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Last update for (2)twinpeaks 2.2 : 2020, 12, 02 04:19
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
5258 (2)twinpeaks 2.2 128*128StarV3.5finalground

The map has been rated 6 times and got a total of 21 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Taking heavy inspiration from Match Point. The goal is to create a map that is focused on area control, controlling the high grounds with 3 lanes on either diagonal axis.

Split map should be fairly easy to achieve.

The close third is pretty open, but that is compensated by the long distance to go around the double bridge, it can force a player out of position if they really commit to it, making that a bit more difficult. It actually has somewhat of a similar layout to the third on Benzene, except the close double bridge leads to the nat (easier to defend) and the far side has no double bridge (more difficult to compensate).

Proxy locations center & close third are buildable terrain.

Rocky ground has some (minimal) buildable terrain in order to facilitate Terran 3rd base & move out along the center diagonal.
the main and natural is very hard to muta harras.zvt,the 3rd for zerg can be hard to hold also in zvt for one terran knows theres only one 3rd for zerg to take, and that isnt a ramp he has to go up but just a choke point which is ok, but also makes it a littl easier, zerg would need 4 lurkers to be able to hold it.I like the corner expos that have the 2 ramps on each side tho. Personally I feel like the middle could be opened a bit more. there are already lots of tight chokes
Thanks for the feedback.

At a base, I'm not sure if I agree, Zerg can take either the corner or the close high ground 3rd (though this isn't the correct direction for map split)... The corner is ramped (Zerg just needs to keep an eye out for where the Bio is coming from).

Also, even if it's a little hard for Zerg to take a 3rd in ZvT, I'm not really inclined to patch it in the current meta (at least not without some confirmation that it's outright impossible).

ASL10 & BSL10 both 40% TvZ...
I'll add something at the nat to make it more harrassable / maybe also move some mineral patches
Looking forward to one day featuring this map in the alternative map pool of our Think Quick showmatch series (TeamThinkQuickTTV on Twitch and YouTube).

Several other mappers have joined our discord with the intention of featuring their maps in our showmatches, including Freakling, Minerals, StyleZerg, Doglived, Gosomi and Excalibur.

More mappers welcome to join our discord:

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Nov. 22. 2020
modified by ox[tQ]

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