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Zerg, FE and naturals
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So I feel like I have been posting the same advice a lot about having a nat near the entrance to the main, so that Z can fast expo and still defend. But then I see well known good maps, sometimes even pro maps that don't have this feature.

My question is, am I wrong to give this advice on every map I see? I don't want to be giving the wrong advice. If you guys ever see something you disagree with in one of my comments, don't hesitate to correct me. I'm here learning as much as everyone else is.
2006, 01, 11 08:44
to me its kinda basic. its ok not to have it if you balance it up in some other way. But if you wanna make a standard map which actually might be liked - satify people with good naturals :p
2006, 01, 11 09:57
I'd say: If you are a experienced map maker and know well what you do, it can work. If you are new to mapmaking and do not understand the game well, please make basic naturals.
2006, 01, 11 15:21
should change and to "or" i am new to mapmaking but i can hit B- on PGT :/
2006, 01, 11 21:18
You "can" or you did?
Playing skill helps for making a map, but experience in mapping is worth more of course. trcc>FrozenArbiter :P
2006, 01, 12 01:22
i got C+ , i just didnt play enough games, or i could get B- , anything higher too many koreans = ggnore
2006, 01, 12 01:50
SP, what would be another way to balance it out? Do you have a particular map example?
2006, 01, 12 02:21
only map i can think of is Korhal of Ceres, and i dunno how it balances it out or why its pro
2006, 01, 12 02:26
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