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Oh so you were debating between those two maps eh?

I personally liked the snow one, and I would have liked to work on it more, but your twillight one was nice as well :)

It's interesting seeing your original version of the map...
2005, 07, 30 20:25
The one we worked on was actually a "brand new" one. I just made it with mostly the same concepts, since i knew that combined with your experience the flow of the map would be better that way. Im not sure about the ice one either. Id rather see what you had in mind of a second co-op. Although it would feel more fair if we both submitted a co-op map. but if you dont want that and only i submitt, i suggest we rahter go shared credits on both the submissions than having 1 co-op and having 1 starparty-only.
2005, 07, 30 20:53
Ha. You realize Gotterdammerung was basically Starparty only eh?

I have no clue what one of my maps to send, as they're all unfinished. The "finished" one, The Butterfly Lovers, is still around v.95, but I submitted it under a finished map.

Anyway, I commented on "Storm" ;)
2005, 07, 30 20:58
Your name
Are we supposed to enter through the website where it has the big "SUBMIT" button, or what? Every time I try to enter, after putting in my information, I just get an error.
2005, 08, 02 22:46
That was me, btw. we really need registration on this forum
2005, 08, 02 22:47
I posted a thread on about this. just keep doing it, i succeded on my 20th time perhaps :P When you find a hole in the ether streams then you can upload :P They must have shitloads of traffic on those servers...
2005, 08, 02 22:54
alright, thanks
2005, 08, 03 00:06
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