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There are no other maps with that many 50's. It's beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes.

The PvZ will balance itself out anyways. And even currently, it isn't a huge difference. Now Raid Assault... that's 60-40 in favor of Terran. I think we could have all seen that coming eh? Even theorycraft makes that map look bad :).

And from a friend of mine today, a rather skilled player from team [LighT]:
"omg i love it"
"the only map im gonna play all season"
"really balanced between races"
"gosu map"

Three cheers for SP!
modified by epidiOn
2006, 02, 27 08:26

lol i couldnt stop myself :)
2006, 02, 27 12:15

w00t ! ^^
2006, 02, 27 15:13
FAKE SCREENSHOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

:):):) O RLY?

Al least the pvz is balancing slowly, it was around 38% at the begenning of the season, now its 42,6 woohoo gogo
modified by trcc
modified by trcc
2006, 02, 27 17:09

modified by LaO-Artanis
2006, 02, 27 22:12
Haha, I was almost positive that someone would bring out the owls...
2006, 02, 28 01:18

seriously though, that's pretty awesome
2006, 02, 28 05:30
Yeah I think the PvZ will come around a bit closer. Everyone I've talked to loves Sattarchasm, and I've mostly been talking to Protoss players as well.

And seriously, having four 50%'s is pretty damn good, GJ SP :).

EDIT: WOW! Sattarchasm is Map of the Season! It will be like MotW all season, except you get 150% instead of 140% for a win. Sweet!
modified by epidiOn
2006, 02, 28 07:53
Next goal WCG :D
2006, 02, 28 09:35
2006, 02, 28 11:21
2006, 02, 28 12:36
2006, 02, 28 12:41
Well PGT really does not fear innovation. Making a previously unknown map MOTS with 150 points for a win is pretty confident. To me it looks like they want to establish a serious option to mapdori maps for well-known "standard" maps. So maybe we should start early to talk with bill and [pat] about the map for next season, so that serious tests can be done before the season starts, to have at least solid balancing. Would be very embarrassing to have a [insert race here] auto-win map as MOTS, but at the same time maybe the next mots could be a bit more innovative than satterchasm and arena.

2006, 02, 28 23:08
i would prefer if someone else than me approached them though :P
2006, 03, 01 00:40
Congratz SP. Never doubted it for a moment *cough cough*
2006, 03, 01 05:06
Because of the Season Map thing on PGT Satterchasm is the second most played map by now with ~94500 games on it O_o WOW.

Ok, Luna hast almost three times that many games but, hey, this is awesome ^^
2006, 03, 27 13:06

that's the link for the mapstats

TvZ and TvP is considered balanced i'd say. Still Z>P :/
2006, 03, 27 13:08
holy shit i played a really long PvZ on sattarchasm in a PGT Tournament. the guy just make mass sunkens (like 10) and mass zerglings so he keeps those 4 expos, then ultras come and he has like 20 with all that gas -_-

pretty annoying considering i had my 3rd expo up before him :(
2006, 03, 27 16:17
2006, 03, 29 21:41
jus outplayed.. pvz strats need to be revamped at this point then... honestly u cant blame the map for such a small imba.. there are ways for better assessing this problem.. its still only alil bit away from 50% ... in all scheme of things maybe z players are jus better than p players right now -_-.. i've sed this all b4 but i think it jus needed to be sed
2006, 03, 29 23:03
nasty you dont even play terran or zerg...thats all i hvae to say...not to mention your not even that good with terran :/ sry
2006, 03, 30 01:21
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