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The cleansing!
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Ive decided to start cleansing the filenames to make it look more estethically appealing. unfortunately there si no way to simply change the name on the site, you have to dl the file and rename it, and then reupload :P its a drag.. can't that be fixed? And also you get thrown out from mapadmin area everytime you update, thats anoying too..

But as for the filenames.. If everyone with the priviledge to play god on this site should help fixing them when there is a little bit of spare time.. It's not that many and it should be over quite fast if everyone helps..
2005, 07, 19 08:51
man, you should know when it's too much. Noone cares if there is a "_" or a version number in the mapname. The name is directly linked to the file name on purpose. This way you have to enter less data when uploading a map.

I appreciate your enthousiasm, but that's really a bit too much.
2005, 07, 19 12:37
Then i do it myself ;)
2005, 07, 19 13:10
2005, 07, 22 12:37
Your message
2005, 07, 22 12:38
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