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motw #1
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Ok, I'm all for starting a new "motw" feature. The deciding factor is NOT the votes the map get in public, as it much too easy to abuse. We should just have a small jury who decides and every user should be allowed to give his opinion.
Only maps that have gone "final" till thursday will be considered. As it is the first "motw" on this page, even maps older than a week are allowed. I think we should anounce the winner saturday and try to do it really every week. This way there should be some serious activity.

I think starparty and myseld are judges, and 1-3 other users too, we should decide with at least 50% of the votes for one map.
2005, 07, 05 13:22
Some maps I would consider:

Space Pirates by Starparty

Storm by Starparty

Rise of Warriors by Millenniumarmy

Jupiters Landzone by trcc

There are many many more...

(btw I would recommend NOT to release any maps that are in "beta" status right now this week, as we need material for the weeks to come, too)

2005, 07, 05 13:30
I dont think the map has to be new to be motw. as long as we motivate the decision. later on, (when) we get a little gaming activity, the price of beeing motw can be a weekly tournament played only on the winner map! :) Then the creator get lots of funny replays to look at! That is a free, yet desirable price imo. i would be very happy anyways. and we also get alot of reps on the page too!
2005, 07, 05 14:17
Excellent idea that tourney. For practical reasons a weekly tourney might be too ambitious though. Perhabs a tourney for every 3 MOTW or similar... That's details though.

I would nominate (2)SkyRoad by kt.ritidiie
and (3)Overrun by StarParty.

I know SP's work is already well represented among the nominations (I also know he doesn't mind ^^ ), but I like Overrun better than the other.
2005, 07, 05 14:43
was just about to nominate skyroad. i really long to tankpush on that center :9 (3)Overkill it is ;P

should be for every motw, otherwise it would not be fair if some authors got reps, but some didn't. dont forget that a week is very long time in sc universe. and if it is not doable, then perhaps "map of the month" is a better start.

Any ideas what price the tourneywinner would recieve? should be a free and modest price, but still desirable... :P like reps is gold for a creator the price should be similar to the gamer :P If there was a account function, the price could be a funny avatar like admins has as an example.. damn my ideas rock today! ;D
2005, 07, 05 14:49
Overkill, yes!

When I said the tours should be fore every 3 weeks or so, I meant that every MOTW from that period should be played in the tourney. Of course we don't want to cheat on any map makers. A week in sc time might be a long time, but remember that we need to find the time to arrange these things, and I won't be as much online when I haven't got vacation as I am now. If it's manageble, try week tours, but I guess it would be easier to find enough players for month tours.

It's nice to somehow award the winning players, but since we don't have a member system here, we can't really attach a prize to a profile. We can announce the winners in the news section, but that's about it. If the site attains a higher audience, though, I'd say the honor of winning would be a sufficient reward.

Well, since
2005, 07, 05 16:43
Nevermind that "Well, since".
2005, 07, 05 16:44
I like the avatar thingy :)
2005, 07, 05 16:56
But since people aren't members here, just visitors, we can't serve anyone an avatar.
2005, 07, 05 17:34
Forget the avatar thing. Even if we had accounts and the possibility to post avatars, no non-mappers visit this site anyway. So we really don't have much to offer to winners of our tourneys. We could still do it, the fame of a or newspost might be enough ;)
I'd say IF we do a motw-tourney, then it should be weekly. But we could do other tourney/league stuff just as well that has nothing to do with Motw.

btw overkill should not be eligble this week, so we still have some stuff for next week;)
2005, 07, 05 18:14
as i asaid, old maps should still be able to be voted for. There should also be a medallion to place on the winning map's page (image):)
2005, 07, 06 08:43
The concept of map of the week is to honor the best map released during a week (We can make an exception the first 2-3 weeks ). Bill Russel won't get Player of the week honors anymore neither;)
2005, 07, 06 10:48
motw must not be the best map this week, just think about a week with only 4 crappy maps :/ i`d suggest that you "present" a great map each week, so you still can choose out of the whole pool. And if it is a shortly added map, than it's great :)

So, i`d honour one of the best maps ever sent in, and that every week
2005, 07, 06 13:00
2005, 07, 06 13:08
thirded *ehrm* :9
2005, 07, 06 13:37
hmmm Then we should change the name or something...and looking through 200+maps is something I don't want to do every week. Present me a proper concept on how to do it..
2005, 07, 06 14:26
Pretty simple imo. We nominate maps in a thread, like we have already been doing. Then we... vote?... discuss? This part is up for ...dicussion?

Well, we decide on a winner, and feature it as "MOTW" or similar.

MOTW works for me though it hasn't been made that week. It doesn't insinuate that it is. It's just the 'featured map of the week'.
2005, 07, 06 16:37
Its not like we have to go through every map.. each of the selected few responsible for chosing and voting for a map each week, pick one each. Not allowed to vote on your own pick. if you want a particoular map to win, you simply pick that map every week until everyone think its the best in the pool too and votes for it.. :o simple as that. The maps you choose is the one you feel the most for during this particular time. No changing until next week though...
2005, 07, 06 16:39
ok my pick would be storm by starparty.

2005, 07, 06 20:04
Planet X - trcc
2005, 07, 06 20:17
Planet X is beta - we should nominate finished maps.

(2)SkyRoad baby!
2005, 07, 07 00:16
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