if you want - it'll be this layout but optimized for BW.

Or you could use the original one and save me quite a few hours of time, lol. (Or Oxide. Could always use more of that.)
2013, 11, 11 11:33
I think we're keeping half 3-4 maps of the original map pool so I'd say probably keep Collisiuem and Overwatch for sure...
2013, 11, 12 02:31
I'd rather keep Oxide than Overwatch.
2013, 11, 12 06:13
I'd rather switch out Colosseum for Grand Line. Unless we add something like Voidrim (which doesn't go well with Oxide) or In the way of an Eddy (not finished yet) instead, that is.

I think this may be a good spot for a public poll, though, let ~3 maps be community picks and add 4 more to complement them in the final map pack.
2013, 11, 12 09:59
Wait didn't he say he wanted to keep half the original map pool? This way the players aren't wombo comboed by new maps? And it's kinda what Proleague did :\
2013, 11, 12 16:11
Switching one common old kespa map for another is not exactly "wombo-comboing" with new maps, though. I will ask Jaevla about it.

I think Tau Cross, Outsider, Fighting Spirit are probably the maps that would be up for change first, for different reasons.
- Tau Cross is somewhat outdated
- Fighting Spirit is overplayed and therefor disliked by watchers
- Outsider is rather disliked by players

So that would make room for (3)Neo Aztec and another (3)map, as well as raise demand for new ash and ice maps, which incidentally are exactly the map types we can really innovate with on a non-crazy level.
2013, 11, 16 04:51
How about Toad Stone(cardinals new map)?
2013, 11, 16 15:23
Freakling I agree with that post you made
2013, 11, 16 21:02
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