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Last update for (2)Pitstop 1.3 : 2020, 10, 28 06:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5257 (2)Pitstop 1.3 128*128Zanril1.3betaground

The map has been rated 4 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Imitation, wonder, time and what little I currently know about map making and Scmdraft 2 has
taken me and this debut map of mine this far but not as far as I want. I'd like to take what I create to the next level by
learning more about map making techniques to improve the quality of this map and future ones to something that I see pros play on
and the ones I find on this site. My personal growth, combined with your replays and feedback will help me achieve the level
of quality I'd like to publish on this site.

My aim for this map was to have a little town area in the center with some roads connecting to it. Some were going to look intact while others show where road used to be. I'm willing to throw away the town idea and change it to something else If I find the center to be negatively affecting gameplay somehow.

A change log for anyone but me

Made possible 3rd expo on high ground
- I didn't believe the possible 3rd expansion that's toward the center of the map was worth taking as a 3rd so I made it into high ground. I've been wanting to do that change since I found some badlands ramps to use.

Removed geyser and reduced mineral count from eight to seven at the 11 and 5 O'clock expansions
- Although exposed the 11 and 5 O'clock expansions seemed too convenient/powerful for a 3rd so I nerfed it. So when deciding for 3rd bases on this map, you now have a close mineral only, a further "normal" expansion in the corner of the map with a narrow bridge, and a high ground expansion that's toward the center (and closer to your opponent).
Since your pic isnt working:
It still isn't working with this update either, so I have a link for it below.

Removed 1 mineral patch from some expansions to encourage expanding a little more often.
High ground 3rd expansion got wider ramps.
The cluster of structures in the middle of the map has changed. The big middle building in the center was removed, and two of the smaller ones were moved back so the high ground 3rd can't be seiged.
Repositioned some gas geysers.

Experiments in this version that didn't make it:
Middle Expansion - Removed it since there is enough expansions on this map as it is.
Backdoor main - Tried stasis cells, and minerals as a backdoor. Gave up on this since incorporating it would mean heavy map changes. Pathing was buggy too.

Looking forward to maybe:
Placing the 4 and 10 expansions on high ground.
Adding 1 more mineral patch to the mineral only 3rd expansion and making it a little safer somehow.
Zanril, I apologize for the irrelevance of my comment as it has less to do with your actual map and more to do with your mapping aspirations. Are you aware of the BWMN discord server:

You should join it if you have not done so already. It is my hope other old and new mappers do that as well.

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