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well, guess who'll come back in the next few days.
I returned to the page a few minutes ago, and it's even worse than before.
it's no fun at all anymore, it all sucks. reasons: -newb-flood (newbs are not bad, but they're just too many)
-v.mOsQwhatever, who puts his heart into dividing us and seeding discord. if his account or maps or comments of him just disappear some day, it probably has been me abusing my power in a feral rage in order to put an end to his presence

I like this site, and I feel somehow connected to it. thus, I see only radical changes being able to handle the problems. a codex is good, but it is passive and won't do much.

the system needs to be changed, thus i propose (provided it is possible)

-Account NEEDED for posting. no more guest posts. guests were welcome when we were some "underground"-mapping group, but we work with and will soon work with in some way, so registration IS required

-there are -besides admin-users- now TWO kinds of useraccounts. if you register, you have the "standard"-account. this limits you to upload only a certain number of maps (like, 3 every 24 hours), AND (most important) and allows you _only_ to create maps in a new section/maptype. Which basically means that there will be another NEW map-group, and this will be a section for all newbie-maps. like, below "newest updates" on the right, there will be another list of maps that does show the recent ~5 maps of all users with only "standard"rights. this section will be completely independant from the current list which means that both have their own ranking by last update and that they NEVER have a map in common. so those standard-users will only be able to upload maps to this section. if we consider a certain map from a (rest is crap) mapper worth being a common, representative map, an admin can move it to user-beta//user-final etc
every new user has such a standard account. but when there is a user who produces a quite high quality in his maps (more precise: at least average) _permanently_, he will be moved (by admin decision) to the second part of the user groups: the (whatever it will be called) premium/expierienced/skilled/good/pro-group. thus he has all the rights a normal user-acc has AT THE MOMENT: no upload limit, personal switching between the current maptypes, and HIS maps will be shown in what is now "newest updates". thus, we will have a representative section for the site where only quite skilled mappers are shown and a "help-them-learn"-group, where every user can feel free to help the new ones to improve their skills. but this section will be the "me = newb, help me"-section. those 2 sections will divide crap from quality, and it will bring back the status quo we had once: only at least _average_ maps on the top of the newest updates, and if someone looks for what we made recently, he knows where to find it and is not scared by the many bad maps.
but still we have the possibility to help new mappers and can focus that with this group.

besides, if some newb thinks he is good enough for being promapper, but isn't, (which would result in arrogance towards all help) well, then it would be clearly shown to him that he is _not_ a perfect mapper. and if he really doesn't accept advice, he sees that he doesn't get far but stays in the "standard"-usergroup and thus will learn it or leave.

-possiblity to delete accounts as normal action. maybe agreement of 3 admins required to remove a disturbing person

-only the "premium" (whatever) users are allowed to post in the MOTW-topics. dunno if you can divide it so they can post in every competition but the motw. if possible: recommended imo, cuz finding the motw will be a more clear process

i get tired now, so I'll leave you with this for now. I had some other things in mind, but I will wait for some comments and see if I add them.
those are the most important things for now.

BUT, _do_ something about it. if it goes on like this, the site will vanish and its so hardly created influence will no more be present

do something, for the site, for yourself, for every one of you.

stop the newbie-flood in the normal map-updates, and stop the bitches hanging around here. only then the site will again be a place of harmony and high quality mapmaking, and no more the land of crap and flames

yah, I sound harsh, and the methods I propose are quite a lot, and are radical. but it needs to be done, and that way it should be imo, cuz it's the best and most fair solution.

thx for listening
I'm nevertheless glad to be back
2006, 01, 12 23:20
Wow, I like the idea of the 3 member sections. That's original, hadn't thought of it.

I like the ideas. I agree with account needed, I think it's important. I think that only people from the top 2 groups should be able to add maps to the MOTW as well.
2006, 01, 12 23:26
pancshk, priotitate your schoolwork, always do :P
But when there is time over - work towards this goal, not only because it would help in moderating the site, but as epidiot says, its quite original too and when there is something like this, which is all about mapmaking, you almost has to divide people into skillcategories. Its hierarcy at its best.
2006, 01, 13 00:00
for some reason my account doesnt even work at the moment ^^i log in then try to post with Lnept, but it says you cannot post with that username or whatever
2006, 01, 13 00:05
lnept: If you are correctly logged in, you can not change your name anymore. Thats the IE-bug I could not fix yet (wonder if i ever will do? t_T)

The problem I see is as login still works not perfectly, having important features depending on it is pretty risky. I agree that we need to find a way to seperate the new starparty masterpiece from a random 64*64 5 minute map. Maybe just use "recommended" better. Like there is an extra list for the newest recommended maps, and one for all who are not. Of course it is needed to keep recommended up to date to do so. Also only "recommended" maps (Maybe call it differently or even have a third status that is less than what "" is now and more than nothing) would be eligble for MOTW contests.

