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SBWI Mapmaking Contest?
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2013, 10, 29 22:33
Nope, no word from him - someone could always just ask in the skype group.
2013, 10, 30 01:38
No one seems to be using the skype group ;P
2013, 10, 31 16:46
Ok so he's posted what he wanted;
A map competition to make 2 new maps for the STL Finals,
And possibly a new map pool for Round 2 of STL...
Idk what we'd do for the map competition, your standard everyone submit a map and it gets judged? Perhaps give each map points, with the four groups Freakling mentioned; SBWI organizers, high level players, BWMN, and players and from each group they have a max amount of points to vote with idk...
New map pool, that's pretty standard just find maps people like and replace the ones people don't like...
2013, 11, 01 00:58
Go traceurling! Write the article!
2013, 11, 01 01:04
I still need more info before I can write...due dates, judging, submissions, rules, etc :\
And I'm still not exactly clear on how it's gonna be run as in purely BWMN run and SBWI just trusts us or cooperation or what fml I need someone to clarify everrythhiinnggg
modified by traceurling
2013, 11, 01 03:27
Here's my proposition for new map pool(I haven't thought much about map competition yet)
7 maps
Fighting spirit + 3 Korean maps + 3 foreigner maps, keep one foreigner map, add in two new ones, remove two Korean maps, add in one now one...
Aim for at least 3 (4) maps, and at least one non-(2) foreign map
Decide which ones to remove off input from players, us, and maybe a community poll, and finish it off with stamp of approval from SBWI...
That's all I got right now
2013, 11, 01 17:01
Pretty sure we can do whatever we want regarding the map pool, Jaevla stated specifically that he's trusting us with this since we know more about mapmaking than he does.

Also is it really necessary to always have Fighting Spirit? We could easily substitute another standard-ish 4p map to change things up a little bit, maybe something which still has an FS-like layout such as Teru? Or just replace it with Gladiator lol...
2013, 11, 01 18:48
Okay when we submit map pool we'll be like Fighting Spirit/Gladiator(or other standard (4) map)
2013, 11, 01 18:57
How about a map pool consisting of 2 maps: Gladiator and Oxide
2013, 11, 01 19:54
Let's take the current map pool as starting point:

Oxide & Overwatch: Yay! Keep them both, keep only one of them and add two new ones insteat? Not sure. Throwing too much new stuff at players is probably not good either. Let's see how the tour goes and whether any complaints pop up. So far I liked what I've seen players do on both maps.

Fighting Spirit: It's definitely overplayed, I guess neither SBWI (they considered using Wind&Cloud and only my concerns regarding weird bugs and positional imbalances on that map made them keep FS in the first place) nor any one watching the tour would really complain if it was missing. Some players might, but then it's mostly the Koreans on Fish who seem to be never playing something else. Also despite every one always claiming how perfectly balanced it is, the 3rd layout make it actually fairly positionally imba, at least for toss, as to how easy it is to take a third, depending on opponents spawn...
TLDR: I think FS does by no means need to be used.

Tau Cross: It's old. It's mostly in there because they wanted an ice map. Players seem torn on this, some think it's overused already, some think it is an outdated piece of junk, some actually like the old schoolness of it...

Outsider: Same here, they wanted an ash map. Only plausible alternative would have been Ground Zero. Ground Zero is fine balance wise, but it is also the most bland map ever, I think. Some players suggested Outlier instead. Only issue I see is that Outlier seems to be even more of a Terran Graveyard than Outsider.

Colosseum: It's in there for all the nonstandardness and gimmicks like the creep colonies. As far as backdoor nats go, definitely better than something like God's Garden, I guess...

Destination: Nice map, no complaints other than that it's also an overplayed and kinda old map.

So what could be used instead: Bloody Ridge, Aztec, Grand Line and Gladiator spontaneously spring to my mind. As do Polaris Rhapsody, Medusa (or Electric Circuit, but some players seem to rather loath that one due to balance concerns), Odd Eye, HBR (also overused, so rather not), Pathfinder (balance concerns, I think), Match Point (but with Oxide that seems redundant in too many ways, I think)
2013, 11, 01 21:17
We could use Hazard Black for (3) players and ash...I think we should use a foreign map to fill in one of the harder to fill roles like Ice/Ash tileset...
2013, 11, 01 21:28
As for our maps:

well, not sure whether any of Negative's other maps is really well-suited, they are all very well made, but I think Overwatch is the only one that isn't an SC2 remake (those tend to have too many open expos for BW) or really weird and nonstandard (like Crypotdome).

Crystal definitely has some maps that would probably work fine... TERU, Kingdom of Clouds, Sarysik, Vin and maybe Frostmourne spontaneously come to my mind.

Something from Cardinal Allin maybe?

traceurling is allegedly working on something, too?

As of my maps, I would probably consider Voidrim (but for purely aesthetic reasons only if Oxide should be taken out for whatever reason), Shadowplay (probably a good replacement for Tau Cross?, very standard macro map with a unique appearance), Roadkill, In the Way of an Eddy (needs still quite a lot of work though), Atlantis (somewhat less standard, more or less (4)Chain Reaction, also needs a lot od finishing work), maybe Quintessence or Boron (the five player map variation should at least be discussed, I guess), or something entirely new if I finish it in time...

Hot ideas:
- Something with a (4)Lucid Dream-like nat layout to replace Colloseum?
- Some Ash (or possibly ice) map that actually makes nice use of vision blockers in an otherwise not too experimental layout? Having this as a kind of novelty mechanic would actually be something we should probably aim for.
2013, 11, 01 21:36
Terran players didn't like Hazard balance wise (maybe they were just to inflexible in their thinking, no one ever tried to move out through the backdoor and take the minonly as a safe third, for exxample, but let's try something new).

Other maps I'd definitely like back in discussion are Demonio Azul and FML, by the way.
2013, 11, 01 21:38
I highly doubt I'll get a playable map made for this but Imma try ;)
When he says he wants half foreign, half korean, do you think he wants a 3-4 split, or 4-3 split? Personally I think 3 foreign maps is probably good just so the players don't feel too uncomfortable...even if they don't play on other Korean maps, they've probably seen it before and seen at least one pro game on well as the fact that they have TLPD to research old games on it...
2013, 11, 01 21:43
I understood it as 3-3 + 1 ace map... Which is probably a good way to go.
2013, 11, 01 21:55
Ok, well would the ace map be Korean or foreign?
2013, 11, 01 21:57
Ask Jaevla :P
2013, 11, 01 22:27
I guess my assumption made not too much sense, I did not really think about it. I guess Ace map would be decided on when there's a finished map pack?
2013, 11, 01 22:28
Btw, Frostmoure->(2)NE1, though i can change the name if it was to go through. But I really would like TERU, Kindgom of Clouds, or Vin. I was thinking of one of the three to be my submission to the competition. Though "Frostmoure" could be used as an ice map.

4 foreign and 3 korean, or 3 foreign and 4 korean?... Determines what group i am placed in >:D

I would like to see FML, as it has basic FS feel but still has special island expands. And the thirds are even easier to secure... it is a pretty macro map imo. :)
2013, 11, 02 01:44
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