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A Website Feedback Thread 2
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Starparty - *update suggestions*

* FMotW - picture and description with link in a own window to the right or below the menu. also a link below for "previous motw"
2005, 07, 19 09:08
Starparty - *update suggestions*

* Smaller forum - its to wide and its hard to read. make it centered if possible, otherwise i prefer the left aligned one we had before...
2005, 07, 19 09:09
Starparty - *update suggestions*
_A_ _N_ _D_

2005, 07, 19 09:09
Starparty - *MORE update suggestions*
Change the menu to be a table like the map list, with squares in dark and lighter blue color. will simply look better combined with the rest of the site imo. Also, align all tables better to the menu to create a entity.. as it is now, many tables are out hiking on the sides of the screen. <3
2005, 07, 20 12:53
Please post a confirmation when you read my suggestions, so i know i wont have to repeat them in order to be sure you've seen them :P

like a simple "ok" or "fuck off", "no way" or w.e <3
2005, 07, 22 09:34
I just can second your sugguestions Starparty.

* The page should look clean. So, every map with its comments, author info, and download link and stuff should be in one column, as it is most of the time.

* The Replay Table as well, sometimes its more than 1 column so it looks fucked up a bit.

* Ok, to shorten this, EVERYTHING should look clean, so in one column. It's always stupid to see things out of line. As for some maps here as well, the picture of the Terraintype is in the first line, while everything else is in the second. (i.e. Darkrose_Of_Sorrow)

* The big NEWS on the first page should be deleted, i think everyone gets that things on the first page are news

* The NavigationBar should be made better, the system behind the button is still a bit confusing, the names are not as clear as it could be

* the "posted by: Starparty" information in the news should be either in the first column where the title and the date is, or on the end of the article, i sugguest at the end

* the first row with title and everything should also be bold to give it a better look
and readability. <- great word, did i just made it up or is it already known <(^_^)>

* the news table should widen if you make the browserwindow bigger as all other things should widen or shrink to a normal (and one column) amount too. or said otherwise, the page should be optimised to 1024x768 in browser window and above.

* the idea with "newest article, updates and motw" is great and well positioned on the right hand side, but it does not stand out, it looks more like some lost tables floating through the internet, grabbing this page to safe them before desteny calls and flushes them away in the endless space of the internet...

* newest updates on right hand side is the same as newest updates, comments on top. so they may be fused together to one table, with at least 10 newest updates visible. if i don't log on one day, the newest update list is totally diffrent (thank god :) but it would be better if you see the last 10 updates, to stay up to date.

* the Replays button should lead to a list of all reaplays on the page, listed and sorted to mapname (with a link to the picture maybe) and below the 5 newest replays available. and a button to get to the page of the map. you could get 2 maps next to each other, and then go down to the second row, with again two maps, and their replays listed below them. The map with the newest, or the most replays, should be first, and only maps with replays listed.

now its a bit useless, because i don`t know the mapname and so i will search the database faster than type and hope that there could be a replay for my beloved map, imo.

* the article section should nbe as it is, but you should get to the article by clicking its title, and the "written by " should be aligned to the right side, to give it a better and cleaner look. It`s easier to read that way. The comments idea to articles is kinda nice, but it may be better to have a link to the forum for questions, because the article would look fucked up after 20 stupid questions. But the article should be updated with a FAQ on the bottum, to ease the search for an upcoming question.

* and yeah, you should not be dropped out of the admin area after changing something.

panschk, if you want me to do some graphics, tell me fast, i`m only here this week, but i`ve got nothing to do, i will make some Title graphics in the style i already posted in the banners thread, if someone has sugguestions how to change something, its easy to change everything, so just feel free to ask or sugguest.

greetz :)
2005, 07, 26 15:55
If you want to, i could even make a flash navigation bar. but, that would mean that users had to have a flash plug in, and that would suck.

I'm on a new background for the navigation in the style above. So that you could load it behind the css navigation. i'll post it later into the "banners" thread.
2005, 07, 26 17:16
Or not ^^ need to eat something and it wont look good till now, well, i'm on it ;)
2005, 07, 26 17:26
Well, I'm in paris right now and will probably not do anything this week. Just so you know;)
2005, 07, 26 17:38
Well and you must understand that most things are the way they are for a reason. I think the logout-problem in the adminzone came after I changed something for starparty (automatic redirect afaik). Right now it works, and after some changes, it may not work anymore.

