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motw #1
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gosh, where did i left my head today... ^^ sure, finished maps...

(2)SkyRoad !!!
2005, 07, 07 02:47
You can't be serious. Have you ever played the map or any other map over 128? It looks nice and has some good ideas, but the motw should be pretty AND playable too.
2005, 07, 07 03:07
but skyroad looks like fun :P
2005, 07, 07 09:04

I change my vote to:

(2)Space Pirates - from Starparty

Why? The first ever presented MOTW should be awesome, skyroad looks really good, but after a lot of people dont like the dimensions, it should be a map, fitting to the "common sense" of the visitors. Almost everyone liked SpacePirates from the first view and it is still the best rated user-final map.

So i`d say that`s the first motw.

2005, 07, 07 19:34
I could agree on that. XuuL still hates it with passion, and at least concerning the flanking space in the middle he got a point, but personally I like this map a lot.
2005, 07, 07 21:31
you guys should hold a for-money tourney to attract good players. with an entry fee and zero profit. that owuld own.
2005, 07, 08 04:07
one thing at a time :P It's always messy once money is involved..

We should decide on 2 maps to vote on, otherwise all the voters will pick a map of their own and all maps would get 1 vote :P

So isuggest we nominate skyroad and space pirates, since they got 2 votes each so far. My vote would obviously have to go on skyroad :o

there is plenty of room on SP btw ;P Mabye i should post a picture with passable ground painted out? :6

Should we set a date or something. I'd personally prefer to wait a bit, talking it through, and then i'd have gotten back from my vacation too (1 week, from today to next saturday)... I really would like to witness the first contest :)
2005, 07, 08 09:19
There should be a special weekday where the motw is announced. How about sunday?

Maybe having to vote every week without having a real judging team is just too much. And it's a problem that most mappers here are not experienced players, to judge balance that's needed imho.

And the tourney, should we do it ourselves or via bigger, less mapping oriented sites (, bw4ever?)
2005, 07, 08 12:12
If They are interested in such an event, and the commitment it would take to host it (every week) i think it would be a good idea. But if it only becomes another tourney thread in their forums it definitely aren't worth our time. TL was never a sucker for special events... perhaps gosugamers are interested since they already are hosting several events that people follow... We should come up with a good name for the tourney (not "MotWtour") :P and they might just buy it...
2005, 07, 08 12:36
I had a couple games on space pirates and i can say...this map plays as good as it looks. Terran could secure up to three expansions quite easily, but when he wants more he has to leave his base where toss can flank pretty well. I don't see a mayor problem in tvp balance. ZvP the map will probably turn out into even more of a macrofight that zvp is anyway, but with the close min only, toss can become quite powerfull too, so I think balance is ok on this map.

I work on a script right now to host a tourney. No doubt the first motw should be space pirates imho.
2005, 07, 09 15:04

How about that:

motw is just motw, one cool map every week that gets special honor, without hosting any tourney or anything.


we make "theme" tourneys. mappacks of ~4 maps, that all have something in common (tileset, 2-player maps, 64*64maps, islands maps, crazy ideas(like green hell) etc..)

2005, 07, 09 15:08
I'd say if we make tourneys at all, then on a good mappack. I don`t think that we could make more like 3 tourneys if we decide to think about themes.

I'd rather say, we decide 4 MOTW, and the next WE is a tourney on the last 4 MOTW, and then again, and so on and so forth. After 4 tourneys, we could let the players vote 4 maps out of the 16 motw they already played, to have a best of motw tourney all ~ 4 months.
2005, 07, 09 15:58
Or simply 1 motw every week, and a tourney once a month played on all the maps.
2005, 07, 17 11:21
thats exactly what i wrote starparty :) maybe i wasn't that clear :)
2005, 07, 17 12:20
Would be cool if it's not always me who has to orga everything. So what would be motw #2?
2005, 07, 17 13:25
Nice question. As well as i made the graphics for MOTW #1, i'm away in August, so i`d do the graphics for all upcoming MOTWs then, but i should know what maps could be the next ones.

I`d say PlanetX should be a MOTW, when it`s finished.

2005, 07, 17 15:14
Ok, i thought about it, if you look at the maps in final, and the ones in beta. some beta maps are alraedy better than the most final maps and "still in progress". so i`d say they could be MOTWs as well, with a small note in the discription of course.
2005, 07, 17 18:17
Your message
2005, 07, 22 12:39
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