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Forum - main won`t die
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It's not that we have to redo everything, but there are some things that may need bigger improvement in my eyes. Maybe i'm not alone with this.

I also was in "shock" somehow, and thought "gay shit, but then we have to do it again and even better", till i saw the misspellings and thought "why would he update it yesterday and then kick i today"
2005, 12, 16 19:45
"some of you are great map makers, but you work isn't being utilized as it should because of the way this site is ran. if any of you would like to put your talents to better use, contact me - WheaR @USWest. leave your message and a return contact info"

"know that some of your maps should be featured more than on a second-tier site like, and i also know that this current site isnt really going anywhere. you're gaining popularity for your maps, not the site... hence the reason you have ~20 members. good maps won't get you anywhere alone"

"the fact that i have a contract with blizzard to make maps for their upcoming broodwar tournament, not to mention two maps for the next starleague and one map for MBC, i consider myself pretty enlightened"

Who wrote that?

2005, 12, 16 20:06
Probably some 14 year old 1337 H4X0R. Does it matter?
2005, 12, 16 20:18
sorry bout my comments, but i honestly thought it was you being serious for a second and emediatelly thought why, and what we could do to keep it alive...

well, atleast it made me support the login system. I dont want anyone to make a fool out of myself again on my expence.
2005, 12, 17 00:48
"this current site isnt really going anywhere... good maps won't get you anywhere alone"

I have a feeling it is not. Who ever wrote that does not wish us well. Why?

Does it matter? Hum, good question, it should not, but it might. Usually I am wary of people who act with ill intentions.

I guess we will have to prove him wrong. Can I send you someone to help you get his IP?
2005, 12, 17 00:59
I guess this will be impossible unless he posts here again. And even if we had the IP, it would still not do much right? We could maybe know from which country he is...

Anyway, this isn't such a big issue. Just a little "joke" or something to prove we need a login system :O
2005, 12, 17 01:08
not for you mabye (hopefully)

but i got tricked into saying some real stupid shit.. guess i drew the shortest stick from this one..
2005, 12, 17 01:15
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