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A Website Feedback Thread 2
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Aslong as the original concept here isn't lost ina discussion about what icons can be made :P
start with making the extra category and i can start moving maps. panschk are you@home again? :)
(had fun in paris?)
2005, 07, 28 16:30
I will return Friday. I will spend almost the whole day in a train, and be back friday night.

Well I have internet, I could do some minor things, just nothing that involves testing, as I don't have a virtual SQL-Server here, so I would have to upload it directly.
2005, 07, 28 17:05
Ok, i made something about the mapdesign, jsut played around with paint and Flash5 again

Click me
2005, 07, 28 17:09
looks good.

are all the images and stuff in flash, or are they gif/jpg images? I really don't want flash on the site, some users don't have the plugin, and with some older browsers it does not work at all. It's also less practical to update and stuff.
2005, 07, 28 18:45
Listoric, could you make those files accesible to me (upload a zip file to the webspace), so that I can see what I can do with it?
2005, 07, 28 18:46
Sure, i just have to edit them to *.jpg files (i upload it as fast as possible, about 8 o'clock everything should be done)
2005, 07, 28 19:20
ok, i uploaded everything i could thought about into the mappage folder - design.rar

well, i hope everything fits and is usable. I made it in a real hurry, hope i haven`t forgotten anything. Just msg me @ or here if you need more. Tomorrow i will be away as already mentioned, so till then i can make things regarding the design.
2005, 07, 28 20:29
Ok, i added the buttons for tourney, i forgot those, and added them - design-updated.rar

hf :)
2005, 07, 28 20:47
Well I tried, but with the tools I have here, no chance to do that. So I can't do anything until saturday.
2005, 07, 28 21:49
Well, as said, maybe you need more buttons and stuff, i can`t do them before ~ mid September then. Till then i'm not at home. But i`m really looking forward to see the page in new design someday :)keep up the good work!!
2005, 07, 28 22:21
They look nice but a bit too flashy :P perhapsa bit tighter design and i'd be happy
2005, 07, 28 22:48
I uploaded everything as it is in the picture above. when i'm back i can edit everything to fit the wishes. or you can come up with a design on your own, just feel free to experiment. maybe panschk doesn't even implement the new design at all, who knows ;)

for me it looks cool, but the connection to scbw is not really visible in the design. Unit pictures missing i.e.

We will see, have nice holidays, i'll be at home ~ midle september, till then just coming here once a week i think. Work is calling, cya :)
2005, 07, 29 08:36
D'oh. I just saw your design is for something bigger than 1024*768. Also, I think it is a bad idea to have an extra image for every link on the site. I think I will do that the same way it is now, the button-graphic being just some background to the text, which is the link :P
2005, 07, 29 08:57
I have no problem with that, just make that background goodlooking. I think twilight dirt is a good background and it fits the page. But the menu really need to have a visible table too. it looks really empty on the left side there. make it look like all the tables on the left side. It will look 156% more unity. I know i am whining about this, but its because i REALLY want it :P
2005, 07, 29 09:33
2005, 07, 30 13:23
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