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Last update for (4)Voices : 2022, 07, 18 16:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3071 (4)Voices 128*128Crackling1.3betaground

The map has been rated 114 times and got a total of 148 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

my first twilight map :)

minerals blocking ramp to minonly have 48mins

those on the walls all have 0 and just fill tankholes; the weird doodads which should close nat-minonly path are sprites like used in baekmagoji or othello (those blue crystals), i dont know which setting i need to make them immortal xd

if someone can halp pl0x?

lowground main, highground nat+minonly, ramp to minonly blocked with 2x48, you have to mine one to be able to pass.

a bit of path issue because of minerals on ramp but units just go the other way after beeing stuck one time

inspired by Devotion by tkt :)
modified by Crackling
I think middle is bit tight. ;o
the crystal formations are immortal by default...

what are those black "squares" nat to second expand path?

the reverse ramp with mineral only seems useless and cr8 path issue and maybe also balance issue. they dont help anything anyway. tbh i dont think they will effect the game style at all ^^

7 o clock dropable nat?

the distance to nat too long? (im asking cuse its hard for me to see distances at picutre)

maybe the minonly ramp should be wider :)

this map looks kinda hot but personally i would remove the minblock ramp
i was talking about this thing blocking exactly those nat to 2.expo path

Free Image Hosting at

those black squares are what ReXoplorer made the crytals look like on the pic -.-
oh now i understand, wont that creat path issue?
maybe u should make some gosu cut copy testbug style?, or maybe just doodad mass with sprites over.

i thought it was a path from nat to minonly, so nvm about widening the minonly ramp :)
can this enter current motm? :)
who rated it 0 :D
i rated it 10 just for funsies ^^
Does Rexplorer create the same shit if you put a unit-crystal directly on top of the unit-sprite?

ok fixed
mirror ? :D its very interesting anyway
now i see the purpose of the minonly ramp (now when i see crystal block)
fucking moar comments PLZ?!
plase could you stop the noise i'm trying to get some rest.
from all the unborn chickens VOICES in my head.
what's that?????????????????????
whan i am king, you will be first against the wall :D
Ok I fixed your neutrals. You didn't make them neutral, they were player 1's crystals :)

I didn't test them, but if they don't work I quit mapping.
look is fine,deco too.i don't like that all your expos are too easy to defend;this is on many of your maps so;too many units are needed to engage successfully an expo.and on all of them the defender has the high order to have more action,at least i would make the entraces for the 12 & 6 expos much more open,maybe i would change the high into low ground
i wanted to have a gasexpo secured by one ramp for z 3. gas ZvT or 3. expo for P PvT...

i also think that the ability of mining the minerals on the ramp and entering a main makes turtling less effective (as you need to defend more points)

some other things to change?
rain down! come on rain down! on me!!
from a great high!
nvm it impossible to fix all possible path issues with this minerals on ramp while having rotational symmetry :(

i think i will remove the ramp going to the minonly?
modified by Crackling
nah, once you take the minonly you'll need that ramp opened
Remove the mineral block and see how it plays?
maps with 2 entrances dont work :/
but you can block them at the same place
ummm fix the entrances to the mains. Meaning make sure that the duel entrances are the same space apart for each player. that could be a problem later. Atm I classify this problem as pos imba. easy fix
crack are you on crack? look at peaks
"Remove the mineral block and see how it plays?"
"you can block them at the same place"

good idea i like it alot :)
what do you mean <.<
Set up the ramps so you can wall them both off at the same time, then remove the mineral block and it shouldn't be a problem I'd think.
"maps with 2 entrances dont work :/"

"crack are you on crack? look at peaks"

"ummm fix the entrances to the mains. Meaning make sure that the duel entrances are the same space apart for each player. that could be a problem later. Atm I classify this problem as pos imba. easy fix"

Just make the distance from the duel ramps the same for each player. Meaning EXACTLY the same. only cross position players have the same distances for the ramps
Whatever you decide on, please hurry and do it, and make obs, so I can use the map in the weekly tournament. Waiting on you and Nasty, and I'll pick different maps if you guys aren't done soon =/
You could pick sign -.-
I'm gonna be doing these every other week if the first one has any success, your map'll get in ptar.
ok because the pathing issue was annoying and i wasnt able to remove it i removed the ramp leading to the minonly :o

testbug might try to fix it, lets see what he can do. but untill then i'll keep it without the issue:)

also updated ramps with gosu superbalanced ramps from mapdori :P
Since the min only ramps are gone, how about removing the crystals which block the path from the nat to the min only, and then making a real ovy spot?

The map just seems like it's nothing special without the min only ramp =/ It could be any other map at this point.
the 6 and 12 expoes seems kinda imbalanced favourite 2 players :P (maybe reshape etc)
morrow it does not.
with no-rotational symetry then 2 nats will be to close from eachother.

did you test path issue with crystal formations? units don't prefer to use the minonly? still?
Morrow is saying, purple's nat is close to 12, and 12's ramp faces purple. Blue's nat is close to 6, and 6's ramp faces blue.

It's highly unlikely that the distance between red and purple to 12 are equal, nor teal and blue. Repositioning the ramp can ensure positional distance equality.
red and teal are closer to 12 and 6 (not purple and blue)

this is what i already said in the original version of voices, but it's no big problem.
just like azalea ?
fixed some small things
This post is not displayed due to its content
ooh, ice burn
Nice map!
modified by 3EcArdIo

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