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Ashworld Terrain
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2006, 02, 07 01:31
no offence, but seriously - who cares? :P
2006, 02, 07 10:02
Blizzard sure doesn't
2006, 02, 07 11:11
Blizzard sure doesn't......
2006, 02, 08 02:56
That's the most useless post i've ever read.

As if Blizzard thinks "ow wow, hes so right, we haven't nitice that now, lets go back to Starcraft, invent some more terrain for ashworld, make it buildable, fix the squares and add more doodads"

of course...

play jungle twilight desert badlands snow space..... maps instead... gosh.
2006, 02, 08 03:55
Eh, little nerd, nowhere in that post did I say I wanted more 'doodads' you douche bag.
2006, 02, 09 01:49
you just emphasize your uselessness even more with this post
2006, 02, 09 01:55
"Only 2, high dirt and dirt. Doodads, lava, magma, they all make the maps somewhat appealing, but look at the mainbases. You cant put lava and magma or shale in the main bases, cause then you cant build on it.

You can put doodads, but only doodads that are buildable on, not ones that block buildings from being made. "

Sure, you did not talk about "missing" doodads. My fault...

Anyway, as most of the people pointed out alraedy. It's ashworld. Which means, no vegetation, only rocks and ashes. Actually, it has quite some terrain for an ashworld. And at least after flo's Awoken Demons, you see that tehre is more than enough terrain, if used correct. I don't see a problem, really.
modified by Listoric
2006, 02, 09 03:43
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