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First of all, when you create a topic with the same name as an existing one, it isn't displayed. ^^

second, i deleted 23 of 28 maps from LGI. He sugguested in doing so, after he uploaded that many maps and thought about it afterwards. now there are 5 maps left.

Anyway, they are still on the FTP, all uploaded in a very short period of time, so we might delete them.

I also wrote "Entropy" a message on, to be sure about the MOTW thread from him. Just as a note ;)

2005, 10, 16 12:41
Excuse me if I'm not very active on the site atm, I have other priorities in life atm (Can't afford another semester like the last one o_O) So feel free to make decisions without me if I don't show up in time.

28 maps is a lot, lol. I don't want to touch any of the map-files on the FTP anymore, if you want to search for them you can do it, but 25 maps is not so much when there are already 500 maps in the directory anyway, so it doesn't really matter anymore ^^
2005, 10, 17 19:23
2005, 10, 17 19:28
im kristoffer :P
2005, 10, 24 20:41
panschk, i wrote you a msg over - please look it up asap :)
2005, 11, 01 20:16
panschk, check ur mail
2005, 11, 08 12:58
Starparty look behind you!

Btw i remember the first time i upload all maps. And now none of them is as it was... I learn a lot and change them, or delete them from my PC :)
2005, 11, 08 15:42
panschk, if you got some time, set me up a page as you sugguested. after i finally know how to create transparent pictures (*.png *doh*) i could create an even more beatiful page, with some adjustments of course ^^ think about it.
2005, 11, 08 22:13
i know how to make transparent pictures. look at

all graphics are mine, and look at the logo top left, its floating
2005, 11, 08 22:49
Yeah, gif's are also transparent, still you cant have a "fade" effect in a gif, but in *.png it's no problem. Just forgot about that.
2005, 11, 08 23:14
yes you can have it in gif too, aslong as you keep it 256 colors. Often that is very much enough to make nice pictures. those fades on irk page is all gif.
also gif alows animation, and that is especially something we should do for the new layout. just look at pgt banner. it is soo cool.
2005, 11, 09 10:31
The site will gone very heavy as most of them...
2005, 11, 09 11:00
Yes, but you can't have a transparent fade, or, lets call it "see through" effect. It's "transparent" at the edges, and a fade effect in the middle, but not a "see through transparent effect" in gifs.

Also the pgtour banner is made in flash. as long as you are talking about the top banner with the dark archon. I could even create flash files, still some users don't have a flash player plugin (well.. nowadays i think almost everyone has it)...

hmm... ^^
2005, 11, 09 12:49
well aslong as it is tasteful i dont mind either method :)
2005, 11, 09 13:00
actually, my fingers are itching creating a banner or something like that in flash. I haven't done this for months and i'm still into it somehow. Lets see what the future brings.
2005, 11, 09 13:05
still the page would need a certain width then. i personally like it that the page is strethcing to fit the page, but it would also look good if it was optimized for 1024x768, and centered then.
2005, 11, 09 13:06
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