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A Website Feedback Thread 2
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Last comment posted by... on maps too :o So you know wich posts are new. Its a drag trying to keep count of how many posts were posted when you posted your last post in that thread. (much posting) :)
2005, 07, 03 10:24
Great(!) work in the maplist, both the different colors (forgot to compliment those) and the "last post" thing. But make "replays" under "last comments" in yellow text. I think it will be more visible, yellow or some other shiny text. not too shiny though, since pixels on the screen might (...) blur togheter
2005, 07, 04 21:36
"Last comments by" in shortcuts on news too 8) *dont hit me for nagging* :9
2005, 07, 04 21:41
I dunno if it was possible, but i REALLY would love to have the shortcutmeny follow to every page. cant it be autoreloaded as soon as you get a "comment added" page? there really must be a sollution like that in the code somewhere..
2005, 07, 05 14:21
Also, average rating for maps is not interesting info since most maps are aut-rated 5 cause no1 has even looked at them yet...
2005, 07, 05 15:38
Just wanted to tell you panschk that you should remove any rights i got, or something like that. i wont have much time in the future and wish you good luck with this portal.

I really like it how it is atm, i don't like some of the "mappers" without real knwoledge about this game and stupid comments and i like to have a platform to upload and rate my and other maps.

gj, fair well, cya :)
2005, 07, 05 15:59
(he was probably refering to me)
2005, 07, 05 16:55
I for myself had fun commenting other players maps and giving them advices, but after some time its just disappointing how many "mappers" think they knew the game and could play "the good little helper" by giving bullshit comments and stuff. As others already said, the quality of the page is getting worse and worse trough that, thats my opinion... at least most maps are good, and good rated too, kinda incredible sometimes...

thats what i postet as an answer of a comment of STIMEY. Well, as i said i won`t bitch aorund... forget it, i bitch now.

I can't take it, after checking the "rating" and see that "someone" pushed these LT-Clones up. It`s easy to rate a map more than once and the rating is just fucked up almost all over the page. I really recommend to change this into this thumbs up and down stuff or towards an other system, but this is really annoying. Second, i really would recommend to Log in every time you connect (with cookies it should be no problem at all) and for that the page wouldn`t be just a little fan joke, it would be a real fanbase. Think about it :/

I`m argueing just becaouse i like the idea of this page. thats everything :/
2005, 07, 05 19:34
maybe if you weren't such an asshole insulting my map making abilities at every turn and not taking my own constructive criticism very well at all then you wouldn't have such a problem with how my maps are rated or how yours are.
2005, 07, 05 20:00
everything i said about your maps is true and was meant to help. instead, you tell me that i hate your map because it's not like LT and that i don't know anything about map making and all i do is make LT clones.

i released the maps i thought people would be most interested in, the maps which were most developed by others, etc. in my experience. you shouldn't use that to judge me or belittle me in a jealous fit.
2005, 07, 05 20:01
I know it is a sensitive discussion, and therefore i feel like an ass, even though i ask nicely, to please discuss this privately or in another thread. :( I know most peolpe doesn't mean any harm, but we should perhaps add a codex of behaviour on this page. I think log-in can be a good thing too, but technically it would probably mean ALOT of work, and im not going to nag about that unless panschk bings it up himself :P
2005, 07, 05 22:27
^^ Well people arguing and flaming can happen everywhere, even when logged on and everything. At least no ones writes with wrong name here, that's a good thing;)

Yeah, just stop it. Everyone has to understand that a personal opinion is not more than that, and it does not help insulting anyone else. If the fact that there is a rating system is only going to seed hate, I will have to remove it completly:[
2005, 07, 06 00:59
Perhaps its soon time to make a separate forum for website feedback :o

its great starting off with one forum and then moving on when its getting crowded. Then u never get the feeling of it not beeing used specially much.. even if it was not intended it is good anyway :)
2005, 07, 06 09:12
Auto redirect in news comments, and comments function on articles perhaps :9
2005, 07, 06 13:36
i'd like to know how listoric removed all his maps along with his behavior in their respective comments sections
2005, 07, 06 19:29
He had the rights to do so...I would not have given it to him if I knew...That's ridicoulous (sp?) :[

Man I'm quite angry at him for doing that actually.
2005, 07, 06 20:01
As i said, please remove any of my rights, change the password, whatever. I will use this platform as every other user does, without getting angry after beeing attacked (or imagine to be attacked).

I just want to say "Sorry" to STIMEY and to panschk, because of my misbehaviour.

I still want to support this site and the mapping community, as i do on other pages.


2005, 07, 06 20:55
And to answer the "Why or how i deleted the maps?":

First of all, neither one of us, STIMEY or myself, were respectfull or polite. So i diceded by myself, to delete these posts by deleting the maps where these comments belonged to. But as i don't have the right to delete every map i wish, just because of disrespectfull comments, i decided to delete mine, to keep a good mannered style in the map database, instead of "bitching around" posts.

I did that by myself, without asking panschk or just Starparty and so i don't want to participate in the near future as an user with admin-rights, because of my disbehaviour and my "lone-wolf-manner".

best regards,

2005, 07, 06 22:28
btw, as a new suggestion:

Why isn`t it possible jsut to upload a picture of a map? Some of the beta maps, like Tar Wars for example, had to be modified some times. If someone downloaded the unfinished beta file, these files will fly around the net after some time, or as 18326 different versions.

So i`d sugguest just to post a picture of beta maps, to discuss those, and then to upload it when it's final.

Admins had to watch for that more often, because some users would state their maps final, just to have the possibility to spread their map through the net. Thats the only prob bout this idea, maybe someone has a good idea to add, to prevent those things.
2005, 07, 06 22:33
Let's be honest. The beta-maps don't "fly through the net". Starparty, snooky, DOGMFISH and myself might play it, and that's about it^^. Sometimes I want to see more of a map than just the image, I think it should stay the way it is.
2005, 07, 06 22:58
Ok, well, that`s a good point, i forgot that noone would play a beta map on the net, if something would be played, than a final that`s already good enough... /me tired.
2005, 07, 06 23:12
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