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Cannot Upload Map
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For the past 3 days a couple times a day I have tried uploading my latest map. When I do, it says "map has been successfully uploaded" - back to database. When I click the link, usually my map would be on top of that page, but it is not. It is not anywhere. I guess you know this now, panschk, but you said posting on forums is a better idea. So I dunno what problems the website has on its ends, but hopefully you will get to the bottom of it :)
2005, 07, 18 06:21
Was it a new map, or an update to an existing map? Or do you have the same problem with both?
2005, 07, 18 10:46
I have no issues with it :P although errormessages appear here and there. are you trying to remoteload the map from internet? ive noticed that that doesnt work atleast. put the map and pic on desktop and upload, and i guess you should be fine... :P
2005, 07, 18 12:30
Ok, I know what's the problem now. The name of the mapfile is Pandora's Fantasy. The -> ' <- symbol causes a problem with the SQL Syntax. If you just name the file Pandoras Fantasy instead, it would work. I could also use the function addslashes() everywhere, but that would be so much work T_T
2005, 07, 18 15:05
boo :o
2005, 07, 18 16:31
2005, 07, 19 09:01
by sp
2005, 07, 22 12:39
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