We will never succeed to make bwmn a safe castle where noone we dislike can post. Even if some email-stuff was needed to create an account it would be unsafe. I think most of the site should still be open for all.

What I could do in reasonable amount of time:
  • Login for posts like on forum and mapcomments everywhere
  • Have a third list "recommended" newest maps, as well as all recommended maps highlighted in the right menu. This status would have to be set indidually by an admin thoigh, noone gets there automatically just because he is starparty or tronicc.
  • Moderator feature for some users, to delete posts or edit them. Actually I think about a one-klick possibilty to "undisplay" posts. You would klick on one icon next to a post if you are logged in and have moderator rights, the post will not be shown anymore, but not physically deleted. Saves time for whoever does that moderating, I think noone wants to invest much time into editing a retarded person's posts right?
  • 2006, 01, 13 00:59
    no simple squelsh feature is great. If a person behaves badly he will just be ignored.
    2006, 01, 13 01:36
    actually, flos idea is awesome.

    that's exactly what it should work like and i would LOVE to have it EXACTLY like that, really.

    It would make things a lot easier, and also would increase the number of good maps, after all would try to learn, or, simply use this page as an upload portal for their maps.

    Great idea flo, really really great.

    Panschk, i really hope you can create exactly what flo sugguested, that would be more than awesome, really. ^^
    2006, 01, 13 04:05
    Btw, i don't mind if the mosq guy behaves like that or not. he makes an ass out of himself and will never gain a real reputation anywhere. maybe some friends like his work, but my friends also liked mine back in the days, and what i created there was just as imbalanced... except Jooky who always told me "this map is a Terran map" on every map i showed him... he really disliked terran... ^^
    2006, 01, 13 04:07
    Welcome back, flothefreak! You are like a present for my birthday today :P

    And Friday 13th, is not a bad date, either!!!!!
    2006, 01, 13 08:48
    thx all

    friday 13th is a great day so far btw
    2006, 01, 13 13:58
    -only REGISTERED users can rate maps. and they can do this only ONCE, so it is logged that they already voted. best thing would be if the page even locks your rating. then either admins can look at who rated what, or (recommended imo, because it's scaring 10-voters on their own maps) you can _click_ on the rating and there will be a little popup-window which has a list where you can read all those who rated and what they rated

    it's a public site, and the rating of a map is public, too, so the rating distribution should be public to everyone else, too
    2006, 01, 13 14:12
    That would be a lot of extra stuff in the database. And it would mean resetting the votes _again_. Not a good choice imo.
    2006, 01, 13 18:25
    I'd vote all maps if you do it like that.
    2006, 01, 13 19:29
    I owuld do it too.By the way I hope that I get into the pro group if you do it like that^^
    2006, 01, 13 19:51
    well i know one who wouldnt :P
    2006, 01, 13 19:53
    2006, 01, 13 20:24
    I like it. Panschk quit being lazy and do it :) :) <3 <3
    2006, 01, 13 21:55
    so what should I do? flos proposal is not really doable, thinking you can "ban" anyone effectivly is day-dreaming. And as I said before, at least posting a comment should still be possible without account, and I will honestly not post here anymore if I need to login every single time. Plus sometimes login does not work at all, so some stuff could not be done at all.

    What I wrote is realisable in two days work, but I need to know if it is what you want?
    2006, 01, 14 00:43
    cant u make so you can delete every post a user made by a simple click?
    2006, 01, 14 00:48
    so u have to log in to take part in competitions and such stuff, and if u behave badly, everything you uploaded in your name and wrote will be deleted. that would also prevent some dumb idiot from spamming stuff because he would have to change name everytime.
    2006, 01, 14 00:49
    and make sure that you cant write with "your name" or blank space as a name :p
    2006, 01, 14 00:50
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