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A Website Feedback Thread 2
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yeah listoric, my heart was not in your best interests in most of my posts, although i think you were selling me a little bit short because you disliked my maps. disliking my maps is fair, but throwing away what i said with such a blanket response isn't.

the fighting aside, if i say something wrong about the balance or design of your map, it helps me and everyone else viewing the site, making maps, and rating your map, if you explain why you think it's wrong.

now i know i didn't exactly mold you to this direction. i was offended by you saying i know nothing about map making and only make LT clones and saying that was why i critiqued your maps. but i could have made much more productive responses with my offendedness instead. i was wrong to make things worse and bring out the worst in you.

you DO have quality to your maps. you're just a step behind starparty. you might even be a better player than him, so that's an advantage. the guy who combines the style (of starparty) with the gameplay would be trcc. also peatza.

this site has so many good map makers, so if you come back, i promise to try to provoke you in a much kinder fashion and try not to be so offended even if i "should" be.


as for posting jpegs only, it makes sense, but i can give a lot more useful feedback if i'm able to open it in staredit. and if not (if it's locked), at least let me play it.

a lot of my maps have disabled triggers i left in that i used for testing. my maps have a lot more to them than they appear. i test the travel time of zerglings between bases, test the mineral mining fairness, lurker and tank shooting distances, choke distances, sunken defensibility of the naturals. i don't eyeball any of this. i put it in the map and test it and adjust it until it's as fair as i can view it. i should also test air distances with mutas, but i haven't done it yet.

and when i copy LT, i do it by hand, exactly. i switch back and forth and count squares, place bulidings to help me count, that kind of thing. if anything is different than LT it's intentional.

all of these techniques i use would greatly improve the already great skills of many people, so i think i do have something to offer here. i also try to pay attention and keep notes on what good players say about matchups, balance, races, maps.

i don't think i make good maps. but i think i test maps VERY well and did my best to get feedback from good players that i trust instead of random people (no offense) who just happen to be interested in map making. this is my preference because i am aware of this level of play and am not interested in making maps just for my level of play. i've lost interest in that. i can respect anyone if they enjoy it though. and the best possible maps are the ones that are great for 1 matchup and ignore the rest, IMO -- as long as you're playing the right matchup. in that respect, there's a lot more to be done in BW maps, but the challenge to me has always been that they never get the deep play that LT gets.
2005, 07, 07 04:00
I asked you nicely in the qualities thread to please move the discussion to a more apropriate thread. Website feedback isn't ;P Please create your own threads to discuss this kind of matters, or discuss it privately.. This thread is for website feedback. If You have suggestions regarding the functionality or design regarding this website, post it here.
2005, 07, 07 09:08
Relax starparty. Sometimes threads go off topic, that's not that bad. We will get back to topic soon enough.

@Listoric, STIMEY: good to hear you try to come along again. We can use every user to improve the quality of the maps;)
2005, 07, 07 12:20
Starparty I asked you nicely to stop being such a fascist. i replied to posts in this thread and it is very much related to this web site itself.
2005, 07, 07 15:26
Wzup with the attitude?
2005, 07, 07 15:32
Should we consider to perhaps add a bot or something for this page? Mabye bring some gamers here too, to increase popularity.. Or would we get flooded with idiots by doing so? comments?
2005, 07, 08 09:21
We need more serious gamers here. But a battle net bot is probably only going to annoy everyone. That's why I want to push actions like motw and a tourney. When we have that, there is a reason for another newspost on etc.
2005, 07, 08 12:14
Still. you should add another forum :o
2005, 07, 08 12:43
nd so on...
2005, 07, 08 12:43
u need to keep making this a paradise for map makers, which it basically almost is already. the more useful feedback that's generated and the more recognition deserving maps get, the better this site is.

part of doing those things is bringing in more than just map makers. the site needs pure players who don't mind judging maps and playing on them. every playing community has small groups who like to play new maps. you have to make sure all of these people are attracted to this site with your best maps and map authors.
2005, 07, 10 04:35
Is it possible to have the forum centered or widened or something, its so ugly pressed into left uper left cornor in an extra window :/
2005, 07, 15 12:58
Panschk, i beg you to add a function to remove stupid comments... first of all there are more than enough "pressed the button to early" comments, and some people have to state their opinion 3 times in a row to "make it clear to everyone" (FMOTW comments...)
2005, 07, 17 16:12
The page is technically coming together now. You should start tuning on the tables to make them align prefectly... gr8 going!
2005, 07, 17 23:36
Centered forum is better, its a drag to read the text all over the page :P
2005, 07, 18 12:08
When choosing titleset in map upload - its TI 'T' LEset, not TILEset :) = Titleset
2005, 07, 18 12:20
No. It's tileset;-)

At least I have 10 times the hits when I search for tileset in google than for titleset. I'm not even sure what 'tile' means, but it's the expression everyone uses :P
2005, 07, 18 13:42
i believe it sais titleset in staredit. im not 100% sure though, since tileset makes sense, atleast if you're using SF or SCMD
2005, 07, 18 13:49
it has always been tileset ;)
2005, 07, 18 20:54
My bad.. atleast i learned something.
2005, 07, 18 22:55
Starparty - *update suggestions*
There is no "back" or "1-2-3-4-5..." when looking through the newspages..

things i mentioned before:
* better table alignment
* Comments on articles too
* reload page after comments everywhere :p
* change names on maps without reuploading the entire map
* Stay in admin area when logged in, and not have to relogin every time you update something
* (better banner <3 )
* Smaller text in maplists so every text fits on 1 row
* make right shortcut menu be comment sensitive

This is what i've noticed so far. some things are bigger than others, but all of them serves quite a important part in making the site more accesible.
2005, 07, 19 09:00
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