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Do you guys think we should just limit the Map of the weeks to just maps that are made within like 14-21 days? Because seeing failed candidates from the past constantly popping up in the next motw listings is getting ridiculous. It's alright if it's just a few maps doing this, but when I'm seeing about 4 or 5 maps doing this, i think it's getting stupid and defeating the purpose of the "map of the WEEK."

Just my opinion
2006, 01, 07 07:15
And also, adding old maps from the past (not necessarily ones that were constantly submitted to MotW contest) is also dumb in my opinion because I think Map of the Week should be mostly focused around good somewhat fresh incoming maps.
2006, 01, 07 07:25
I disagree entirely

map of the week is centered around map quality, and pretty much every single map on this site is fresh because none of them get played. let the BEST maps become MOTW, not just ones that are made at the right time.
2006, 01, 07 07:43
we would have some trouble with motw right now if we could not use old maps^^

Starparty decided a long time ago, we don`t change it now.
2006, 01, 07 12:41
Yeah, every week with a poor outcome in maps will be a bad MotW. Not too good PR for this site imo :(

There are ways ofcourse to fix these things, but it would take a completelly another system than bwm.n is based on atm so we'll have to make it work ourselves in the meantime.
2006, 01, 07 13:38
Pretty much what you are suggesting is quantity over quality, millenium. Even though if everyone on this were to sit down and shit out a map every week the chances of making some good ones are greater. It would suck because There would be a time where people made a bunch of good maps all at once. But Mostly there would would be times where people make imbalanced trash that is boring to look at and play. so the map of the week would be 90% crap.
2006, 01, 07 13:48
Yea i guess ya'll are right
2006, 01, 08 04:53
It would suck because There would be a time where people made a bunch of good maps all at once.

And that's why good maps sometimes come again week after week. We had weeks with great maps and others with low ones. Just look through the MOTWs, especially at the beginning. Some are... well, they are motws and we won't change it afterwards :P

Think it's good as it is, quality > all
2006, 01, 08 04:53
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