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As sead on the news page, blizzard is hosting a map making contest in which the winners' maps will be played in an invitational tournament. That's Sweet :D

For the most part, I understand the rules of this contest, but it wasn't quite made clear what means we could edit our maps with. The rules say no custom tileset, terrain, or doodads can be used. I'm guessing this just refers to hacked editing. But what if it refers to something as simple as using a jungle doodad in a badlands tileset? Or shortening the length of a bridge by one notch with StarForge. In the full list of rules, it states "Each entrant shall submit up to two (2) maps which have been designed from the World Editor in either Blizzard's "Starcraft" or "Starcraft Expansion: Brood War" products." Does this mean that we cannot use StarForge or even X-tra Editor period? - that we can only use the original SC Editor that came with the game? If so, the balancing of maps pertaining to bridges and especially ramps will have to be second rate, but oh well. I guess that's everybody's problem. So my question is what was your guys' interpretation of the rules regarding what extent we are allowed to edit our maps? Please Input
2005, 07, 23 18:31
I have made perfectly playable maps for several year. i got SF just recently a few months ago, so i think it will be no problem at all. I actually already finnished my 1st submission...

What bothers me more is that im not sure if it is ok to post it here to get feedback..
2005, 07, 23 19:38
I think they are more concerned about rose.of.dream sending an OGN map to get the fancy T-shirt than about our little mappage. Our maps have never been played in any meaningful tournaments, so it should be no problem imo. the blizzard guys have probably better stuff to do than search the whole internet for every map that is entered in the contest.
2005, 07, 23 20:57
Wich one should eter the contest? :P


feedback plz :o

2005, 07, 25 01:04
I thought you already "published" the lower one..?

There's only one thing in general I don't like about your maps Starparty, and that is your obsession with mineral blocking >.<

As it is, the top one is better in my opinion
2005, 07, 25 02:06
The top one is newer and probably more balanced since i knew better when i made it, but the lower one offers more unique gameplay since new routes opens the longer you play.
2005, 07, 25 08:21
If i were to choose a "fresh" set of maps, i wouldn't go picking any traditional 3base massit outinthecenter, since its an exibition tourney and noone wants to see a game wich doesn't offer anything special...
2005, 07, 25 08:22
I'd go with the classic. Twilight just is more popular, most ppl would prefer a twilight map over a snow map with the same features.
2005, 07, 25 09:45
I think im of the same opinion..
2005, 07, 25 10:07

quote by nvnplatypus @

Maps just posted on a forum thread for feedback won't be disqualified. Maps for leagues, previous map contests, existing very well known maps etc. will be.

Idea isn't to stifle ability to get feedback on maps, or 100% force creation of brand new maps, just to give BlizzCon a map set that is fresh and new.

2005, 07, 25 10:09
That is good news.
2005, 07, 25 18:35
I'm thinking about entering Darkrose and another map, but dunno what it will be yet.

*crosses fingers*
2005, 07, 26 02:26
I am going to enter Opus 4, I'd like some feedback on the updated version if at all possible.

Also, I'd like to enter another one of my maps, but I'm not sure if any of the other ones can be salvaged. Should I work with some of the ones I submitted or start one from scratch?
2005, 07, 26 02:52
I commented most of your maps in their separate commentthreads. the other one suited for submision is perhaps a bit too alike this one, and to be unique, you'd probably be better off making a new one.
2005, 07, 26 08:41
I updated Antiquity and gave it a whole new layout and a new name. It is now named (2)Eidolon.

I think this is the other one I will be sending to BlizzCon, if you guys think it is okay.
2005, 07, 27 01:57
"If so, the balancing of maps pertaining to bridges and especially ramps will have to be second rate"

you can make wide/skinny bridges by placing terran instead of a bridge, such as what was done in the jungle version of nostalgia.

for wide/skinny ramps, you have to compromise and forego the miss chance that is involved with high ground/low ground interaction and use walls to create wide/narrow choke points leading into another area like a ramp does.
2005, 07, 27 02:00
Can you rephrase the last paragraph, i dont fully understand what you mean :( Should we skip highground bases with ramps entirely to get max symmetry? :p seems kinda boring :(
2005, 07, 27 08:52 full rules:


How come you need a CD-key to enter then? Is it allowed to steal or produce a new key to enter since you doesn't have to buy anything? ...
2005, 07, 27 09:11
To submit a map, submit your entry to BlizzCon Invitational: Starcraft Map Contest at In the event that you cannot enter the Contest electronically, send a postcard with your name, age and city of residence to the following address together with either a (i) 3.5" disk; or (ii) CD-ROM disk containing the maps to:

BlizzCon Invitational: Starcraft Map Contest
c/o Blizzard Entertainment
P.O. Box 18979
Irvine, CA 92623

This is additional information in the Contest rules. :)
2005, 07, 28 04:56
"Can you rephrase the last paragraph, i dont fully understand what you mean :( Should we skip highground bases with ramps entirely to get max symmetry? :p seems kinda boring :("

what i meant is that while it is possible to make wide "bridges" without the use of 3rd party editors, creating wider "ramps" is impossible if you want to retain the high ground/low ground interaction- the 70 percent miss chance- but if you are willing to sacrifice that you can create synthetic ramps by modifying choke sizes.
2005, 07, 29 05:28
oh .. right :9
2005, 07, 29 08:28
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