Listoric, maybe you want FTP access, you could probably change some things in less time that I would need to understand what you mean.
2005, 07, 26 17:48
well, ok, just send me everything i need to know per PN on or per mail:

I see what i can do :)
2005, 07, 26 18:02
hf in paris :)
2005, 07, 26 18:07
Ok, after discovering about 30 maps i haven't noticed so far, and comented on several of them, i'd like to have a little "updated" sign on the maps, just like a little skyblue star in front of every map.

You`d see which maps have new comments or updates on it. This sign should apear after someone commented or updated the picture or the mapdownload. That would make it easier to spot which of the maps have a higher activity and would ease and fasten comments on updated maps.

or maybe you could use the "favicon.ico" i uploaded? :)
2005, 07, 28 12:48
Also, there should be dates showed when maps were added. and if not updated or commented on in 2 weeks, they go to a "abandoned projects" list... That way, inactive creators doesnt ruin the list for those who actually cares, and we have less maps to comment, and we give betetr response. The inactive list should have no comment feature or DL feature, and the only way to bring it back into action is by submitter or admin to activate into beta list again. And no, its not NECCESARY (;P), its for comfort, and also there is a commitment to be made if you want your map to be hosted here. it is free from registration and cash, but atleast you can "pay the fee" with some interest in keeping the site good.

When the map has been a "abandoned project" for about 1 month, it will be deleted from the database and the user will have to resubmit the map.

If users go around this by calling the map final as it is, we first move it to beta. If user insist by calling it final, moves it back to final and map still doesn't qualify for final list, it will be removed.

I would be surprised if you found any flaws in this perticular idea :o <3
2005, 07, 28 13:01
Deleting any map (at least automatically) or making downloads impossible seems like a bad idea to me. I have enough web space for a lot of maps, and I like the fact you can just search for any map and still get some results (For example search all 4 player maps on Space that have an "a" in the name).
Having a category called inaktive/abandoned is still a viable idea, but the rules should be the following:
1) Only user-beta maps can go in there
2) It would be done with some script an admin would have to activate from time to time, as it is not possible with the contract I have to have scripts that work automatically.
3) These maps would still have all the options the other maps have too.

Basically, it would just keep our "user-beta" list small, so we don't have to look through 100+maps.

Only question is, should a simple comment on an "abondoned" map put it back into user-beta? I'd say no.
2005, 07, 28 14:44
No, it should be activated manually by user or admin. But there must be some kind of penalty of beeing "abandoned" like a bit hidden on the site so no1 cares about them etc. ppl must be interested in staying on the popular lists.

also we should write a compendium about the system the site builds on, like this for instance. So people can read and understand what goes on here and how it works.
2005, 07, 28 15:17
Hmm, as panschk said once, we can`t decide which map is final and which isn't. So the users could post their maps as final instead of beta.

I as well, don`t like maps that seem not to be finished in any way flying around in the database. Maybe it just should have an activity icon. That stays green if you update the map every wekk, yellow, every two weeks, and orange if it isn't updated for 3 weeks, blue 4 weeks +.

And then you could add an option, just to display the maps with green, yellow, etc activity. Maps with a blue icon, are called finished, or abandoned. We decide.

Then again an abandoned lsit for "unfinished" maps.

Maybe we should think about the whole navigation regarding buttons as well then.
2005, 07, 28 15:44
Activity then shoul be comments as wellas "real" updates. because you chat about features and ideas regarding the map itself. If someone is only spamming, we will detect that and set out a penalty.
2005, 07, 28 15:46
Yeah the navigation is odd as it is now. Maybe just 3 options would be better. "beta", "finished", "all maps"

Listoric, most of your ideas are probably just impossible to implement. Date is date of last comment or update, and the map are ordered by this date anyway. I don't think any icons would add anything, and without login stuff, a "new" (to a specific user) option would not be possible. We could make an icon for any map with an update newer than 24 hours or something like that though.
2005, 07, 28 15:49
Hmm... you can display the maps on which was something edited, commented. Can't you then read out the date of the last comment and use that as an information about an icon? Well, if it does not work, then it`s like that ^^ just an idea.
2005, 07, 28 15:53
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