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teamwork on map (flo, LGI etc)
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I have an idea for a map, but I don't want to just start blindly, because it is easy to fail with this idea. So I want to do as much right as possible from the beginning.
Basically, I want to try again using the great possibilites that Ruins of korhal already used, but do it with much more style and with a "theme" so to speak.
The concept is to have a map that is played in "zerg land" (what is their home planet in the campaign?) So there are zerg buildings all over the place (in the middle) pretty much doodads like squellets and dead trees etc, some zerg units... It should give the impression to play on the zerg home planet you know? (still should be a balanced map ofc.
Now first of, what tileset to use, and would you prefer 2 or 4 player map with this setup? Is it even worth trying this?
2005, 12, 11 16:47
Zerg doesn't really have a home planet since they spread all over the universe and consume every world they infest. Really kick-ass bad guys, aren't they? But I believe the map where the overmind was situated was a badlands terrain map, if not it was jungle.

You will attempt to make this suitable for 1v1 play? Because I believe that funny effects like neutral creep is more easily implemented in maps suited for 2v2 games, since details in map design aren't exploited too much in 2v2s. I'm not leaning towards either 2p or 4p if you want to make this a 1v1 map, though. Good luck, keep us updated!
2005, 12, 11 17:10
I thought their home world was "char" ?

anyway, I would use the tileset best suited for this athmospehere, not the one that is "historically" correct :]
2005, 12, 11 17:15
You might be right about the home world. I just remembered that they spread while exterminating every other race they encountered.

By all means, use the terrain that fits you best. Still, badlands, jungle (mud version), and ash world seems most fitting imo.
2005, 12, 11 17:21
Char is the Zerg base of operations. Their actual homeworld is unknown.
2005, 12, 11 19:34
#2 bongee

I'd say ashworld is best for this purpose, because it would offer a reason to leave the homeland then.
In addition, zerg has destroyed the dark planet they came from completely, would fit then. and having creep, the lack of variated terrain wouldn't be visible :p

do you want the naturals being creeped so you have to destroy a building there first? bad idea imo, offsunks...
2005, 12, 11 19:49
No, only the center should have creep. And not completely neither, maybe 40% of the center with creep.
Also maybe we can take some zerg unit's sprites to create some monster doodads that look scary :O
2005, 12, 12 18:25
So when we start? Whos making the concept, etc, etc...
2005, 12, 12 22:28
Ops, now i see that there is already a map...
2005, 12, 12 23:12
WHERE DA MAP. sound dope :]
2005, 12, 13 02:37
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